Who is Warren Beatty’s Sister, Shirley MacLaine, Does She Have a Daughter?

Shirley MacLaine is one actress with lots of feathers in her cap. She is the only actress to be nominated for Best Actress in the Oscars twice for films in which her female co-star was also nominated in the same category. She also happens to be the mentor of Julia Roberts, who is her neighbor. Shirley led a series of weekend-long higher-self seminars in the late 1980s teaching people about her views on many aspects of New Age practices and techniques. She also is close to Barbra Streisand who she also share the same birthday with.

Who Is Warren Beatty’s Sister, Shirley MacLaine?

Shirley MacLean Beaty was born on the 24th of April, 1934, in Richmond, Virginia. Her father, Ira Owens Beaty, was a professor of psychology, public school administrator, and real estate agent. Her mother, Kathlyn Corinne, was a drama teacher, originally from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Shirley’s younger brother is actor, writer, and director Warren Beatty; he changed the spelling of his surname when he became an actor.

Ira Beaty moved his family from Richmond to Norfolk, and then to Arlington and Waverly, then back to Arlington eventually taking a position at Arlington’s Thomas Jefferson Junior High School in 1945. Shirley mother decided to enroll her in ballet class at the Washington School of Ballet at the age of three.

In classical romantic pieces like Romeo and Juliet and The Sleeping Beauty, she quite often performed the boys’ roles as she was the tallest in the class and because there were no males in the group. She went to high school in Washington-Lee, where she was in the cheerleading team and featured in theatrical productions of the school.

Her Career as an Actress

Just after she graduated from Washington-Lee High School, she packed her bags and headed to New York. While auditioning for Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II’s Me and Juliet, the producer kept mispronouncing her name. She then changed her name from Shirley MacLean Beaty to Shirley MacLaine. She later had a role in The Pajama Game, as a member of the chorus and understudy to Carol Haney.

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Movie producer Wallis signed Shirley MacLaine to a five-year contract to Paramount Pictures. Three months later, she was off to shoot The Trouble with Harry (1955). She then took roles in Hot Spell (1958), and Around the World in 80 Days (1956), not too long before her daughter, Sachi Parker (born Stephanie), was born.

In 1977, she got her fourth Best Actress Oscar nomination for The Turning Point (1977). Two years later in 1979, she worked with Peter Sellers in Being There (1979), shortly before his death. After 20 years in the film industry, she finally took home the Best Actress Oscar for Terms of Endearment (1983). After a five-year hiatus, Shirley made Madame Sousatzka (1988), a critical and financial hit that took top prize at the Venice Film Festival. In 1989, she starred with Dolly Parton, Sally Field, and Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias (1989). She received rave reviews playing Meryl Streep’s mother in Postcards from the Edge (1990) and for Guarding Tess (1994).

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Her trademark theme song, taken from the movie, Sweet Charity (1969), ‘is If My Friends Could See Me Now.’ It is usually the music that accompanies her when she makes entrances on talk shows.

Does Shirley MacLaine Have a Daughter?

Shirley MacLaine and her daughter Sachi
Shirley MacLaine and her daughter Sachi

Yes, Shirley has a daughter named Sachi Parker. Sachi whose full name is Stephanie Sachiko Parker was born to Steve Parker and Shirley MacLaine on the 1st of September, 1956. Her parents separated after her birth and she moved to Japan at the age of two to live with her father and his partner/stepmother. Shirley remained in Los Angeles to make The Apartment with co-star Jack Lemmon. Shirley opined that her career came first as she explained to Barbara Walters in 1990.

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She lived primarily in Japan, with her verbally abusive father whom she said called her “the idiot” and wouldn’t let her read. Sachi was frequently left alone when her father went out of town. He lived a lavish lifestyle, with a live-in mistress, but seemed to have no means of support. As a young teen, Sachi Parker studied at a boarding school in Europe. One Christmas, she said, neither of her parents showed up at home. A classmate’s family saw her predicament and took her with them on a trip to Yugoslavia. However, Sachi felt guilty for imposing and left. With nowhere to go, she was taken in by an elderly couple for two weeks.

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When her mum Shirley MacLaine became a bestselling author of New Age books, in which she wrote about her belief in reincarnation and UFOs, Sachi Parker said her mum told her that the dad she had been living with was not her father, but rather his clone. Her real father was “Paul,” who was orbiting in space at a cost of $60,000 per month that Shirley had to pay.

Today Sachi Parker is a single mother with two children: a 16-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter.

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