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At the mention of the name Wendy Haskell, another name, Warren Moon, comes to mind, sadly, not for the right reasons. Wendy is an American sports reporter, physical therapist, orphan advocate, and spokeswoman while on the other hand, Moon is a former American and Canadian football quarterback most popular for being the first African-American quarterback to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Wendy Haskell began working in Warren Moon’s Sports 1 Marketing company in July 2017 and because she loved sports a lot, she believed her new job was the opportunity she needed to grow in her career in the sports industry. However, her excitement was dampened when, in addition to her responsibilities as Warren’s personal assistant, she was forced into complying with his odd requests in a bid to retain her job.

When she could no longer bear doing the things her boss made her do, she opened up publicly about her experiences in the company and sued the former football player of sexual harassment in December 2017. Because Warren was a public figure, the case also shot Wendy Haskell into the limelight. Below is more information about Wendy- her bio, details of her sexual harassment suit and many other facts.

Wendy Haskell – Bio

Wendy Haskell was born in Buffalo, New York City, United States, in 1985. Highly athletic, she loved football and hockey while growing up and as a youth, she was a dancer and was also involved in competitive gymnastics for 10 years with the hopes of building a career in it. However, her dream of becoming a professional gymnast was halted by injuries. Consequently, she switched over to volleyball.

As a student of Clarence High School in Buffalo, Wendy put her athletic abilities to good use in different sports including basketball and track and field. She was also part of her school’s varsity volleyball team for four years and as a result of her performance on the team, she was given a Division 1 volleyball college scholarship.

This took her to the State University of New York at Buffalo from where she graduated with a degree in Exercise Science 2007 and a doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2009. Sequel to her graduation from the university, Wendy Haskell played briefly professionally in the Lingerie Football League in 2009 for the Miami Caliente.

Although she no longer plays, she has stuck to the field of sports, working either as a physical therapist or trainer. As a therapist, she has worked in several establishments such as Polestar Pilates International, Western New York Physical and Occupational Therapy Group, PLLC, Kiwi Physical Therapy in New York City, and Athletic training center, New York.

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She also worked with Time Warner Cable Sports Channel as a sideline reporter/color commentator from 2010 to 2016 and in Spangle as director of growth and influencer relations for “kanga” the app from January 2015 to October 2016.

Sexual Harassment

Wendy Haskell was just like any normal girl living her life and pursuing her dream without being noticed until 2017 when she took a bold step which made her popular. In July of the said year, she joined Sports 1 Marketing, a global sports and entertainment marketing agency co-founded by former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer, Warren Moon and based in Irvine, California.

Employed as Warren Moon’s personal assistant, Wendy Haskell was responsible for running errands for him, traveling with him for business purposes and organizing his appearances. Not long after she started working with Warren, who as of then, was Seattle Seahawk’s radio analyst, she accused him of harassing her sexually.

According to her, she was forced to act in accordance with his inappropriate requests so as to keep her job and some of those requests, she said, include making her sleep on the same bed with him on business trips, spiking her drink and groping her while she was sleeping, making her wear lingerie when they are alone together, and always invading her privacy while she was showering.

Wendy Haskell
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When she first started experiencing these harassments, Wendy claimed that she met the company’s CEO and co-owner, David Meltzer with a complaint about Warren Moon’s behavior but rather than take the necessary action, she was demoted for speaking up. In addition to the demotion, she was ordered to comply with the requests of her boss so she could keep working in the firm.

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Unable to stomach the ill-treatment, Wendy Haskell filed a suit against Moon in Orange County, California, on the 4th of December 2017. Speaking on the matter, Wendy’s lawyer, Diana Fitzgerald, revealed that her client never went to report the issue to the police because she was afraid. That aside, she was also hoping to build her career in the sports market industry and was not aware that that sort of personal protocol was going to be involved in her job descriptions.

In his reaction to the lawsuit, Moon accepted that he made Wendy Haskell share his bed with him but banished all other accusations, claiming that the lady only took the legal action because his company refused to yield to her request of $3 million payouts.

Although Wendy sought $3 million from Warren Moon, news regarding the eventual outcome of the suit is yet to be heard. Meanwhile, sequel to the suit, the former NFL star was suspended indefinitely as Seattle Seahawks radio analyst. Wendy on her own part left the company.

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Other Facts 

1. Wendy Haskell stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 60 kg. Her body measurement is as follows: bust- 32, waist- 28, and hips- 36.

2. She once worked as a model for Buffalo Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz.

3. A self-proclaimed advocate for orphans, Wendy is very much involved in charity works for volunteer organizations such as I’m Me Foundation, Jim Kelly’s Kelly for Kids Foundation, and The Steadfast Foundation’s Catwalk for Charity.

4. She went with the I’m Me charity organization on a humanitarian mission to Haiti in 2016.

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