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The ripples that rose from the ostensible romantic relationship between American model Alexandra King and Jimmy Garoppolo of the 49ers have continued to grow wilder even as the purported dalliance has since died a natural death. King rode on the wings of the famous footballer’s fame to grab significant public attention after her Instagram uploads with the claim that they were officially a couple. In less than two years, she has garnered thousands of following. The model is known for uploading photos which depicts the latest in fashion, bikinis, trends, as well as a luxurious lifestyle which has attracted many people to her channel.

Through the feature of several of her uploads, Alexandra King shows her taste which is obviously leaning towards the expensive. While all her personal effort as a model and the Instagram star has contributed to her popularity in one way or the other, it was all thanks to her alleged dalliance with Garoppolo that KIng can boast of the level of fame which she enjoys today. However, the football star never acknowledged the model’s claims and went ahead to say he was even surprised to hear that. Whichever may be the case, the whole issue has made her more famous, and her career has continued to grow despite the negative publicity.

Facts About Alexandra King

Birth Details and Educational Qualifications

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts United States on the 27th of May 1995. Though their professions are not known, the records have revealed her parents as Stacey King and Martin King. Alexandra King is not an only child, she grew up alongside a couple of older brothers namely Timothy, who is older than her by almost six years, and born in 1989. Her second brother, Trevor came in 1993, with just two years gap between them.

The high school she attended was never captured; however, the model did not stop her education there. Alexandra King joined the University of Massachusetts for further studies, and later attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Her purported relationship with Jimmy Garoppolo

Alexandra King
Alexandra King and Jimmy Garoppolo image source

People expressed surprise when the model opened up about her ostensible dalliance with Jimmy Garoppolo – new quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who just signed a recent five-year contract worth a whopping US$137.5 with his club, which is recorded as one among the biggest signings for the season.

King’s upload triggered a lot of reports which began flying around with the claims that the duo had already hooked up long before Garoppolo’s latest contract. Some inside stories also surfaced, alleging that they had been together when the 49ers quarterback was still with his former team New England Patriots.

On the 15th of February, Alexandra King’s valentine Instagram upload title My Valentine which featured the duo holding each other added more fuel to the fire. Even the likes of TMZ – gave reports on the lovebirds going for an outing to Disneyland in March 2018.

After that, we started witnessing several photos with the duo in compromising positions like kissing, holding hand as well as a picture of them together at the beach. Many of the photos came from the model’s profile. It would appear that their relationship was just waiting to be made public before it hit the rocks. The worst part of it was that Garoppolo’s social media profile was completely devoid of any evidence pointing to the existence of such a relationship. The NFL player even refused to comment on the issue initially, and till date, he is yet to acknowledge that anything happened between him and Alexandra King.

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Jimmy Garoppolo’s view on the supposed relationship

Garoppolo finally opened up on the issue when he confessed that, he too was surprised by the relationship as it was news to him since he was never even aware of its existence. His claims triggered a succession of reactions from King which include unfollowing him on Instagram as well as ridding her account of any image connected to Garoppolo. The situation even worsened when the footballer’s 2018 NFL season came to an early end following a major injury he incurred on the field of play. Alexandra King wasted no time in giving voice to her feelings on Instagram where she proceeded to upload an image, with KARMA clearly written alongside a smiling emoji.

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