For The First Time Ever, More Websites Were Viewed On Mobile Devices Than Desktops

More and more people are viewing websites with their mobile phones and tablets rather than the formally singular option of a desktop computer. Basically, our internet reading habits have become increasingly mobile and why not?

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Mobile phones or tablets follow us wherever we go and are nifty for quickly calling up needed information. October was, however, the first month ever that more web pages were viewed on mobile and tablet devices than on desktop and laptop computers. The data came from web analytics firm StatCounter and it indicates that the combined mobile and tablet market has overtaken desktop for the first time on record.

mobile phones

This overtaking by mobile and tablets is expected considering PC shipments have endured a steady decline since 2010 and smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung are able to shift as many phones in a quarter as the combined output of all computers and laptops over the course of a year.

Of course, that could be simply explained away by the fact that people change phones more readily than they change desktops or laptops but the numbers still show that more and more people are getting connected by mobiles daily.

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Still, the data by StatCounter cannot be taken as conclusive proof that more people are using mobile devices than computers, or that people are using their mobile devices more than their computers. All it means is that people are viewing more individual web pages on mobile browsers than they are on desktop versions. Who knows, you are probably right now reading this article with a mobile phone.

mobile phones

The trend spotted by the Stat Counter data seems to agree with predictions that the next billion new internet users will almost entirely access the internet on mobile first.