What Is Ghana President’s Salary?

Ghana President’s salary is currently pegged at GH¢29,000. The sitting president is regarded as the number one citizen of the Federal Republic of Ghana. According to the country’s constitution, he or she is the Head of State, Head of Government, plus the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ghana. Thus, any holder of that coveted position is expected to be earning the highest salary in the country. This piece will shed light on the amount of income the President of Ghana takes home on a monthly and yearly basis.

What is Ghana President’s Salary?

Ghana President
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The salary structure for the office of Ghana’s President has been reported by several sources and online media who stipulated that the first citizen of the country receives a monthly remuneration of GH¢22,809 which is equivalent to US$4,898. This notion was debunked by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo himself who revealed his monthly income to be GH¢29,000. He made this revelation at the launching ceremony dubbed the “Presidential Pitch”; organized for a business ideas competition.

With the assurance given by the Ghana president, the annual remuneration for the office of the first citizen of Ghana was calculated to be 348,000.

Benefits and Allowances of Ghana President

With that said about the president’s monthly and annual income, it is also important to note that Ghana’s president does not only collect basic salary alone. The country’s number one citizen is also entitled to some juicy benefits and allowances which are provided free of charge. Even after he has left office, an ex-president of the country will continue receiving some of these allowances.

On-hand Cooks/Housekeepers

One of the entitlements of Ghana’s president is on-hand cooks/housekeepers who will handle the chores at the Jubilee House. These staff members take care of the domestic needs of the president and his family.

2. Health Insurance

As the number one citizen in Ghana, the president has access to world-class healthcare facilities whenever it is needed. In fact, this particular benefit is for both the sitting and ex-presidents of Ghana; they enjoy lifetime health insurance. It is the duty of the state to foot the bills for all their health expenses.

3. Protection at All Times

Whoever occupies the position of Ghana’s president gets to enjoy the best protection that the country has to offer. He or she will be entitled to security personnel at all times. Even when the president leaves office at the completion of his tenor, he will have the army, the police, and other assigned state security personnel at his disposal.

4. A Fleet of Armored Vehicles

The armed security detail is just one side of the Ghana President’s security outfit. Both the sitting president and the former ones will be entitled to a fleet of armored vehicles. The automobiles are bullet-proof, ensuring that the president or ex-president remains safe even in the face of a security breach.

The sitting president of Ghana will enjoy transportation services with plush automobiles such as:

  • Limousines
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé (including Ghosts)
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Maybach

Escort Vehicles

  • Bentley
  • Maserati
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Honorary escort (motorcycles)
  • BMW

Air transport services like

  • Airplanes for long-distance travel
  • Dassault Falcon 900 (long-range) – main jet aircraft
  • Embraer Jet 190 (long-range)
  • Helicopters
  • Mil Mi-17

5. A State Funeral

In the case of death, both sitting president and former ones will be buried by the state. Ghana will take full charge of all the expenses. Recently, the government of Ghana created the ‘Asomdwe park’ – a burial ground exclusively reserved for the burial of sitting president and the former ones. Prof John Mills became the first Ghana president to be interred there.

6. A Pretty Pension

Once a sitting president of Ghana completes his tenor and leaves office, the authorities will activate a monthly pension for the outgoing head of government. Below are instances of some pensions being received by some ex-presidents of Ghana;

  • John Mahama retired with a pension of GH¢22,809
  • John Rawlings GH¢15,972 (non-taxable)
  • John Kuffuor GH¢15,972. (non-taxable)

Salary Increment Was Frozen For Article 71 Officeholders

A June 2020 recommendation from the Prof. Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu Emoluments Committee suggested that the Ghana Parliament increase the salary of Ghana’s President from the current GH₵29,899 to GH₵47,277. The same recommendation also advocated for the increase in remuneration for Ministers, Members of Parliament, including all those who came under the umbrella of “Article 71 Officeholders”. The Article 71 Officeholders are;

  • The President
  • The Vice-President
  • The Speaker of Parliament
  • The Chief Justice
  • Justices of the Supreme Court

With that said, we must acknowledge Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s prior decision a month earlier in May when the country’s first citizen announced an impending freeze on salary increment for himself and all other Members of the Executive. This decision of the president was orchestrated by the after-effect of the COVID 19 pandemic that stretched the country’s economy to its limits. He also assured the public sector that the freeze was not applicable to them.

