What Is Joe Manganiello’s Net Worth Since He Married Sofia Vergara?

In recent times, we have witnessed so many performers who have accumulated tremendous wealth through their different careers in the world of show biz. A headcount of these A listed veterans of the entertainment world will not be concluded without giving a mention to Joe Manganiello the popular Hollywood actor known for his role in True Blood. Besides, the entertainer is the husband of one of the highest-paid actresses of our time. This article is poised to X-ray Joe Manganiello’s net worth, especially since he exchanged marriage vows with Sofia Vergara.

Joe Manganiello’s Net Worth Since His Marriage to Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello’s net worth since his nuptials with actress Sofia Vergara was last estimated at $16 million which is a culmination of all the actor’s earnings through his over 20-year-long contribution in the entertainment industry. He was part of the cast of the 2017 action film titled Justice League which grossed over $614.7 million at the box office. The movie star has also recorded tremendous success as a screenwriter, director, and producer in the movie world. His wealth still encompasses the income he garnered from several brand endorsements, events, and public appearances in the shows.

The topic of Joe Manganiello’s net worth would not be complete without the mention of his LA California residence where the affluent actor currently lives with his super-rich wife Sofia. The house is an Italian style mansion located in Beverly Hills. It is the last word in luxury spreading over an expanse of 11,400 square feet and comprising seven bedrooms with 11 bathrooms. That is not all; the house still has other luxuries like a bar, a swimming pool, a card room, and a gym center. Joe and his wife purchased it at the cost of over $10.6 million.

Joe Manganiello’s net worth still extends to include his automobiles, which is quite a fleet. The actor’s car collection has taken thousands of dollars both for purchase and maintenance, Joe’s favorite among his fleet is a Cadillac Escalade in black color with a price range that goes from $75,195 to $97, 295. The automobile comes with a destination charge of $1, 295.

Joe Manganiello’s popularity in the world of showbiz has fetched him several other jobs which include his stint in the area of ads and campaign that he has undertaken for some of the top-notch companies in the world. In addition to adverts that involve the selling of goods and services, the professional actor has also worked with Men’s Health magazine as their spokesperson. The publication is based in London, but it is owned and run by Americans.

There was a time he functioned as a roadie for Goldfinger – an American punk band, and is also good friends with John Feldman who functions as a lead vocalist. Joe was able to earn a tidy amount of dollars following the concerts from the band.

His Wife is Quite Wealthy

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello and his wife Sofia Vergara image source

Joe Manganiello’s net worth is obviously buoyed by that of his wife Sofia Vergara whose wealth was last estimated at a whopping $120 million. Sophia is renowned as a Columbian-American model and actress and is reputed to be one of those female entertainers who are considerably wealthier than their spouses.

According to reports from Forbes international, Joe Manganiello’s wife is one of the highest-earning television actresses with handsome annual earnings of $42.5 million. This, she majorly earns from her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the set of Modern Family. In addition, she has undertaken multiple brand endorsements for multi-nationals through which she earns quite a tidy sum. 2012 saw her working alongside popular footballer David Beckham in a commercial for the diet Pepsi. American cosmetic brand, Cover Girl featured her as their cover face.

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Joe Manganiello’s Highest-grossing Films

Manganiello’s name comes under the A-listed actors with his over two-decade-long effort in the world of entertainment. The celebrated actor has been featured in a good number of films with huge success at the box office. Notable among them is Rampage – a sci-fi action film that cast him in the role of Burke. The movie that featured veterans like Naomie Harris and Dwayne Johnson grossed over $426.2 million at the box office.

Spider Man (2002) where he also starred surpassed the record set by Rampage. In the movie which recorded a box office gross of $821.7, Joe Manganiello was featured as Flash Thompson. Justice League also beat Rampage, grossing $614.7 million. He had a voice role in Smurfs: The Lost Village – a 2017 animation movie that grossed $197.1 million.


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