What Happened To Linda on Blue Bloods and How Did She Really Die?

The film and television actress, Amy Carlson has thrilled a lot of fans with multiple memorable characters since 1992 when she made her foray into the movie industry. In recent years, she has grown a huge fan base following her outstanding portrayal of Linda Reagan on Blue Bloods, a CBS police procedural drama series. The aforementioned series whose main characters are members of the fictional Reagan family in New York City with a history of work in Law Enforcement stars Tom Selleck as New York City Police Commissioner; Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan, Will Estes as Jamie Reagan and many others.

Having made its debut on 24 September 2010, Blue Bloods has been renewed by CBS on April 12, 2019, for a tenth season with the premiere date September 27, 2019. The drama series, however, has attained huge fan base since it’s debut as it’s pilot episode garnered 15.246 million viewers and the number of live viewers has continued to inflate over the years.

Although there are other main characters that have engrossed the minds of fans, the character Linda on Blue Bloods seems to be the fans’ favorite. This was proven to be true following her sudden exit from the series at the end of the seventh season which stirred huge negative reactions from the fans that have been left heartbroken. And if you have not been following the series which has been rated as one of the five best TV shows, below are the details of what really happened to Linda on Blue Bloods and how she died.

What Happened To Linda on Blue Bloods?

In Blue Bloods, the character Linda was an ER nurse who worked at St. Victor’s hospital located in New York City. Prior to her demise at the end of the season seven of the series, she was the wife of Danny Reagan – the oldest child of Frank and Mary Reagan who works as an investigator of New York City’s 54th Precinct’s Detective Squad, specialising in Major Crimes and doing what needs to be done to serve justice in the fight against crime.

Linda on Blue Bloods
Linda and her husband, Danny (image source)

Although Linda on Blue Bloods didn’t have a career in her husband’s line of work, she had several encounters that would have led to her demise in the previous seasons. Firstly, she was mugged at knifepoint and secondly, she was at the center of gunfire at the hospital after her colleagues’ son was coerced into executing a hit on one of the patients. Linda was shot twice but she recuperated from the hit as one of the bullets was removed and the location of the other made it impossible to be taken out without killing her.

In the first episode of season eight, it was revealed by Danny’s therapist that Linda died in a helicopter crash airlifting her patient. Her demise, however, was not displayed on the series and there was no hint to that in the previous episodes. Following the way Linda suddenly departed from Blue Bloods, fans were upset about her demise and equally how she was removed from the show just like that after seven years.

Her absence from the show was not only felt by the fans, but also by other cast members who have worked closely with her for seven years. Amy Carlson, on the other hand, has shown gratitude to her fans and equally expressed her sadness over the manner her character was written out from the show without showing the fans the way the crash really happened as it wouldn’t have stirred up many negative reactions from them.

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How Did She Really Die?

After Linda’s death on the show, Luis Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips), a popular drug cartel member disclosed that Linda’s death wasn’t triggered by natural phenomena as it was masterminded by a drug cartel from Mexico called Jose Rojas (Danny Trejo) whom Danny has been carrying out investigation on.

Amy Carlson’s character was removed from the series because she had fulfilled her seven years contract which was up at the end of the seventh season. She didn’t want to renew the contract having made up her mind to move on from the show and try something new. Notwithstanding, there is a possibility that she might return to the show if the creators of the drama series decide on letting the fans have a feel on how the crash that led to the demise of Linda on Blue Bloods actually took place.


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