The Viral Image Of A Minister Kneeling Before Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu

How powerful would you like your President to be? Everyone likes leaders that are powerful to an extent; leaders that can command respect and strike fear in the hearts of possible enemies.

There are, however, some levels of power that a leader will hold that will be frowned upon. An example of such a leader would be the late Gaddafi whose reign in Syria was often described as repressive, a fact that would lead to his deposition and eventual death.

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We are not sure what category the viral image being circulated of Zambia’s President, Edgar Lungu, would place him but we are here for the drama. In the image, Michael Katambo, the Zambian minister of livestock and fisheries, is seen kneeling before President Edgar Lungu.

The pose which can only be described as beggarly was worsened by the fact that President Lungu lounged comfortably on the only chair in the office as the minister knelt before him with hands clenched.

Bidoung Challenge

The President appeared to be scolding Minister Michael Katambo, a former lawmaker who he had appointed in September, while another man stood at the side watching the whole scene.

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It is not known who took the picture and circulated it but as the picture makes its rounds on the internet, both President Edgar Lungu and Minister Michael Katambo are being taunted. One prominent shot was delivered by South Africa’s minister of sports, Fikile Mbalula, who tweeted;

“Zambia’s president holding discussions with his livestock minister. No seat for him, not even kneeling,”

President Edgar Lungu will not be the first African President to be ridiculed in this manner over a viral image. Last year, the internet exploded with the Bidoung challenge after Cameroon’s Sports Minister Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt met and bowed in greeting to President Paul Biya.