What Is Oskido’s Net Worth and What Does He Spend His Money On?

Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa, popularly known as Oskido, is a South African recording artist, record producer, DJ, and businessman whose net worth is estimated at R30 million.

Most people enter into the world of showbiz due to the passion and the talent they have. They seek to share this talent with the world whilst doing what they love. In the process, they get some benefits and rewards. One such reward is financial, and it is usually not surprising to see recording artists, DJs, and record producers accumulate staggering net worth. It is even better if you are in the entertainment world and can perform all three listed roles, like DJ Oskido, who has amassed a net worth of R30 million in the three decades he has spent in the entertainment industry.

How Wealthy is DJ Oskido?

Oscar Sibongikosi Mdlongwa, popularly known as Oskido or DJ Oskido, has been an active presence in the South African music scene since 1989 when he got the chance to stand in for the regular DJ at a club where he sold sausages; he has since then not looked back.

As a result, Oskido has made a name for himself, widely recognized as one of the pioneer figures of the Kwaito sound in South Africa. He has also been central to the rise of genres like Afro-House and the emergence of newer sounds like Amapiano.

More importantly, a career in the music scene has been richly rewarding for Oskido. Due to his endeavors and hustle, he has become one of the wealthiest musicians in South Africa after amassing a relatively substantial net worth. As of 2020, his net worth stands at over $2 million, which is around 30 million rands. So how did DJ Oskido amass such fortune? What did he do that worked for him?

Oskido Made His Money By Having His Hands in Different Pots

When you are worth $2 million, it is only standard for people to wonder how you amassed such a fortune. After all, it is a considerable amount to most people. However, it is a relatively modest amount for someone of DJ Oskido’s status, considering he has spent over 30 years in the industry.

Overall, 30 million rands is not an amount to turn up your nose at. Not when you are in an industry as fiercely competitive as the music industry is, and it makes you one of the richest DJs and overall musicians in South Africa. His three decades journey has seen DJ Oskido amass his wealth from a variety of sources which are:

Recording Artist

The primary source of DJ Oskido’s net worth has been his work as a recording artist. From remixing already made sounds by adding his flavor to putting out his unique sound, Oskido was destined for the big bucks. He first grew an audience in Johannesburg when he was making his sound in the studio.

However, after releasing his first cassette compilations called Mixmaster and Big Jam, his audience grew to other parts of South Africa. He partnered with Bruce ‘Dope’ Sebitlo under the banner of Brothers of Peace. Together, they recorded and released eight albums from 1994 to 2004. Their discography includes the Kwaito classic, Traffic Cop. Ground-breaking projects like Project A and Zabalaza: Project B were Afro-House pioneers that earned him acclaim and, of course, a lot of money.

The “Zabalaza” title track was a global hit across numerous dance floors after Louie Vega remixed it. Since then, he has released over 15 compilation projects, which has ensured he continues to rake in some serious money. Talk about endurance and durability in the industry.


Despite making great money as a recording artist by releasing compilation projects, DJ Oskido continues to be active with his first love, DJing. He earns fees to perform his art at different shows, events, parties, and even clubs.

As he is a man in demand, it is quite clear that his rates will not be cheap. Celebrity DJs are notoriously harder to get for shows due to their numerous commitments and extremely high rates. So if you see DJ Oskido performing at an event or party, rest assured his bank account is sitting pretty with some serious cash and a boosted net worth.

Record Producer

DJ Oskido also works as a producer. He joint-produced the eight albums he released with Bruce Sebitlo and has gone on to receive production credits for some artists in his label. It is another channel for the multitalented DJ from the North West Province to rake in more funds.

If you want DJ Oskido to produce a record or track of yours, be prepared to part with a significant amount of money to test his commitment and resolve.

Radio Host

DJ Oskido has a radio show called I Believe with Oskido that airs on Metro FM. It airs every Saturday afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm. He gets paid for this show, and it is yet another source of income for him. The added fact that it exposes him to potential clients also makes it a viable revenue source for the entertainer.

Oskido Has Also Been Successful as a Business Man

Entrepreneurship is perhaps one of the most sustainable ways DJ Oskido has devised to increase his net worth. He is an entrepreneur who has managed to open some profitable ventures. One of his most successful businesses has been the music label, Kalawa, co-founded with Christos Katsaitis and Don Laka.

It came into existence in 1992, and it merged with Trompie’s Jazmee in 1995 to become Kalawa Jazmee. This label has been at the forefront of youth culture in South Africa. It has also helped bring forward top acts like Mafikizolo, Winnie Khumalo, Busiswa, DJ Zinhle, Uhuru, and Professor, amongst others.

These top talents have been very successful in their careers, which means Kalawa Jazmee rakes in the money resulting in more money in DJ Oskido’s pockets.

Outside of his label, another company of his, Wally Polly, in 2014, struck a deal with the National University of Science and Technology #’s Technopark to run the Masilela Beer Garden, leased from the Ingwebu Breweries.

A Quick Recap of DJ Oskido’s Leading Sources of Wealth

  1. Released over eight albums, including popular titles like Project A and Zabalaza: Project B
  2. Accomplished DJ with never-ending bookings
  3. Record Producer and Owner, Kalawa
  4. Radio Host, I Believe with Oskido
  5. Owner, Wally Polly

DJ Oskido’s Acquisitions and Lifestyle Show That He is Wealthy

It should come as no surprise that DJ Oskido is a man that enjoys spending his earnings on the finer things of life. When you are rich, your taste automatically increases, and so does your standard of living. A truism for which DJ Oskido is no exception.

Following the entertainer on social media means you can see him show you his life, and it is certainly a life of luxury. So what does DJ Oskido spend the bulk of his money on? They include:

  • Owning a Mercedes S-class and a Bentley
  • Owning a mansion in Carlswald, Midrand, and a beach house.
  • Frequently flying to exotic global destinations

He Owns a Number of Exotic Cars

Oskido Net Worth
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While there is not much known about the kind of cars owned by DJ Oskido, it is evident that he indeed loves himself some beautiful cars. In his possession is the Mercedes S-class and a Bentley.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is the most luxurious in the class series of Mercedes Benz sedans. The starting price of an S-Class is $94,000, and it increases depending on how recent the year is. Bentley, on the other hand, is one of the most luxurious cars in the world, and the Bentley Mulsanne continues to occupy the highest pinnacle of the luxury cars hierarchy with a price of over $300,000.

With both in DJ Oskido’s possession, it seems that he is not afraid to splurge when it comes to getting himself a ride.


When you have a Bentley and a Mercedez Benz S-class, it is only right you have a house that matches their status. DJ Oskido was thinking in this direction when he purchased his mansion in Carlswald, Midrand. It is a luxurious house with a big garden and a swimming pool.

Not content with that, he took to social media to show off his latest purchase, a beach house. Not one to forget the source of his wealth, he made sure to thank the people who booked him well enough to complete the purchase too.

The DJ Loves to Travel

Another way DJ Oskido spends his net worth is traveling the world and enjoying what nature has to offer. His social media is full of pictures of him in different countries having the time of his life. He has traveled to places like Bali, Botswana, and several countries in Europe.

However, he counts Brazil as his favorite destination, remarking that their love and respect for food awed him. When you are as rich as DJ Oskido, you can always drop in quickly in your favorite destinations just for the food.


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