Facts You Need To Know About Wendigo Legend And Its Dark History

The Wendigo which is also known as Windigo is a mythical evil spirit or man-eating monster native of the Atlantic Coast in the Northern forest. Mythical creatures are mostly found in the Algonquian folklore of both Canada and the United States. The characteristics of the Wendigo is such that may appear as a human but this human has been possessed by the entity thereby becoming monstrous.

After being possessed, the vessel starts exhibiting despicable behaviors like insatiable greed and need to commit murder. As such, communities where greed is common, are often said to be experiencing a Wendigo psychosis manifestation.

Facts About Wendigo Legend And It’s Dark History

1. Human Possession

From the earliest era of the Wendigo myth, it has been established that humans can very much be possessed by the demonic entity which sometimes simply transform into human beings to carry out their destructive activities.

In some cases, the Wendigo spirit may possess a person who has had a cause to enter into cannibalism probably as a result of survival during a harsh winter season. In other conditions, the spirit may possess a person nursing greed in their hearts; this then causes the individual to behave like bloodthirsty zombies with a mindless desire to devour human flesh.

2. Supernatural Abilities

The entity has some scary and intimidating abilities. For its animal-like nature, it is unnaturally large, strong and fast with enduring sharp senses. The spirit is a hunter and predator immune to the deadliest of climates. It has the ability to mimic human voices of which its unsuspecting victims are familiar with just to lure them to lonely places where it would either devour or possess them. It also has the uncanny ability to heal.

3. Beast Form 

Wendigo body

Apart from possessing or taking the form of a human, the Wendigo can appear in form of a gory looking beast usually with the head of a stag, eyes sunken in, skin stretched incredibly tight over its bones and a stench that wreaks of corruption and death. It is also a strikingly tall creature that seems to be fragile, haggard or falling apart from decomposition. Don’t let that fool you, according to the legend, the entity is a blood-thirsty beast with an endless craving for human flesh.

4. The Older The More Formidable

In accordance with the tales told, the Wendigo creature is as destructive and powerful as its age. In order words, the older the spirit possession, the stronger the entity. If the creature walks the earth for a very long time, it may develop the ability to control and manipulate the weather by way of calling upon pitch darkness before sunset. It may also gain a sort of alpha control over predators in the forest in order to command them to attack a chosen victim on a whim.

5. Everlasting Hunger 

In whatever form the Wendigo takes, its lust for the flesh is unending. More so, its hunger for more flesh increases with every kill. As such, it never gets satisfied and always seeks to devour more flesh, as much as possible.

6. Controversy Of The Cree Chief 

In 1907, a famed healer, witch doctor, and Oji-Cree chief, Jack Fiddler was arrested alongside his brother, Joseph for the murder of 14 people. When in the custody of the Canadian police, Jack explained that he had to kill the people because they were about to transformed into the Wendigo creature. He later committed suicide just before his trial date.

On the other hand, his brother got a life sentence but mysteriously died in prison after spending three days when his sentence began. Sadly, he was being considered for a pardon since he was charged as an accomplice to the crime, not exactly the perpetrator. He never got the chance to be made free.

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7. Rituals And Rites To Keep The Spirit Away

When faced with famine or harsh winter conditions, the Cree tribes, Ojibwe and Assiniboine people would perform a ceremonial dance and offer oblations which they believed would help curtail the threats of an attack especially on the minds of the people. These rites were normally done in northern Minnesota at Lake Windigo.

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