What Happened To John Bolton And Why Was He Fired?

President Donald Trump’s national security officer John Bolton was thrown out as a result of basic disagreements with the President over the best way to tackle foreign policy issues like Iran, Afghanistan, and North Korea. But there is a big hullabaloo on how the two men parted ways. According to Trump, he Fired John Bolton, but John Bolton has continued to insist that he volunteered his resignation. Read on to get the full details.

What happened to John Bolton?

There have been many conflicting details concerning John Bolton’s firing/resignation. While President Trump maintains that it was at his request that Bolton dropped his resignation letter, the ex-top national security officer, on the other hand, upholds that he was the one who offered his resignation.

According to a tweet from President Trump, he called Bolton to inform him that his services will no longer be required at the White House since he (Trump) and several other people in the administration do not agree with many of his suggestions. Trump said that he promptly received the resignation letter the next morning and expressed his gratitude to John Bolton for his services.

On his own part, the former national security officer for the White House did not let the grass grow under his feet in responding to the president’s tweet. John Bolton re-tweeted that he went to see President Trump Monday night ready to throw in his resignation, but according to Bolton, Trump advised him to wait till the next morning for them to discuss the issue, contradicting the president’s version that he requested for Bolton’s resignation.

Aggravations between the Taliban and Iran intensified towards September 2019 as the US president sought a meeting to be scheduled at Camp David in a bid to meet with the president of Iran. However, three inside sources told Major Garrett – the White House correspondent at CBS News that the major fact that drove the US president to distraction was his strong belief that John Bolton or his cohorts revealed a story about Trump asking if it is feasible to abate hurricanes with nuclear weapons.

The former security adviser who was a former contributor to Fox News before his appointment did not take lightly the president’s version of the story relating to his resignation. Brian Kilmeade – Fox News anchor received a text message from him reiterating that he volunteered to resign, he also sent out a second text message to Robert Costa – a known reporter from Washington Post, with the information that he (Bolton) is going to bare his mind on the issue in due course.

John Bolton’s close associate revealed to Margaret Brennan of CBS News that it was true Bolton volunteered to drop his resignation Monday night, and the president’s response was that they will discuss it Tuesday, but ultimately, the scheduled discussion never came to pass. An undisclosed person also told Margaret how the former security adviser submitted a resignation letter which he characterized as a very brief letter.

The source came all out in defense of John Bolton’s term in the White House. According to him, the 17 months that Bolton lasted in Trump’s administration went without any record of a single bad deal, telling Margaret that the ex-security adviser extensively weighed in on issues concerning Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, North Korea, Syria, China, as well as Turkey.

A reaffirmation of Trump’s account of the whole story came from Stephanie Grisham – White House press secretary, who acquiesced that Trump did request for Bolton’s resignation, she also told the media that the former security adviser had left the White House.

Why was John Bolton Fired?

While it is not a hidden fact that the two men never agreed on a good number of major foreign policy issues, the timing for John Bolton’s resignation is majorly associated with his pushback against the US president, signaling his readiness to ease sanctions that were placed on Iran as a good way to secure a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani, according to Bloomberg.
Bloomberg quoted three unidentified people that were familiar with the issue, reporting that Bolton put up some forceful arguments against the idea when they brought it up in the Oval Office. The president made the decision to oust John Bolton, following the treasury secretary’s (Steven Mnuchin) support for the idea.

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John Bolton was a strong supporter of the United States maximum pressure crusade on Iran, spearheading America’s desertion of the 2015 nuclear deal it had with Iran as well as the re-imposition of sanctions. Bolton also called for anticipatory attacks on Tehran as well as to destroy the country’s nuclear program.

In conclusion, the reason Bolton was fired is that Trump vehemently opposed him on a good number of his proposals, and so did other administrative members of his government.

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