The Untold Truth Of What Happened To Ozuna And Why He Regrets It Now

Ozuna has made headlines multiple times in recent years for several questionable antics; from getting arrested for violent behavior at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, to striking a security guard with a microphone, and landing into a murder investigation – not as a suspect or a perpetrator of a crime, but as a victim of extortion. Fans were left in shock, anger, and disgust when an explicit video, showing a younger Ozuna engaged in demeaning sex acts hit the media in early 2019. With the new revelations trailing that video, we now let you in on the untold truth about what happened to Ozuna and why he continues to express regrets for what seems like a blast from the past.

Who Is Ozuna? 

Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, popularly known as Ozuna, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on March 13, 1992, to parents of Dominican and Puerto Rican origins. His father was a dancer for the reggaeton performer, Vico C, for three years until his fatal murder in 1995. Left with a financially-limited mother, young Ozuna grew up under the care of his grandparents. Since he keeps a pretty low profile on his personal affairs, there are no details about his childhood, early education, siblings or what his mother or grandparents did for a living. However, details from the eponymous opening track from his album Odisea reveals that he grew up poor and was raised by his paternal grandmother. All these happened to turn Ozuna into the superstar he is today.

When Ozuna turned eighteen in 2012, he relocated to New York City where he spent the next three years building his music career. Right from his boyhood, Ozuna had a burning passion for the Latin urban genre and started to compose songs in the language from as early as twelve years old.  

How He Became Famous

In 2012, Ozuna made his debut with the song Imaginando. Then known by the stage name, J Oz, the young musician was signed under Musicology and Menes. Two years later, in 2014, Ozuna signed a recording contract with Golden Family Records and began to upload his songs on YouTube. That same year, the Puerto Rican singer began his rise to fame with the song Si No Te Quier, originally featuring rapper D.OZi. The song went viral on radio and blared through the speakers of almost every household across Latin America. Since then, Ozuna has performed the song in various shows across South America. Nevertheless, there was more to come.

For fans curious to know what happened to Ozuna’s music career, they’d be delighted to know that experienced a meteoric rise in his career in 2016. The singer gained international stardom after he appeared in the single La Ocasión, which was a collaboration with DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, De La GhettoArcángel, and Anuel AA. The song fared so well that it hit #22 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. In March of that year, Ozuna did a remix of his song No Quiere Enamorarse, which featured Daddy Yankee.

Dile Que Tu Me Quieres, Ozuna’s most positively-received single, was released in September 2016. The single was such a success, it shot Ozuna to the 13th position on the Billboard Latin chart at the end of 2016. The following year, Ozuna released several other singles, including Dile Que Tu Me Quieres (Remix) (ft. Yandel), and Después de las 12. In April of 2017, he released Tu Foto, which reached the 10th spot on the Latin Billboard list; and gained over 760 million views on YouTube.

More good things happened to Ozuna’s career as the months went by; the musician also collaborated with fellow music artists on several other releases including, Daddy Yankee in La Rompe CorazonesWisin in Escápate ConmigoJ BalvinArcángel and Chris Jeday in Ahora Dice, among others. Later that 2017, in August precisely, his song Se Preparó was released; and by September 2019, had more than 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

What Happened To Ozuna?
(L-R) Ozuna With Selena Gomez, DJ Snake, and Cardi B: Image Source

In 2018, Ozuna, released Taki Taki, in which he appeared alongside DJ SnakeCardi B andAll Posts Selena Gomez

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The Truth Of What Happened To Ozuna And Why He Regrets It Now

Now, fro the piece de résistance; what happened to Ozuna? As fans geared up for 2019, no one expected that Ozuna would be the next big thing in the news for the wrong reasons – a video in which he appeared in 2009 had gone public. The edited footage showed the Latin American singer performing sexual acts with other male performers. The footage was later used by Kevin Fret, an expressive gay trap singer, to extort Ozuna.

The musician has since apologized to his fans; first, on stage for Calibash Las Vegas 2019, and then on other subsequent platforms. While the father of two expressed regrets over his actions, he dispensed words of encouragement for people dealing with regrets; reminding fans that their past does not define their future.

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