Vsauce (Michael Stevens) Biography and Net Worth: All You Need To Know

The advent of YouTube and the internet as a whole revolutionized how human beings consume information. With each passing year, the percentage of learning that is done in a traditional classroom decrease as a seismic shift to internet-based learning happens in our education industry. From open courses online to YouTube classes and videos, there are very few forms of knowledge that are unique to a four-wall classroom. The latter particularly has seen strong growth from tutors, educators with one of the leading names being Michael Stevens, the owner of the popular YouTube channel, Vsauce.

Vsauce, the channel which was established by the American educator in 2007 has grown to be one of the internet’s leading sources of learning covering different types of knowledge, from mathematics to Weirdos of the Month. Learn about the channel and its creator by reading below.

Who Is Vsauce?

When a platform like YouTube is invented and launched for the general use, smart men like Michael Stevens, often look for ways to take advantage and educate a wider audience. That was the rationale that led to the creation of Vsauce on June 30, 2007. However, greatness cannot be rushed; thus while it was launched in 2007, the channel was inactive until 2010 when its creator and the channel itself were ready to undertake the journey to educating the masses.

When the channel began, its original focus was on video games with different hosts coming on to share their knowledge and expertise on the subject matter. As the months passed and the channel began to gain the attention of the internet community, it expanded its content offering with segments like IMG! which Stevens himself became the sole host of. With the success of IMG!, other educational segments began to creep up on the channel, making it gain and solidify its reputation as an educational channel.

Net Worth

While the Vsauce brand as a whole is worth significantly more than can be determined at this time, the singular Vsauce channel is believed to be worth $2.2 million when its subscriber and ad revenue potentials are considered. Michael Stevens, however, the owner of the Vsauce brand is believed to worth $5 million.

Apart from Vsauce, he has other YouTube channels to his credit

With the multiplicity of segments, the organization of the channel’s offerings prompted the creation of other channels to categorize and group likeminded content offerings on a channel. This led to the creation of Vsauce2, Vsauce3, WeSauce, and DONG.

Vsauce2 was launched on December 7, 2010, Vsauce3 on December 24, 2010, and WeSauce on July 25, 2012. Each of the first three channels is hosted by three different hosts, with other educators joining Michael Stevens on the exhilarating ride as Internet academic educators.

The first and original channel, Vsauce, which is also referred to as Vsauce1 features contents on mathematics, science, philosophy, and anthropology. DOT., the leading show on the channel is a discussion-based show where Stevens talks about a certain topic, analyzing through various facts and observations. The show has featured on other media publications like CBS, Gizmodo, and The Huffington Post. Vsauce has over 13.8 million subscribers with total video views of over 1.5 billion.

Vsauce2 is the first of the subchannels under Vsauce. The channel focuses on unusual knowledge across eight different segments. It also explores technology. The segments are – Thought Glass, WAC (Weird Awesome Crazy), FAK (Facts and Knowledge), MindBlow, Weirdos of the Month, 54321, BOAT (Best of All Time), BiDiPi (Build it, Draw it, Play it). This channel is hosted by Kevin Lieber. Each explores different topics from riddles to technological and historical facts to the downright weird. The channel has over 3.5 million subscribers and total video views of over 579 million.

Vsauce3 is another subchannel that is hosted by Jake Roper. The channel focuses on video games and fictional worlds. There are four recurring segments on this particular channel namely – Fact Surgery, 9bit, Game LUT, HeadShot. Across the segments, topics like video games and their connection to real-life are discussed, new apps on App Stores, among other things.

The first of the last two major channels, WeSauce focuses on the contributions of fans of the channels with its own various channels while the second DONG (Do Online Now Guys) is a multipurpose channel that covers some of the dominant subjects on the internet including apps, games, and pages. The channels have seen some notable collaborations with other YouTubers, and also entertainment and science celebrities like Paul Rudd, Bill Nye, Jack Black, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

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