John Adams
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In terms of the American Revolt which led to the liberation of the country from Great Britain, founding fathers like John Adams cannot be shunned for any reason whatsoever especially for the many contributions which are significant in the history of America.

John Adams was a man who soiled his hands in the many things that concerned society and its growth. He was an American statesman, legal practitioner, diplomat, revolutionist, second president of the United States of America (1797 – 1801), and the foremost vice president of America (1789 – 1797) with George Washington as the president.

Who was John Adams?

He was born John Adams to John Adams Sr. and Susanna Boylston on October 30, 1735. He was also the eldest of two brothers. In 1755, John Adams graduated from Harvard University and decided to study law under a leading lawyer in Worcester, James Putman. He later made it to the bar and turned into a lawyer and critic of Great Britain’s authority in colonial America especially in terms of oppression through taxes and other bills.

What Did John Adams Do?

John Adams was a lawyer who believed in fair hearing and as a result, he landed himself his most renowned case of the Boston Massacre in which British Army Soldiers fired a Boston crowd on March 5, 1770, where the Soldiers killed 5 civilians and left 6 injured; and since no attorney was ready to stand in for the soldiers, John Adams offered himself and ended up getting 6 of them blameless with two others receiving more mild sentences. Although a lot of American’s were against his standing in for the British soldiers, he earned respect from many for his courage.

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John Adams later came to be a diplomat and functioned as a Commissioner to France, Ambassador to the Dutch Republic, Treaty of Paris, and Ambassador to Great Britain among others.

On February 4, 1789, John Adams received a 34 Electoral College votes behind George Washington who had 69 votes making them become America’s first vice president and president respectively.

On March 4, 1797, Adams was sworn into office as the nation’s second president and had a scandal-free service. He spent a lot of his time in Massachusetts and snubbed the political patronage and office hunters.

5 Greatest Accomplishments of his Presidency

1. Handing Over of the Quasi-War with France (1798)

One of the greatest works of John Adams was his ability to make peace with France over trading routes which could have easily led to war if not handled easily. Even with the several attacks on US vessel, Adams made several efforts to sign the peace deal with the French. However, there were objections from the different angles of his cabinets; and 10,000 soldiers were made available.

2. Suppression of Fries Revolt among the Pennsylvania Dutch (1799)

Although John Fries and a group of people were found guilty of treason and were sentenced to hanging for the rebellion that broke out as a result of the direct taxing, John Adams went against his cabinet and granted them pardon making sure he gave the argument of the Fries act as a riot and not a rebellion as termed.

3. Establishment of Marine Hospitals

John Adams was widely known as the father of the American Navy for his constant defense of it. One of his many good works to the Navy was the signing into law an Act to relief sick and incapacitated seamen, which also approved the making of marine hospitals operated by the government.

4. Creation of Library of Congress

In 1800, John Adams signed up into law the establishment of the Library of Congress, a research library to serve the United States of Congress. Currently, it is the oldest federal cultural institution in the States with research materials from different parts of the world and in more than 450 different languages.

5. Move to Washington

Although the building began years earlier, The White House in Washington was fast done and was graced by Adams who became the first president to grace the house.

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Other Interesting Facts About Adams

John Adams
John Adams Family

– Adams failed his second election in 1800.

– He was married to Abigail Smith and had six children and one of them (Quincy Adams) made it become America’s 6th president.

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– Adams was well-thought-out as a writer who had his hands on books, columns, and letters.

– John Adams became one of the oldest America’s president to ever live. He and Thomas Jefferson departed on the same day on July 4, 1826.

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