What is Amanda Abbington Doing Now After She Split from Martin Freeman?

In an industry that is notorious for its short-lived relationships, Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman were one couple who were supposed to make it. The two movie stars had enjoyed an enviable long-term romance during which they welcomed two kids. They also collaborated frequently, appearing in several productions together. Abbington and Freeman sadly announced their split in December 2016. So, what caused the ‘it’ couple to break up and what has Abbington been up to since the split? All these and more of your questions are answered below.

How Did Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman Meet?

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman first met on the set of the Channel 4 drama, Men Only, in 2000. The two immediately clicked and embarked on a date two days later. They thereafter commenced a relationship which would go on to last for 16 years. During this period, the couple lived together in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire and welcomed two children namely son, Joe and daughter, Grace.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman also made regular joint red carpet appearances and collaborated professionally in several productions including The Debt, The Robinsons, The Good Night and Sherlock. Sherlock is a British crime drama about the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes. The series was headlined by Benedict Cumberbatch, as Sherlock, while Freeman portrayed his close friend and assistant, Dr John Watson. Abbington, on her own part, portrayed the recurring role of Mary Morstan; a crime victim who later becomes Watson’s wife. Her portrayal of these role fetched her a barrage of online trolling as fans of the show were hankering for a romantic relationship between Holmes and Watson.

Why Did They Split Up?

Amanda Abbington and her erstwhile partner, Freeman, confirmed the end of their relationship in 2016. The news shocked many of their fans as there was no inkling of trouble in their paradise. Abbington has since revealed that the split was down to several reasons, chief of which was Freeman’s schedule.

Martin Freeman had enjoyed a burgeoning career in recent years, appearing in blockbusters such as Fargo, The Hobbit, Captain America: Civil War, and Black Panther. All these meant that Freeman was often away for extended periods and this left Abbington feeling quite alone. The whole separation caused some friction between the couple and they realised that they were no longer making each other happy. The pair then decided to call off their relationship so that the tension would not affect their kids.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman
Abbington and her Ex, Martin Freeman image source

The breakup was incredibly hard on Abbington and she often woke up sobbing for several months. It was one of the darkest periods of her life and exacerbated all the insecurities she had dealt with as a child. The actress felt ‘rejected’, ‘old’, ‘stupid’ and ‘unattractive’, and the split shook her self-confidence.

Abbington however did not allow her pain to get in the way of an amicable and civilized relationship with her Ex. The actress has stated that she and Freeman are still mates who support each other. Freeman, on his own part, has described Abbington as a brilliant actor and woman. He has also stated that he would always love her and pursue an amicable relationship with her, not just for the sake of their kids, but also for the sake of the love they once shared.

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What is Amanda Abbington doing now after she split from Martin Freeman?

The English actress is now focused on her kids as well as her career. Abbington relies on the help of her parents to care for the kids when she is working while her Ex takes them on the weekends. On the professional side, the Sherlock star has gone on to appear in several TV series/films including Crooked House, Uncle, Safe and Richard Osman’s House of Games.

Abbington has also appeared in several theatrical productions including 2019’s The Son. The Son is written by French novelist Florian Zeller and revolves around a teenage boy who spirals out of control, and starts to self-harm and lie, after his parent’s divorce.

Amanda Abbington has also found love again. The actress had previously disclosed that she was a firm believer in love and that her own past experience won’t make her untrusting or cynical. True to her words, Abbington is now dating Northern-Irish actor, Jonjo O’Neill. Abbington first met O’Neill during a gala night at the Royal Court Theatre in November 2016. She summoned up the courage to ask him out after the gala and they eventually started dating. The couple have now gone public with their relationship and Abbington has introduced O’Neill to her kids.

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