Vintage Cum Classy: Judge Not By The Cover [Photos]

It’s just logical that the model of a car determines how cool the interior is.

Well, thanks to technology, you can’t always judge automobiles these days by their external looks. This pimped old Volkswagen beetle is proof enough.

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From the outside, the word is archaic. But on the inside, you realize this baby is actually not as boring as you imagined. Perhaps it’s true what they say about inner beauty being the best. Take a look at these pictures:


Who would have thought! From the exterior you automatically begin to reminisce on those good old beetle days. The interior finishing of this sedan is ultra-modern; absolutely sleek and beautiful. With that fitted screen, cruising in this well pimped ride is definitely a super-interesting kind of fun on a class of its own.

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Every single function in this car has been automated against the manual operations of the age-old model. This pimped old Volkswagen beetle has an amazing sound system.


Peach sure is beautiful. And whoever worked on the colors should be given an award for it. The leather covering of the seat is also another lovely feature.


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If this interestingly charming ride does not fascinate you, then try and go over the pictures again and compare it with any surviving vintage model you come across.

Cars always have a way of appealing to the modern age. But the particular thing to note about this love for cars is that enthusiasts are not merely satisfied reading about it or looking at catalogs. Instead they dream it and work it.

So say you’ve grown so sentimentally attached to your old car and not in the mood to let it go. This might just be the trick you need. Just like this perfectly pimped old Volkswagen beetle; talk to the right people and let the magic begin.