What Happened To Wanna One and What The Band Members Are Doing Now

Music is universal, it is enjoyed by all types of people in the world and it cuts across whatever boundaries that they have created. In early 90s Korea, the music scene experienced a major shift and musical creations tended to lean towards Eurocentric and American musical styles, this was because of how deeply influenced Korean musicians were by American and European artists and music. One of the many developments that have taken place in the world of K-Pop is the creation of bands that are part of the many defining features of modern Korean music. Wanna One is one of the many K-Pop bands that have existed but their existence as a band was short-lived as the Wanna One members have since dispersed.

The early nineties have long gone but the music from the country is still growing with younger musical acts rising up and leaving their mark on the Korean music scene.

What Happened To Wanna One?

One of the factors that facilitated the growth of K-Pop was the creation of entertainment agencies; these agencies scout for people whom they believe have a talent and what it takes to be stars. One of the scout methods is Produce 101, a talent competition for male artistes who are part of entertainment agencies. The way the competition is created, the agencies participated by presenting a total of one hundred and one (101) trainees. Of the one hundred and one, the public would have to pick eleven of the competitors they like best who would then make up a band. In the second season of this competition which aired in 2017 fifty-four entertainment agencies participated and by the end of the show the eleven that the public liked best were selected. The eleven competitors who won from the show’s second season made up the Wanna One members.

The boy band got signed by YMC entertainment, another agency that had to manage the bands from each season, all eleven boys were working with different entertainment agencies before they went to the competition, but their contract stipulated that they work for one YMC entertainment for the duration of their contract. Wanna One had their debut in August of 2017 at a concert. The day after the concert, they released their EP. By November of the same year, they had released their album. In the course of their short existence as a band, they were able to release two albums and went on a world tour. These were not their only achievements; they also had a number of endorsements and were part of sixteen commercials. Wanna One was also featured on Forbes and happened to be chosen as the Best K-Pop artist of 2017.

The contract that the band signed with YMC entertainment stipulated that they were only bound to the agency for a year which ended in 2018. But they had been booked to appear in shows in January of 2019 after which they gave one final concert together and then went their separate ways.

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What are The Wanna One Members Doing Now?

Since the band packed up, it’s eleven members have moved on to different other things. Yoon Ji-sung who was the band’s leader is currently deep in a solo career as an actor and singer. Hwang Min-Hyun was a member of the NU’EST before he went to Produce 101 and became a member of Wanna One, since the breakup of the band, he has continued in the line of work he was engaged in before the show. Ha Sung-Woon, just like Ji-sung, is working as a solo artist now. Lai Kuan-lin currently models and works with the Chinese government.

Lee Dae-hwi is one of the Wanna One members who does not lead a solo career right now as he is a member of another band, AB6IX which he joined in May 2019; Dae-hwi also works as a television host. Park Woo-jin who was the only rapper in the band is also a member of AB6IX.

Following his exit from the band, Ong Seong-wu had fan meeting events, was made an ambassador for brands, joined a Pepsi campaign and started his career in acting. Kang Daniel, who can be described as one of the most successful members of the band returned to the solo career he had as a musician and actor before he joined the band. Park Ji-hoon, Kim Jae-hwan, and Bae Jin-young also have solo careers in music and acting like the other Wanna One members.

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