What is Blake Griffin Net Worth and Is He Making or Losing Money?

Blake Griffin is an American professional basketball player who has an estimated net worth of $70 million. He currently plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association and will be paid a base salary of $2,905,851 for the 2022/2023 season.

Blake Griffin may not be an NBA legend yet, but he is well on his way. In a career spanning just 10 years, the Oklahoma native has broken several league and franchise records. He has also accumulated numerous honours including the NBA rookie of the year, NBA slam dunk champion, and multiple NBA all-star honours.

So, what is Blake Griffin’s net worth? What has he got to show for all his exploits? Is he making or losing money? All these and more posers are answered below.

What is Blake Griffin’s Net Worth?

Blake Griffin was born on the 16th of March 1989 in Oklahoma City. He played high school basketball at Oklahoma Christian School. During his four years at the school, he led his team to four consecutive state championships as they lost only 6 out of 112 matches.

Griffin subsequently spent two outstanding years at the University of Oklahoma, before being drafted into the NBA in 2009. The power forward has since gone on to record several excellent feats. He now has a net worth of $70 million and makes about $39.1 million per annum.

How Does He Make His Money?

Contracts and Salaries

Blake Griffin has been the beneficiary of several lucrative contracts since he was drafted into the NBA. His very first contract was a two-year deal that he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers after they drafted him. The deal was worth $10.34 million, and the power forward proceeded to reward his employers with an incredible rookie year.

Griffin’s next deal was an improved five-year contract, worth $94.5 million, in 2012. The contract ran it’s full-length before the player received another five-year contract worth a whopping $171.2 million. This latest deal was inked in July 2017 and would see Griffin earn $29.5 million in 2017, $31.8 million in 2018, $34.2 million in 2019, $36.5 million in 2020, and $38.4 million in 2021.


Blake Griffin’s net worth has been boosted by juicy endorsement deals. The power forward has featured in commercials for companies such as Kia, Powerbar, Subway, Vizio and Gamefly. He has also scored endorsement deals with brands such as Nike, Red Bull and Panini America. Panini America is the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company, and Griffin penned an exclusive deal with them in 2011.

Even though the exact amount is not known, it must be quite significant given the scope of the deal. Under the agreement, Griffin’s autographs and memorabilia will be found only on Panini products. He will also be featured in the company’s national advertising, marketing and social media initiatives.

Production Company

Blake Griffin is one sports star who is already making plans for the future. He is the founder of a Hollywood production company known as Mortal Media. Mortal Media is a joint venture with his good pal, and NFL player, Ryan Kalil.

The company hopes to make inroads into the film, TV and digital markets. Mortal Media has already sold several movies and TV projects, and five of them are in active development. They include a reboot of the 1991 Disney film, The Rocketeer, and a reboot of the 1992 sports comedy, White Men Can’t Jump.

Is Blake Griffin Making Money or Losing It?

Griffin is predictably raking in a lot of money from his flourishing career. He is however losing some of it as a result of unsportsmanlike behaviour. For instance, he was fined $2,000 (10th of December 2015), $2,000 (11th of November 2018) and $4,000 (22nd of February 2019) for game ejections.

The Oklahoma native also received a hefty fine of $15,000 after verbally abusing a game official on the 17th of January 2019.

The biggest fine of Blake Griffin’s career has however come off the courts. In February 2016, the player punched a Clippers staff during an altercation. The punch further aggravated an injury that Griffin was already nursing, and his team did not take it lightly. The power forward was suspended for five games without pay, and this cost him the sum of $859,442. That sum was donated to several L.A. based charities.

Blake Griffin net worth
Griffin and Brynn Cameron image source

Blake Griffin’s net worth may also take a hit due to baby mama and child support drama. The NBA star has two children, Ford (b. 2013), and Finley (b. in 2016), with Brynn Cameron. Cameron is a college basketball player and the pair started dating in 2009. They later separated in 2017. Following their separation, Cameron sued Griffin for palimony. She alleged that he abandoned her and the kids for the glamour of dating reality TV star, Kendall Jenner.

Initial reports stated that the courts had ordered Griffin to shell out $285,000 in child support each month. It, however, turned out to be false as the two parties had reached a mutual agreement. Under the agreement, Griffin will be required to pay $32,000 as monthly child support

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