What Happened to ‘Mike and Mike’ and Why Did It Come to an End?

Once upon a time, Mike and Mike was one of the most beloved morning shows in America. It was the perfect combo of sports and comedy, and its enigmatic hosts, Mike Greenberg, and Mike Golic, kept fans reeling with their humorous take on the day’s sporting news. Mike and Mike sadly came to an end in 2017 but what is more tragic is the speculations that the two buddies had turned against each other. So, what is fact and what is fiction? Why did Mike and Mike come to an end? All these and more of your questions about the beloved show are answered below.

What happened to Mike and Mike?

Mike and Mike is a sports radio talk show which debuted on ESPN radio in the year 2000. The show primarily focused on the day’s biggest sports topics and was co-hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. Greenberg is a native of New York, and worked as a sports anchor/reporter at several radio stations, before joining ESPN in 1996. Golic is a native of Ohio and played college football at Notre Dame. He spent eight years in the NFL and played defensive tackle for teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins.

The success of Mike and Mike largely depended on the hilarious dynamic between the hosts. Greenberg was cast as the stereotypical nerd who is crazy about the stars on his favorite team. Golic, on the other hand, was the typical jock who loves unhealthy food and had no filter. Mike and Mike ran from 2000 to 2017 during which it became quite popular. The two hosts were later inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in April 2016.

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Why Did Mike and Mike come to an end?

In May 2017, ESPN announced that Mike and Mike would be coming to an end that year. The show’s last episode was later broadcast on the 17th of November 2017 during which the two hosts were joined by other members of the backroom staff. Greenberg reminisced that the show had been on for a long time and that its purpose was to make people feel a bit less miserable in the morning. He concluded that the show had been a success as long as they had accomplished that mission. Golic, on the other hand, restated his hope that the audience had laughed with them when they laughed. So, why did Mike and Mike come to an end? The show’s demise was primarily down to two reasons, Greenberg’s desire for new challenges and ESPN’s decisions.

Why Mike and Mike came to an end
Greenberg and Golic on the set of their now-defunct show image source

In the Greenberg/Golic dynamic, Greenberg was the thinking man who had the capacity to reach any heights that he wanted. It was therefore not surprising that he sought for, and got, his own show in New York. Asides Greenberg’s ambitions, it must be noted that the reason why Mike and Mike came to an end was ultimately the decision of ESPN. The network had been tinkering with the show for several years. Back in May 2015, they had announced that Mike and Mike would move from Bristol to the Times Square studios in New York. This was to increase the synergy between the show and ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA). The plan was that Greenberg and Golic would come on GMA to discuss sports topics while GMA guests would also drop in on their show. The whole plan eventually fell through, and Mike and Mike remained in Bristol.

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What is Greenberg and Golic up to now?

The revelation that Mike and Mike was coming to an end sent the rumor mill into overdrive. One anonymous source, who claimed to be a staff of the show, told the papers that the two Mikes were not speaking to each other. The anonymous source also stated that they limited their interactions to the cameras and that the entire atmosphere of the show was now poisonous. Greenberg and Golic, however, refuted these claims. Golic stated that he had made peace with the situation even though he had some reservations with how the whole thing materialized. Greenberg, on his own part, revealed that he and Golic still texted about several things including respective family milestones. Meanwhile, Mike Greenberg now co-hosts the TV show, Get Up, with Jalen Rose and Michelle Beadle. Golic, on his own part, is soldiering on with Mike and Mike. The show is now known as Golic and Wingo, and his new cohost is veteran sports broadcaster, Trey Wingo.

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