Vodacom Business Deal Packages and Contact Details for Assistance

Vodacom Group Limited which operates as Vodacom is undeniably among the top-notch telecommunication companies in South Africa and its coverage has gone across to cater to the telecommunication needs of more than 32 countries in Africa. This resounding stride is largely attributed to the fact that Vodacom is customer-oriented and provides a wide range of customer-friendly services for its subscribers one of which is the business data deals that have been of great help to small business owners.

What Are Vodacom Business Data Deals?

The Vodacom Business Data deals is a range of data contracts which last for 12 months or 24 months. They come with an auto-activating internet bundle feature which allows the automatic subscription of 500 MB browsing data at a flat rate of R49. This subscription is activated as soon as the running business data deal expires.

Various Vodacom Business Data Deals Available

Here is a list of the different Vodacom business data deals you can get for a duration of 1 – 2 years.

Bundle Size Price Duration
2 GB R151 12 Months
3 GB R191 12 Months
5 GB R252 12 Months
10 GB R383 12 Months
20 GB R554 12 Months
30 GB R605 12 Months
50 GB R907 12 Months
2GB Anytime data + 2GB Free Night Owl data R110 24 Months
3GB Anytime data + 3GB Free Night Owl data R171 24 Months
5GB Anytime data + 5GB Free Night Owl data R221 24 Months
10GB Anytime data + 10GB Free Night Owl data R332 24 Months
20GB Anytime data + 20GB Free Night Owl data R504 24 Months
30GB Anytime data + 30GB Free Night Owl data R605 24 Months
50GB Anytime data + 50GB Free Night Owl data R907 24 Months

More Cost-Effective Data Plans

Vodacom Business data plans
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Vodacom also has provision for larger business plans under various Red Plans which include the following:

Bundle Name Cost Features Duration
Red Value+ R1149
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Charge 20c per unit as out of bundle rate
  • 4 Data SIMS
  • International Calling Plus
  • Red Business Travel Saver
  • 50 MB Zone1 Roaming Data
24 Months
Red Business+ R1469
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Charge 20c per unit as out of bundle rate
  • 4 Data SIMS
  • International Calling Plus
  • Red Business Travel Saver
  • 100 MB Zone1 Roaming Data
24 Months
Red Professional+ R1889
  • Unlimited Call Minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Charge 20c per unit as out of bundle rate
  • 4 data SIMS
  • International Calling Plus
  • Red Business Travel Saver
  • 200 MB Zone1 Roaming Data
24 Months
Red Business+ R2309
  • Unlimited Call Minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Charge 20c per unit as out of bundle rate
  • 4 data SIMS
  • International Calling Plus
  • Red Business Travel Saver
  • 300 MB Zone1 Roaming Data
24 Months

When Can You Subscribe To The Business Data Deal Plan?

Such large data packages are usually subscribed by companies who make a lot of transactions via the internet especially if they are startups or small enterprises trying to save cost. So, if your business falls within either of the above categories, the Vodacom business data plan or Red plans are your go-to packages to ensure you stay in business at a minimal cost.

However, beyond small enterprises, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the operation of a lot of business resulting in a lot of South Africans working from home, in this case, the Vodacom business data deal plans or Red plans are ideal. It will help employees working from remote locations to easily connect and make the flow of work activities to go on seamlessly. In addition to this, the overall health status of the South African working populace would be catered for as they work from home.

More Ways The Vodacom Business Data Deals Can Add Value To Your Business

1. The deals give you uninterrupted access to a high-speed internet connection.
2. The business data deal does not charge out-of-bundle
3. It offers small businesses a wide range of cost-effective plans to choose from.
4. It is one of the fastest ways to connect various systems in an office since it is a wireless service.

Vodacom Customer Care Number To Sort Out Any Data Issue

Vodacom has a very wide customer base and to ensure that they offer optimum service to them, they have a widespread customer care unit to do so. These customer care agents are usually given the necessary training required to tackle any problem that may arise in the field and their expertise cover providing assistance to customers for basic network problems down to technical ones.

So, if any Vodacom user has issues with a data subscription, no need to fret. All you need to do is simply dial, 082 135 on your handset if you are resident in South Africa but for those abroad, you can easily reach a customer care agent by dialing 0027 82 135 on your phone.

Aside from calling the customer care agent directly, you can also reach them via the following ways:

1. Online: You can visit the Vodacom official website at https://www.vodacom.com/contact-us.php. When you have access to the page, you will see various links you can use to contact a customer. Navigate to where you have Data Support to get assistance for our data issues.

2. Vodacom users can also reach customer care agents via the email address, [email protected] Just type what you want them to handle and send it to them. You will get a reply on the next steps to follow to sort out your issues.

Other Issues Vodacom Customer Care Agents Can Handle

It is expected that Vodacom customers will eventually encounter various issues apart from data problems and in view of that, the company also has provision to meet the different problems as they arise.

Here is a list of helplines you can reach to sort out the issue you may be facing:

  • Call  082 1952 for Insurance
  • Call 082 1958 for Cancellations
  • For Repairs Call Center, dial 082 1944
  • To get help for Online Sales & Upgrades call, 082 17844
  • To sort out Fibre related issues or to make inquiries call 082 1904
  • Call 082 1960 to get all the necessary information on Vodacom Business
  • Contact 082 1946 for Subscriber Collections
  • To contact Vodacom Corporate dial, 082 1940
  • Use the USSD *135# to quickly connect to a customer care agent to sort out any issue

Vodacom customer care agents are available to serve its customers at all times as the helplines are available 24 hours. More so, making the call from your Vodacom line is free.

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