How to Watch NTV Live Stream in Kenya Online

Kenya has so many broadcasting TV channels including NTV which stands for Nation TV, its initial brand before changing to the NTV brand. NTV is one of the top broadcasting stations covering a large part of the nation, it now has spread its transmission across entire eastern Africa. With the recent technological development, the television has taken advanced steps to deliver their signal online. Here are a few tips on How anyone can Watch NTV Live in Kenya Online.

How to Watch NTV Live in Kenya Online

First of all, you need to know what the requirements are for you to be able to stream TV online.

1. Streaming medium

This can either be a personal computer, laptop or a TV set that can connect to the internet. Take note that not all Televisions have this feature; be sure to know the available choices that can stream from an online connection. When using a computer ensure that it is capable of handling such processes. This includes its processing speed and obviously, its RAM has to be up to speed. If this is not considered, you will have a hard time streaming videos online.

 2. Bandwidth

This is the data bundles required for you to be able to stream or use the internet. It is the only way that you can access the World Wide Web. This determines the quality of the streaming video. There are various companies that can provide bundles. This includes Safaricom, one of the leading network operators in Kenya at the moment. Though it is quite expensive it is the best in the market. Zuku Fiber is another good Internet Service provider in Kenya. It’s still in development stages so it offers its services to limited areas of the country. Residents of the capital city Nairobi are a few of the lucky clients that can use the Zuku Fiber. It is somehow cheaper compared to the Safaricom services. There are other Internet service providers including Orange, Telkom, YU, and Airtel. Luckily Fiber optics has spread throughout the country, if you can be able to get your hands on any of these then you are going to enjoy live streaming.


The major problem with online streaming is always the signal strength. Although Safaricom is widely distributed, there are various places in the country that experiences low network. This always hinders online streaming, the video always breaks or never gets to load and this can be very irritating to the user.

To stream NTV broadcasts live, here is how you can easily go about it.

After you have your modem setup you are good to go. First, you need to identify the websites that you will access NTV online. NTV broadcast station itself has a website where people can stream their programs. NTV is the website address that one can use. Another good website is, it is a good website and it offers quite a number of live broadcasts including KTN and others.

There are numerous websites One can use to stream NTV programs online. Using the Google search you can find some other sites that can stream NTV live online through your PC or Television set.

 Advantages of online streaming include:

  • Ability to re-watch a streamed video

The good thing about online streaming is that you can always find videos saved from scenes you might have previously missed. This includes breaking news, the news itself or even the normal TV programs. This is one of the major advantages that online streaming holds over normal TV broadcast.

  • You can watch from anywhere

With online streaming, you can easily know what is going around in the country from any part of the globe. Just with a laptop and a modem all being portable devices, you can access NTV live online and watch your favorite NTV program. You don’t require the analog signal to be watching NTV station programs.

These are a few guidelines that if you follow you can be able to watch NTV live in Kenya online. If you are using a PC to stream online, remember to have your browser updated to contain the right plug-ins necessary.

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