Akufo Addo Refunded the Salary Increase After it Became Effective

From Eugene Arhin, Ghana’s Director of Communications, it was let on that President Akufo-Addo refunded the latest salary increment paid to him. According to the Director, the president noticed that the authorities failed to implement his directive on a freeze on salary increment after he received his accrued income from January to August 2021.

Leading by example, Ghana’s President wrote out a cheque Ghc237,000 covering all the accrued increment and forwarded same to the Pensions Salaries account of the country’s Controller and Accountant General’s Department. Akufo-Addo’s refund was made on the 2nd of September 2021.

Ghana President did not just make his refund alone, the first citizen of the Federal Republic of Ghana directed the Vice President, Members of Executive, deputies, and the likes to do the same. The directive was that they should refund all salary increments that accrued between January to August as they were not entitled to it.

Though Rebecca Akufo-Addo, the First Lady of Ghana was not mentioned on this list, the president’s wife also declined all offers to be paid allowances. A statement that materialized on the 12th July said the First Lady has taken the decision to refund all received allowances from the day her husband resumed office as Ghana’s President to date. This means from January 2017 to date; when calculated, the amount for her expected refund came up to GH¢899,097.84.

Criticisms Followed The Refund From Akufo Addo

Following governor Akufo-Addoh’s refund of his accrued salary increment, some citizens of the country saw it as a plot to gain popularity. According to Oliver Barker-Vormawor of the FixTheCountry pressure group, it is a mere publicity stunt. The FixTheCountry campaigner said that the entire nation was beginning to see the refund in the same context as the immoral salary increase in Guinea that gave rise to its latest coup.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor said he saw nothing to celebrate in the gesture; politicians he said always earn illegal income from the country’s coffers, they only pretend to return it when they are caught red-handed.

Comparison of Ghana President’s Salary With That of Other Country’s Presidents

Compared to the presidents of other African countries, the president of Ghana earns considerable well. However, the value of these presidents’ remuneration heavily depends on the value of their local currency against the dollar in the money market. In some African countries like Nigeria, the value of their currency is very low compared to the dollar, Even Ghana cedis are way higher in comparison.

On the other hand, when placed side by side with the salaries of presidents from advanced countries like the US and the UK, Ghana’s president’s remuneration comes way lower.

Nigerian President’s Salary

After the salary of the President of the Federal of Nigeria was cut by 50%, the sitting president now receives ₦14 million monthly with ₦3,514,705 as basic. The balance is made up of other entitlements such as consistency allowance, hardship allowance, estacode, medical needs, and more.

South African President’s Salary

There were recent recommendations that the annual salary of the South African president be increased from its present R2.99 million to R3.1. This three percent increment will mean an additional R90000 if the recommendation of the commission is accepted.

Egypt President Salary

The annual salary of the Egyptian president was revealed to be $US 63,000 or EGP 500,000.

United States President’s Salary

The current POTUS takes home a total of $400,000 as annual remuneration, including a $50,000 expense account for the payment of his personal expenses like dry cleaning and food. Other allowances are a $100,000 non-taxable travel account, $19,000 for all official presidential receptions, $100,000 to redecorate the White House, free healthcare, free transportation on air and land, and other upkeep including cooks maids, groundskeepers, and valets.

United Kingdom Prime Minister’s Salary

The salary of the PM of the United Kingdom is said to be £129,203 per year, including £89,203 / yr base pay and £40,000 / yr for allowances.

Canadian Prime Minister’s Salary

As of 2021, the president of Canada takes home a total of $371,600 as an annual salary.


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