Ji Honghong

More and more children in the present time go through unprecedented hardship and suffering. Ji Honghong is one of them.

It is not just in Africa that you find children who have known no other life apart from depending on the mercies of strangers by the streets. Same is the story of 6-year old Chinese Ji Honghong.

Ji is the daughter of a beggar father and a mentally unstable mother. She has an elder brother who is still a student but has taken the role of the family’s bread winner.

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The interesting twist in her story is that she still has the privilege to go to school. But on weekends, she joins her father to beg for alms from pedestrians in the streets of China. With her bowls, she sits beside her father as they hope for tangible compassionate gestures from passersby.

Ji Honghong from online pictures seems to have accepted the condition in good faith. The high-spirited girl would not give up her studies or abandon doing her homework even in the cold.

Her love to study has become more conspicuous than being a weekend beggar. When it gets cold outside, she covers herself with a duvet and attends to her homework.

“I have finished all the homework assigned by my teacher. My father wanted me to write five more pages of Chinese spelling. I know it well even if my teacher hasn’t taught it to us yet.”

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In a world where there is an alarming global economic meltdown and an outrage of migrant crisis, coming across refugees or people who suffer the same fate as Ji Hongbong is fast becoming a normal sight.

On one occasion, the city’s temperature over the weekend was reportedly 10 degrees Celsius. Ji Honghong was begging with her father. Her condition caught people’s attention; some of whom reacted in the kindest ways possible. A couple of them bought her food and milk.

Ji Hongbong

Ji Honghong is a first grade student at the Nanzhuang Primary School in Linshu county. The little girl, who loves to study, says she has a dislike for begging in the streets. She says begging over the weekend affects her studies.

Nevertheless she says nothing will get in the way of education.