Where And How To Watch Any Ethiopian Movie Online

The time of cassette players and DVD players are long past. To watch movies these days, the options available to us range from a cinema outing, downloading shows, cable to streaming the videos online. This article wants to show you where and how to watch any Ethiopian movie online.

Now, there is so much video content out in the world and there are undoubtedly some streaming giants who are the go-to platforms for watching movies online. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on whether you are a movie vendor or an insatiable consumer, those huge platforms tend to carry very little local content.

Take Netflix which expanded to Africa this year; most of the content found on the platform are Western with only a few African nations being represented by very limited local content.

While these Western films sometimes appeal to us and do swallow a large amount of our viewing time, there are just some days where nothing quite hits the spot like stories made by our people for us.

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Local content is necessary because everyone likes to see people that are like them reflected in the media they consume. It is also necessary for people to actually watch local content to encourage movie vendors and filmmakers to continue producing movies.

The Ethiopian film industry is still growing and most films produced in the industry struggle with problems that are common to movie industries across Africa. Ethiopians still see their own local industry as inferior and would hardly spend their money going to watch local films in cinemas.

Besides the reluctance on the part of consumers, the cinema houses in Ethiopia are barely enough and there have been numerous allegations of corruption by the managers of the cinema houses that do exist.

Luckily, cinema success is not the only hope for a movie producer to make money from their movies. As platforms like Netflix and even Nigeria’s Iroko TV have shown us, it is possible to monetize movies by putting them online. It may be hard for people to spend money to go out and watch any Ethiopian movie but watching any Ethiopian movie online is still a very viable option.

So to the big question, where and how can people watch any Ethiopian movie online?

Netflix Ethiopia:

It may not be as much as a voracious movie watcher would like but Netflix does offer so many Ethiopian movies on its platform. An example is ‘All of Us’ by director Emily Abt. Although the movie was mostly filmed in the US, it has a strong connection with Ethiopia and Africa in general; it follows Mehret Mandefro, a young Ethiopian-American doctor, while she works on a research project about high rates of HIV infection among black women.


SodereTube is an Ethiopian news and entertainment site. It started out as a blog in October 2012 but had transformed to a news and opinion site by January 2011.

The site which is owned by Girum Assefa also features any Ethiopian movie and videos. Both the articles and videos are moderated and approved by editors and so stick with the community’s standards.

If you download the Sodere app, you can watch new full movies for free and another option is sodereondemand.com which allows different levels of subscription for different levels of access.


Touts itself as the “premier destination for Ethiopians in diaspora for popular culture and entertainment, with a loud voice that is edgy, viciously hilarious, politically aware ….and completely unique.” Of more important to us right now is the fact that they also have a movies section that gives the option of any Ethiopian movie, African movies, Eritrean movies, and trailers.


Watch any Ethiopian movie online on tewnet.com – a site dedicated to offering the best selections of any Ethiopian movie. Just follow the steps to create an account and then start watching.


You can also watch any Ethiopian movie online on tanamedia.com – a site dedicated to offering the best selections of any Ethiopian movie and music. Just follow the steps to create an account and then start watching.


Fanotube.com provides Ethiopians with multidimensional access to the entertainment and information that they want. It is a non-political source for videos of Ethiopian news, dramas, and music.


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