Analyzing Evan Peters’ Role on American Horror Story, How It Helped His Worth and Facts on His Love Life

Evan Peters is surely a familiar face to you if you’re a fan of the award-winning FX anthology series, American Horror Story. A very talented thespian, Evan has stunned movie lovers with his acting talent since his debut more than 10 years ago and he continues to do so with serious fervor.

The movie star is known for his mind-blowing appearances on the hugely famous anthology horror television series, American Horror Story, rising to become one of the most famous faces on the show. He has raked in money for his work on the show and has established himself as one of the rave-making movie stars in the USA.

Evan Peters Got His Breakthrough When He Played Tate Langdon in American Horror Story’

Born on the 20th of January 1987, in St. Louis, United States, Evan Peters started his career in 2004 by playing Adam Sheppard in the movie, Clipping Adam. The film won him the Best Breakthrough Performance award at the Phoenix Film Festival. Apparently, he announced himself quite early in his career, however, he did not gain massive recognition and popularity until 2011 when he landed a role to play Tate Langdon in American Horror Story.

American Horror Storylike all anthology series, is unique. This is because, unlike other TV series, the show makes use of a different storyline as well as a different set of characters for each season. This means that every season stands on its own and essentially, many actors don’t return to the show after some seasons. Many of the actors have starred in more than one season but they often portray a new character each of those seasons.

Evan Peters
Evan Peters in American Horror Story

Evan Peters is among the cast members to have returned most frequently, having appeared in nine seasons thus far. Peters played a different character during each of those nine seasons, becoming a fan favorite in the process. The show has found immense success, consistently raking in high ratings for the FX network. In fact, reports show that the first season of the series happened to be the most-viewed new cable series of 2011. It has also been well received by television critics and has won lots of awards. The popularity of the show has helped actors like Even Peters find more popularity among TV enthusiasts.

The Various Characters He Has Played on the American Horror Story Series 

In 2011, during the first season of series titled American Horror Story: Murder House, Evan Peters portrayed Tate Langdon, a 17-year-old psychiatric patient who has some dark secrets. The role won him some accolades especially as it showed his versatile side considering that the role was very different from what he has played before.

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He portrayed Kit Walker in the second season, American Horror Story: Asylum. His character was a man falsely accused of murdering his wife. He did so well with this role that he was nominated for the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor – Movie, Miniseries or TV Film. In the third season titled American Horror Story: Coven, Evan Peters played the role of Kyle Spencer, a frat boy who was murdered and resurrected as a Frankenstein monster.

In the fourth season of the show, American Horror Story: Freak Show, he was Jimmy Darling, a circus performer with malformed hands. In season five, American Horror Story: Hotel, Evan Peters played the role of James March, a serial killer with a hotel he built to hide his victims’ bodies.

His other roles include the wealthy ghost Edward Philippe Mott and successful actor Rory Monahan in season six, American Horror Story: Roanoke; the cult leader Kai Anderson in season seven, American Horror Story: Cult and an eccentric homosexual hairdresser Mr. Gallant in season eight, American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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Evan Peters Net Worth
Evan as Kai Anderson

The Horror Anthology Affected Peters Psychologically

Playing different roles on American Horror Story really affected Evan Peters while he was filming the show. This is because he had to play some really disturbing characters. From season one, he was saddled with the responsibility of portraying sadistic characters which affected him afterward. He, therefore, toiled with the emotional and psychological toll he was experiencing from playing mostly deranged characters.

The character portrayal that affected him the most was that of Kai Anderson, the deranged extremist cult leader. One of the show’s creators, Ryan Murphy explained that Peters had to go to some really dark places to prepare for the role and he eventually suffered severely while filming the season.

In fact, it took him nearly two years to recover after filming the season. This whole process affected him so much that he had to take some time off the show.

Evan Peters’ Net Worth Is Largely Connected to the Series

Filming American Horror Story may have been quite challenging for Evan Peters but it was financially rewarding for the movie star. Interestingly, the show gave him his big break as it ushered him to a wider audience who came to appreciate his work.

Details about the exact amount he pocketed as salary for his appearance on every episode is not very clear, however, some reports claim his net worth is made up of the money he raked in from working on the show.

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According to estimates from various sources, Evan Peters’ net worth is now valued at about $4 million. This goes to show he was handsomely paid for his work on American Horror Story.

The Actor Had a Whirlwind Romance With Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters at the 23rd annual Critics’ Choice Awards

Evan Peters is not just an actor whose entire life is about making movies and TV series; he is also a lover who has had romantic relationships. The actor made headlines with his romance with American actress, Emma Roberts.

Peters and Roberts first met in 2012 on the set of their movie, Adult World. Emma Roberts confessed that she had a crush on Peters while they filming the movie. Eventually, after the filming, the pair got together and began to date.

The lovebirds did not hide their relationship as they were always seen on red carpets and taking public strolls while displaying their affection for each other. However, it was not all rosy because they also had a few altercations. In 2013, while they were staying together at a hotel in Canada, the police had to be invited after Peters and Roberts got into a heated fight. Roberts was even arrested after injuries were found on Peters. She was later released.

This notwithstanding, their love progressed and in March 2014, they announced that they were engaged. Fans were curious about when their marriage would take place. However, in early 2019, they called off the engagement and parted ways.

After Emma Roberts, Halsey Came Along

After he parted ways with Emma Roberts, Evan Peters got into another relationship with Halsey, an American singer, songwriter, and activist.

Evan Peters and Halsey

The lovers got together in 2019 after a friend hooked them up. Before this time, Halsey had always expressed her crush on Peters and has been a huge fan of the actor. When they started dating, the couple was all over each other publicly displaying their affection.

The couple also shared photos of each other on social media and were seen in public on several occasions having a good time. However, in mid-2020, what appeared to be a smooth romance came crashing down. At first, Halsey deleted photos of Evan Robers from her Instagram page, sparking rumors of a breakup. Shortly later, she confirmed that they had been broken up by liking a fan’s tweet mentioning the breakup.

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