What Happened To Seananners And What Is He Doing Now?

Seananners is the professional name of the gameplay commentator, Adam Montoya with which he created a gaming channel, SeaNanners on YouTube in 2009. He initially started by providing commentary on games played on Xbox 360 and Call of Duty but later switched to full-time commentary on Personal Computer games. As a result of his brilliant commentary on gameplay videos as well as his creative works on his YouTube channel, Adam has been able to cultivate a following of over 5.5 million subscribers with more than 2.5 billion views as of June 2019, despite the channel being inactive for some time now. His absence from the media has caused some tension among his fans who are much inquisitive to know what the YouTuber is up to at the moment. Below are details of what we have gathered about what happened to Seananners and what he is really doing now.

What Happened To Seananners?

He is known for the creation of huge varieties of smaller first-person shooters and equally Minecraft Let’s Plays. Seananners has also formed collaborations with other internet personalities like Mr. Sark, ChilledChaos, Uncle Slam, The Gaming Terroriser, among several others.

In 2016, Adam deviated a bit from his gameplay work to acting as he played a voice role in the freemium mobile game for iOS and Android called Marvel Avengers Academy. He also starred in the adult comedy animated web television series from YouTube Premium titled, Paranormal Action Squad alongside other YouTubers like H2O Delirious, TheSyndicateProject, VanossGaming and others. In 2018, Seananners work rate on his channel slowed down of which he eventually refrained from creating new videos in the same year.

Following the reduction in Seananners’ work rate since 2018, many people are curious to know whether the media personality has permanently retired from his video creation work. However, Seananners has revealed through a video that he has decided to take a long break from his creative works on the internet, and also stated that he really needed the break at that given period. Although he didn’t mention about retiring permanently from his work on YouTube, his absence for close to a year is raising so many questions concerning his whereabouts.

Of course, many actually find it hard to believe that Seananners would abandon his gameplay commentary job that has announced him globally through the numbers of subscribers he has gathered over the years. He only created a total of five videos in 2018 and tweeted only once which is quite unlike Seananners who previously makes at least one tweet in a week and equally one video per week in addition to his daily work life as of then which included playing various games, editing and uploading captured footage to YouTube.

Meanwhile, prior to establishing his own YouTube channel, Adam has previously carried out some works in Photography. He was also associated with the online entertainment network, Machinima where he posted several of his gameplay videos to the network’s channel. Following his conversion to full-time staff, he moved on to launch a multi-channel network in 2014 alongside his former colleagues at Machinima. The multi-channel network works with video platforms to offer assistance to channel owners in several areas including programming, funding, product and partner management in exchange for a percentage of the advertisement revenue from the channel.

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What is He Doing Now?

In November 2018, Seananners disclosed through his friends’ videos on Twitch and YouTube that he has ventured into real estate. He stated that he had multiple projects he was renovating which would fetch him more income and boost his finances as well. He also revealed that he took the break in order to spend more time on individual projects as he had been engrossed with video creation work over the past years.

what happened to Seananners
Seananners and his girlfriend, Cathy (image source)

While on the break, Adam travels to many places together with his girlfriend, Cathy Diep. The pair got acquainted during his time at the online entertainment network, Machinima where Cathy worked in the Marketing Department and Seananners served as the creator of several shows including The Joy of Gaming. They initially kept their affair private until when Adam began featuring his beau on his videos as they play games together. It’s quite obvious that Seananners is having a good time away from his job on the internet. Since he didn’t specify the exact time he would return to his creative works on YouTube, his fans have to be patient and hopeful for his return.

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