What is Nurse’s Salary in South Africa?

A person working as a Nurse in South Africa earns an average salary of R30,00 per month. However, there are different things to put into consideration when calculating the salary of nurses in South Africa.

Depending on some factors such as experience, location, category of nurses, etc., South African nurses’ salaries range from R28,470 (lowest salary) to R583,500 (highest salary), excluding allowances on a monthly basis. In this article, we will be exploring the nurses’ salaries in South Africa based on their different categories.

Nursing Career in South Africa

The nursing profession in South Africa is one that is a lucrative and essential occupation. It is a vital aspect of the healthcare sector, and as such referred to as the ‘heartbeat’ of healthcare. The nurses are the major pillars of the medical fraternity and without them, so many things go wrong.

Without the nurses, doctors get overwhelmed in the hospital, and patients are left unattended on time. Nurses are passionate people who love to see sick ones bounce back to life. They are expected to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which makes them stand out. As a nurse, you’re equally exposed to various workshops, classes, and conferences to improve your skills.

Their pivotal roles make them highly sought after, by both private and public hospitals. This also translates to them being well-paid, depending on the level of their profession and years of experience. If you’re seeking to pursue a career in this noble profession, then you should pay close attention to the different categories in the field, so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

How Much Do Nurses Earn in South Africa?

Nurses in South Africa earn an average salary of R360,000 per annum or R185/hour. If you’re an entry-level nurse, your startup salary is most likely to be R259,875 per year. While as an experienced nurse, you’ll earn R3,332,374 per annum. Below is a comprehensive list of how much nurses in South Africa earn based on their different categories.

Auxiliary Nurse Salary in South Africa

An auxiliary nurse in South Africa earns an average of R294,000 per annum or R151 per hour. An entry-level auxiliary nurse earns R186,000 per annum, while an experienced worker earns up to R456,000 per annum.

Professional Nurse Salary in South Africa

An average professional nurse in South Africa has a take-home of R360,000 per annum or R185 per hour. An entry-level position begins at R270,000 per annum, while an experienced professional takes up to R4,598,712 per annum.

Staff Nurse Salary in South Africa

An average enrolled nurse in South Africa earns about R197,400 per annum or R101 per hour. Entry-level positions are entitled to R157,800 while experienced workers earn R1,944,000 per annum.

Student Nurse Salary in South Africa

Nursing students in South Africa take home a gross salary income of R150,266 per annum or R72 for an hourly rate. They also earn an average bonus of R1,232. A nursing student with 1-3 years’ experience, earns an average of R116,900 while more experienced senior nursing students (8 years and above) earn a gross salary of R179,823.

Military Nurse Salary in South Africa

The average salary of military nurses in South Africa largely depends on some factors such as level of education, rank, experience, and other special certificates acquired by individuals. Nurses in military hospitals are entitled to competitive wages and benefits, coupled with the fact that they are allowed to build crucial skills and receive special training offers. Their average salary in the military hospital include;

  • Registered Nurse (RN): It ranges from R135,000 to R273,000. While on average, it’s R211,086
  • Staff Nurse (SN): Ranges from R128,000 to R287,000 and R216,260 on average.

Registered Nurse Salary in South Africa

An average registered nurse in South Africa earns compensation based on years of experience in the profession. This compensation also includes tips, bonuses, and overtime. Below is a list of their total compensation according to their years of experience.

  • Entry-level registered nurse with less than 1-year experience earns R213,190 based on 58 salaries
  • Early career registered nurse with 1-4 years of experience, earn R239,105 based on 834 salaries
  • Mid-career registered nurse with 5-9 years of experience, earn R254,835 based on 544 salaries
  • Experienced registered nurse with 10-19 years of experience, earn R278,162 based on 405 salaries
  • Late career employees with 20 and above years of experience, earn a total compensation of R309,154

Categories of Nurses in South Africa

The nurses in South Africa are classified into different categories based on their qualifications and work responsibilities from the highest to the lowest. The list below explains better and gives their uniqueness.

Professional/Registered Nurses

Nurses in this category study for a diploma or degree. They undergo 4 years training program, making them registered general nurses. They’re also referred to as midwives used interchangeably with ‘nurse.’ The registered nurses are the highest in the rank, having all other categories under them. They can work in hospitals or medical clinics, and in organizations such as rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities. They majorly work to promote health and wellness.

Enrolled Nurses

Enrolled nurses train for 2 years. They’re also referred to as staff nurses. They assist the registered nurses with their duties and help the nurses in the lower category. Enrolled nurses function under close supervision from the registered nurses. They do not attend to the patient without the supervision of the registered nurses.

Assistant or Auxiliary Nurses

These are the nurses in the lowest category. They complete their nursing training within one year and are majorly saddled with the responsibilities of helping patients with their needs and ensuring they are comfortable.

The Importance of Education and Experience in Nursing

It’s obvious that the educational level and years of experience a nurse attains speak volumes when it comes to nurses’ salaries in South Africa. Therefore, it’s best to aim for the highest level of education possible if you’re passionate about the nursing field and then steadily grow your experience in the field.

This experience can be gotten while working in a particular place over the years or in various places within a space of time. Above all, never forget that this is a service to humanity, always thrive to offer great value.

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