Andrew McCutchen
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An announcement came from The Philadelphia Phillies that Andrew McCutchen – their prized outfielder has sustained a serious injury which diagnosis is a torn ACL in his left knee. The popular player is set to miss the remaining part of the 2019 season. Andrew sustained the injury in a rundown against Padres. Though he is out for the rest of the current season, the famed baseball player is of high hopes that the 2020 season will not go without him. Read on to get the details about his injuries, and how he sustained it.

What happened to Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen
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It was during Monday’s ultimate loss to San Diego that Andrew McCutchen sustained that non-contact injury. With Andrew on 1st, Jean Segura hit a pop-up to Ian Kinsler – second baseman. Since Jean had previously fallen on the swing, Ian trying to turn a double play allowed the ball to drop (the fly rule for the infield only becomes effective with a force at 3rd with less than a couple of outs) but upon fielding the ball, he threw it to first base. The resultant effect of this was Andrew being caught in a run-down, eventually ending in the non-contact injury.

What this means is that the ACL in Andrew McCutchen’s left knee was torn and the famed outfielder had to leave the ballpark on crutches that night, hoping to get a mild prognosis for his injuries, or perhaps the veteran player knew it was going to be anything but mild when he took to Twitter to request for prayers from fans and the general public. However, all his hopes that his MRI exams scheduled for the next day would reveal a less serious fault were dashed on Tuesday when his condition was diagnosed.

For the record, Andrew McCutchen has been featured in over 146 games, making more than 648 plate appearances for the past nine seasons. Till date, he has only made the injured list once and consoles himself with the hope that he would be healed by Opening Day 2020, however, this is not certain, and can only be confirmed after he has had surgery and is well into his rehab.

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According to Andrew it really sucks to have this kind of thing happen to him, he sees himself as that guy that prides himself in being constantly on the field of play, averaging 150 games. He also believes himself to be Ford tough. The celebrated outfielder is of the strong belief that the surgery will be successful and he will heal up in no time at all, especially as he has the best team around him. Andrew McCutchen is not alone in this kind of problem as other 32-year-olds have dealt with similar issues in the past.

In fact, there are records of other players that have sustained more serious injuries and have made their comebacks even stronger than before. A good example of players in this category is Drew Brees. Andrew believes that if Drew can make it then it is also possible for him, all he has to do is put his trust in people that will help him to get back on his feet.

Andrew McCutchen’s condition has given rise to a huge void in the Phillies’ lineup, as well as the outfield and clubhouse. The outfielder has a stellar record of batting 256 with ten home runs, 834 OPS and 29 RBIs. For the team, he has been their sole experienced center fielder since Odubel Herrera went on administrative leave, Aaron Altherr exited and Roman Quinn injured.

According to Gabe Kapler the manager for the Phillies, in addition to being a catalyst for their clubhouse, Andrew McCutchen is equally a catalyst at the top of their lineup and he is respected by everybody under their roof. To make up for the gap, The Phillies had to promote Adam Haseley – Triple-A Lehigh Valley outfielder selected as the 8th overall in during the 2017 draft. Adam is currently replacing Andrew on the 25-man roster. They equally had to place Victor Arano their right-hander on a sixty-day injured list in a bid to create space for Adam on the 40-man roster.

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Is He Returning For The New Season?

It wouldn’t be at all safe to make assumptions about this kind of injury to a 32-year-old; however, it is believed that the outfielder’s athleticism, work ethics as well as past durability will definitely work in his favor. But then this is certainly bad news for the Phillies as Andrew McCutchen is under contract with them through the 2021 seasons, team option is only for 2022. In conclusion, the famed player is out for the rest of the season, but with fingers crossed, he is expected to be fit and ready by opening day next year.

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