What Is Mr Macaroni’s Net Worth? Tracing the Comedian’s Sources of Income

Mr. Macaroni is a Nigerian comedian, actor, skit maker, and activist whose net worth is between $117,000 and $300,000. He first caught the attention of skit lovers with his Freaky Daddy skits, which soon grew to accommodate other comedians and made him one of Nigeria’s most well-known skit makers.

He has since diversified his earning portfolio to include other aspects of entertainment as a scriptwriter, producer, theater practitioner, and performer. He played a major role in the Nigerian 2020 End Sars campaign, resulting in his arrest. The outcry that followed made his brand even more popular. Here’s a more comprehensive look at how he made his money.

Mr. Macaroni’s Net Worth Is Estimated at ₦48 Million

Mr. Macaroni’s net worth is put between $117,000 to $300,000 (₦48 – ₦123 million), and since he is well known for his comedy skits on YouTube and other social media handles, it is safe to assume that the bulk of his net worth comes from his online skits. Asides from making people happy, Mr. Macaroni also uses these comedy videos to promote several brands. He does adverts/commercials for corporate bodies and brands and these promotions would definitely have fetched him a lot of money as well.

Another way that Mr. Macaroni makes money is from being a content writer. As a content creator himself, he also writes for other comedians involved in his line of work and these efforts would also fetch him some form of royalty and “estacodes” for his creative exploits. It is also worth mentioning that he is first and foremost an actor, and has featured in quite a number of Nollywood movies which would definitely have fetched him some significant income. Mr. Macaroni’s versatility is well admired and all his efforts have contributed generously to his current net worth.

Different Ways Mr. Macaroni’s Net Worth Is Accrued

Mr. Macaroni rose to global fame for his unique blend of comedy shared via different social media platforms. Naturally, this is his forte where he has excelled brilliantly for about 7 years now. He began his social media comedy as a retired school teacher in the early days of 2014, before gradually evolving into the father figure (aka Mr. Freaky Freaky) that he is today. Here are details of his several sources of income:

Mr. Macaroni Has Made A Lot Of Money From His YouTube Channel and Comedy Skits

From all indications, YouTube seems to be his most preferred platform to express his artistry and comedic genius. He joined the platform in 2013 and has more than 100 videos posted on his channels, garnering about 84 million views currently. He has 3 channels on YouTube, namely: Mr. Macaroni with about 450,000 subscribers, Mr. Macaroni TV with 110,000 subscribers, and Macaroni TV with about 7,800 subscribers. Some of his very popular comedy skits on this platform include:

  • Ooin Secondary School with almost 4.5 million views
  • Easter Surprise, with about 1.9 million views
  • Resisting Temptation, with about 1.7 million views
  • Mommy Wa Goes Freaky With Nino B, with 1.6 million views
  • Fire For Fire, with about 1.6 million views
  • Dem Dead. With 1.6 million views
  • Obi Cubana Visits Daddy Wa, with 1.5 million views
  • Deliverance from Freaky Freaky, with about 1 million views

With the number of views he has garnered over the years, his YouTube channel has contributed enormously to Mr. Macaroni’s net worth. It’s worth mentioning that he also uses his other social media handles (apart from YouTube) to promote his works and earn additional revenue. He has more than 2.2 million followers on his Instagram handle, and most of the videos he posts enjoy thousands and millions of views. He also has 2.3 million followers on Facebook and about 760,000 followers on TikTok.

Mr. Macaroni Earns From Endorsing Several Brands

Brand endorsement deals definitely contributed immensely to Mr. Macaroni’s net worth, which has continued to increase year after year. He has in the past few years earned himself endorsement deals from organizations such as 1960 Bet – Nigeria’s supposed #1 betting company. His witty humor has endeared him to an organization called Farm Funds Africa, which unveiled him as their brand ambassador in a very private ceremony, where the dotted lines of the contract were signed.

He mentioned that as a result of his involvement in the #OccupyLekkiTollgate protest of February 2021 – which led to his arrest by the police alongside other protesters, he lost a very juicy corporate endorsement deal because the unnamed brand in question didn’t want to be seen as antagonizing the government. According to him, he was already on location with his crew filming the advert for the company before it was canceled. This has not deterred him in any way as he believes he still has a very bright career ahead of him, which should bring him more endorsement deals.

Mr. Macaroni Also Does Adverts For Companies

Apart from the earnings from social media platforms and endorsement deals, Mr. Macaroni’s Net Worth has also been substantially boosted by the fact that he uses his comedy skits to advertise and promote several corporate brands while entertaining his viewers. Some of the brands he has advertised and promoted over the years include Gulder, Dano Milk, Heirs Insurance, Chiji14xchange (FOREX trading platform), V Bank, BuyPower.ng, Hypo bleach, MTN Cream Platform, MoMo payment platform, DSTV packages, Villa Picasso, Verve “Good Life” Promo, 1XBet, OctaFX (online FOREX trading platform), Smash Guard by Autoflicks, and several others.

Mr. Macaroni Also Owns An Entertainment Company

One of the reasons why Mr. Macaroni has been so successful asides from his bountiful talent is because he is a smart businessman. Mr. Macaroni actually owns his own entertainment company. The company specializes in creating media content for the entertainment industry. They also write scripts for movies, advert content writing, promotions, jingles, and other services that are related to the entertainment industry. Owning a company has made a huge impact on his net worth.

Mr. Macaroni’s Real Name Is Debo Adedayo

Mr. Macoroni, also popularly known as “Daddy Wa” in his online comedy skits, was named Debo Adedayo at birth. He was born on May 3, 1993, in Lagos State, Nigeria. Born to a journalist father and an educationist mother, he grew up with 9 siblings – 6 girls and 3 boys in the household. Being the second to the last child in the family, he was and remains a mommy’s boy and was pampered by his mother. He grew up in a God-fearing home, where love for one another and respect for others was inculcated into them right from very tender ages of their lives.

