What is Hulk Hogan’s Net Worth Since His Retirement From WWE?

Hulk Hogan is an American retired professional wrestler whose post-wrestling net worth is estimated at $25 million.

Hulk Hogan has been described as one of the greatest and most charismatic wrestlers of all time, and the reason is not farfetched. The Florida native won numerous championships and set several records during his illustrious career.

He also played a pivotal part in popularising the WWE and professional wrestling, thanks to his Hulkamania which captivated fans in the ’80s. Although Hogan has since retired, his legacies remain evergreen. So, what has Hulk Hogan been up to since retirement and what is his present net worth? All these and more questions are answered below.

What is Hulk Hogan’s Net Worth Since His Retirement?

Hulk Hogan has amassed a whopping net worth $25 million. This stems from his post-retirement WWE activities, his flourishing media career as well as the several business ventures that he has embarked on. Hulk Hogan officially retired from pro wrestling in 2012 but he remains an active participant in the WWE universe. The Hall of Famer has made multiple appearances on Impact Wrestling.

He has also hosted several WWE events, including Wrestlemania XXX in March 2014, as well as shows on the WWE Network. Hogan has also returned to some active wrestling with a 5-on-5 tag team showdown against a fellow legend, Ric Flair, at WWE Crown Jewel. The indefatigable wrestler is now eyeing a possible return to Wrestlemania 36 and hopes to take on WWE boss, Vince McMahon. The two previously clashed at Wrestlemania 19 and Hogan triumphed over an obstinate McMahon. Asides wrestling, Hogan has also made bank through the following ways:

Business Ventures

Hogan has initiated several business ventures with varying degrees of success. The former wrestler has delved into the food industry establishing restaurants such as Pastamania (Bloomington, Minnesota), Hogan’s Beach (Tampa Bay), and Hogan’s Hangout (Clearwater Beach). He has also unveiled his own energy drink, known as Hogan Energy, as well as a line of microwavable foods known as Hulkster Burgers.

Hulkster Burgers includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and chicken sandwiches, and are sold at chain stores. Hulk Hogan also has a nutrition website known as Hogan Nutrition. Launched in February 2011, the website features thousands of nutritional products from top brands. They include vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition, diet, performance, skin and body care, muscle builders and accessory products.

Video Games

Hulk Hogan’s net worth has been greatly enhanced by his multiple forays into the video game industry. Apart from featuring in the legion of games churned out by the WWE, The Hulk has also released his own video games including Hulk Hogan Main Event, Hulk Hogan Hulkamania and Hulkamania Wrestling.

Hulkamania Wrestling is a joint venture with a mobile phone video game manufacturer, Gameloft. The game is distributed on various cell phones and allows users to compete as eight different wrestlers including Hogan himself. Users can also perform different wrestling styles in order to defeat their opponents.

Hulk Hogan Net worth
Hogan facing off against Ric Flair on WWE Raw image source

Movies and TV Shows

Hulk Hogan has further boosted his net worth through his thriving Hollywood career. The wrestler has featured in several movies and TV Shows. Some of these include Goldie and the Bears, No Holds Barred, The A-Team, Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, Thunder in Paradise, and The Secret Agent Club. Others are Baywatch, Spy Hard, Santa with Muscles, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain, Muppets from Space, Walker, Texas Range, American Dad!, and Rocky III.

Rocky III is the third installment in the Rocky franchise. In this 1982 film, Rocky is now a rich and famous world heavyweight champion. This makes him lazy and overconfident but he is forced to sit up after a series of personal misfortunes. Rocky III featured the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers while Hogan fittingly portrayed a world wrestling champion named Thunderlips.


Hulk Hogan’s net worth has also benefitted from a lawsuit. In October 2012, Gawker Media published a 2-minute explicit video of the wrestler having sex with a lady named Heather Clem. Clem happened to be the wife of Hogan’s very good friend, as well as a frequent collaborator, Bubba Clem.

The video caused a major scandal and Hogan sued Gawker for an invasion of privacy. He alleged that they had infringed his personality rights and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on him.

He, therefore, asked the courts for $100 million in damages. The matter lasted for four years and Gawker Media was found liable in March 2016. The media house was ordered to pay a total of $140 million in damages. Gawker filed for bankruptcy and eventually paid Hogan the sum of $31 million in November 2016. Through this settlement, as well as the other aforementioned ventures, Hulk Hogan has been able to achieve a net worth of $25 million.

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