His Interest In Comedy Started At An Early Age

Mr. Macaroni’s origin in comedy can be traced back to his teenage years when he would mimic one of the most charismatic preachers in Nigeria – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He grew up watching the man preach and fell in love with his personality. Young Macaroni would imitate the pastor’s phonetics, unique hand gestures, movements and burst out in boisterous singing just like the man he admires. His play-acting as a kid led to his career in comedy and then theater arts, all of which have contributed significantly to Mr. Macaroni’s net worth over the years.

Ironically, Mr. Macaroni’s early works didn’t instantly become a sensation. Initially, he had just a couple of thousands of views on his comedy skits. Sometime in 2018, he made a comedy skit with popular Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, titled Freaky Meets Spicy and this he said was one skit that immediately increased his followership drastically. Secondly, he stated that popular social media influencer, Tunde Ednut, took interest in his style of comedy and posted several of his skits on his social media handles while asking his followers to follow Mr. Macaroni as well. These two events are what he believes really brought him to prominence and widened his follower-base, and also indirectly increased Mr. Macaroni’s net worth.

He Started His Career As An Actor

Mr. Macaroni has said on several occasions that he sees himself first as an actor and performer before he became a comedian. Moreover, his passion for acting has definitely contributed significantly to Mr. Macaroni’s net worth. As regards his acting career, he has featured in movies and television programs such as Mistresses, Royal Outlaw, Face2Face, House 31, Super Story, and Jenifer’s Diary. He has also been using his social media platforms to promote the most recent film he featured in called Ayinla.

Beyond Comedy And Acting, Mr. Macaroni Has Evolved Into An Activist Which Has Increased His Popularity

The belief of most people in the entertainment industry is that no form of publicity is bad as long as it brings visibility. Asides from his funny online skits, most people would never have heard about Mr. Macaroni today if not for his involvement in several activism projects which has further projected him to the limelight, increasing his net worth. It would be unfair to Debo Adedayo or Mr. Macaroni as he is fondly called if we assume that he went into activism for popularity sake as we have stated that he had a considerable level of following before he became involved in activism.

Moreover, from his teenage years to date, he has always had it in him to be the voice of the voiceless and he is an individual who detests intimidation of any kind. While in college, he really wanted to make sure that all his fellow students were doing well, so he contested for the post of Student Union President and he was elected unanimously. He thereafter used his position to fight for different causes, making the institution a better place for all.

Years after graduation from the university and as he began to gain popularity on social media, he always used the opportunity to speak truth to power against unwholesome policies by the government, influential people in the society, and corruption. Telling the authorities the wholesome truth sometimes comes with negative consequences and Debo has paid for his outspoken nature in different ways. Some of his roles in addressing the germane issues facing Nigerian youths have landed him in trouble.

Mr, Macaroni’s Involvement In The END SARS Movement Increased His Fame

When the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit of the Nigerian Police Force, also known as SARS, decided to abandon its core duties of nipping robbery crimes in the bud, but rather choosing to exploit, kidnap, extort and threaten the lives of young Nigerians – all under the guise of apprehending “Suspected’ scammers, Debo was one of the few Nigerian celebrities who willingly chose to lend his voice to the cry of Nigerian youths against the rouge SARS unit of the Police. He used his platforms to call the government’s attention to the excesses of this police unit. Unfortunately, the government turned deaf ears to the cry of the youths, which unfortunately led to the peaceful nationwide #END SARS protest of September 2020.

Debo spoke truth to power during the time of the protest, sharing his own personal experience with this notorious police unit, as well as amplifying the voice of others who had gone through very terrible experiences with the SARS unit. People who would never take him seriously due to comic videos began to take note of him and pay attention.

He Played An Active Role In The Aftermath Of The Lekki Toll Gate Protests

Another event that has further endeared Mr. Macaroni to many Nigerian youths and increased his fame was his involvement and later arrest alongside other protesters at the Lekki Toll Plaza. After the unfortunate incidents that happened at the venue of the Lekki Toll Gate protest on October 20, 2020, when some Nigerian soldiers were sent to the protest ground to shoot at unarmed, flag-wielding protesters. This action sparked nationwide violent protests and unnecessary destruction of government (and even private) properties – including the Lekki Tollgate Plaza, which was also subsequently shut down by a judicial panel of inquiry that was set up by the government to investigate the atrocities of the Special Anti-Robbery Unit (SARS) brought before it by victims.

Early in February 2021, when the judicial panel granted the operators of the Lekki Toll plaza the leave to repair it, a lot of Nigerians frowned at the idea and planned to stage a protest at the plaza – which has been stained by the blood of innocent civilians. On February 12, when some protesters were arrested in the vicinity of the Lekki Toll Plaza, Mr. Macaroni decided to present himself at the venue to show solidarity.

He was subsequently arrested by the Nigerian Police for committing no crime other than exercising his fundamental rights alongside other protesters. Mr. Macaroni was beaten and senselessly dehumanized by the authorities, but he was released a day later when the clamor for his release (and other protesters) reached the “high heavens”. Looking through the comments section of the recount of his harrowing experience, the outpouring of love towards him was enormous with some encouraging him to vie for the presidential seat in Nigeria that he has their votes.

Many will continue to support him, watch his videos and praise his acts for his several selfless actions as he is now seen as a man who walked his talk and put the interest and welfare of others far above his own safety. This exposure has increased his fan base and fame which has exponentially added more figures to his net worth.



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