What Is TSC TPAD and How Can One Register or Create an Account?

TSC is an acronym for Teachers Service Commission while TPAD stands for Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development.

The TPAD is a system put in place by Kenya’s TSC to appraise the performance of teachers in order to ensure that they are in line with the standards already laid down by the commission.

To create a TPAD account, a teacher would have to visit the the TSC TPAD website but first, he/she must meet certain requirements.

The need for the TSC TPAD is one that can be neither be overstated nor neglected. It is vital that regardless of whatever profession one finds his or herself doing, there is a mechanism in place to evaluate and review performances from time to time. This helps to ensure that learning and development is a continuous theme.

The teaching profession is not exempted from performance appraisal, especially in Kenya. The Teachers Service Commission decided to put in place a system to appraise teachers working in the education sector, and the process birthed the TSC TPAD system.

What Is The TSC TPAD?

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is the regulatory body for all teachers in Kenya. It continually seeks ways to modernize, uphold, and improve the teaching profession in the country. Regulation 52 of the Teachers Service Commission’s code of regulation allows it to develop an open appraisal system for the teachers under the commission.

This is to ensure the perpetual monitoring and supervision of the performances of the teachers, ensuring the teaching standard at institutional levels does not drop.

In 2016, the Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) was introduced. The TPAD is a performance evaluation mechanism that seeks to assess teachers’ performances in line with the standards already laid down by the commission.

The purpose of the TSC TPAD is to monitor, review, and then improve current teaching standards through a gradual and systematic appraisal system. The end goal is to promote professional development in the teaching profession by consistently evaluating performances and progress.

Objectives of the Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development System

The Teachers Service Commission created the TPAD in 2016 to improve the teaching standard in Kenya. However, other objectives were laid down as well, and they are:

  • To give protection and safety to all learners
  • Analyze the performance gaps that exist in the teaching sector and provide needed professional support to bridge such gaps
  • Deliver unbiased, consistent, and progressive analysis and evaluation of performances
  • Enlighten teachers on their deficiencies and motivate self-improvement
  • Provide quality and world-class education to all learners
  • Maintain a database of cumulated teaching records and performances for usage during deliberations and decision-making sessions.

The original Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development was created in 2016 but was phased just three years later in October 2019. It was done to address some critical missing links, ensure registration was less tedious and give it a more modernized feel. The TSC TPAD system 2 was initiated in October 2019, and it was modelled to follow the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC).

How Does TPAD Work?

The Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is a seemingly easy system but might be difficult for some to assimilate. To begin, the TPAD process has eight steps, namely:

  1. Development of appraisal calendar
  2. Setting targets
  3. Implementation of targets and gathering of evidence
  4. Self-appraisal and standards based on competencies and standards
  5. Appraisal ratings by the appraiser based on gathered evidence
  6. Appraisal rating meeting between the appraiser and the appraised
  7. Identification of teaching gaps between the appraiser and the appraised
  8. Development and implementation of teacher support and performance development

The TPAD processes are guided by the Teachers Service Commission’s (TSC) new teaching standards. The five standards fall under three major categories.

  1. The Instructional Delivery or Teaching: three sub-categories fall under this, namely,
  • Professional knowledge and practice
  • Comprehensive learning environment
  • Teacher professional development

2. Teacher Conduct and Professionalism: its sub-category is,

  • Teacher conduct and professionalism

3. Community Practice: under this falls,

  • Participation in a professional learning community

The TSC TPAD Appraiser and Appraised Procedure and Process

Appraised Appraiser Confirmation
1 A teacher in a primary school Deputy head of the institution or senior teacher Head of the institution
2 A senior teacher in a primary school Deputy head of the institution Head of the institution
3 Deputy head of the institution in a primary school Head of the institution Sub-county director
4 Head of the institution in a primary school Sub-county director County director
5 Teacher, tutor, or lecturer in a post-primary Head of the department or deputy head of the institution Head of the institution
6 Head of the department in a post-primary Deputy head of the institution Head of the institution
7 Deputy head of the institution in a post-primary Head of the institution Sub-county director
8 Head of the institution in a post-primary Sub-county director County director

Who Is Qualified And What Are Their Roles in The TPAD System?

The Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) was primarily created to evaluate and monitor the performances of teachers who are members of the Teachers Service Commission. However, the TPAD system was not designed for just teachers.

Other component members work in the system to make it useful and impactful. In the new TSC TPAD system, the teachers, deputy principals, and principals work as a cohesive unit with each member having its own defined roles.

1. Teachers and their roles – a teacher is expected to do a self-appraisal in the various standards made available by the TSC. He/She will also create the appraisal, and then make the data available online.

2. Deputy Principals and their roles – deputy principals are expected to do the following things in the TPAD system:

  • Update the lesson attendance
  • Register weekly
  • Observing the teachers and heads of departments
  • Appraise the HODs and teachers

3. Principals and their roles – principals are essential in the TPAD system as they serve the following functions:

  • Inducting and activating new teachers on TPAD
  • Remove outgoing teachers
  • Observe and appraise the deputy principal
  • Act as confirmation officer for all the teachers in the school
  • Perpetually observe the appraisal process and provide termly reports

Who Is Eligible And What Requirements Are Needed To Create An Account?

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A teacher working in the education system in Kenya is eligible to register on the TSC TPAD system. The system was created to analyze and evaluate the performance of teachers. Therefore, every teacher is expected to register in the program. However, there are some requirements one must meet before an account can be created. They include:

  1. The new teacher must be a member of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). It means they must have their TSC number readily available.
  2. The new teacher must first be uploaded to the TPAD portal before opening an account. This can be done by three offices, namely – Office of the county or sub-county, office of the headteacher, and the office of the deputy head of teacher.
  3. A working smartphone or computer with a fast internet connection.

How To Create A TPAD Account

After the requirements stipulated above have been met, the teacher can now proceed to create an account. Below is a step by step procedure for opening your TSC TPAD account:

  • Visit the TSC TPAD website by clicking this link https://tpad2.tsc.go.ke/auth/create_account
  • Click login and select the designation that fits you
  • Proceed to fill in your details accurately and thoroughly. Details include TSC number, ID number, phone number, email address, and everything asked.
  • Enter your preferred address and confirm
  • The next step is to enter the subjects you teach
  • Select your highest education level from the options
  • Select the institution you attended
  • Enter your K.S.C.E grade
  • Proceed to submit your information
  • Your account will be successfully created after submission
  • You can now login with your TSC number, ID number, and the password you created during the account opening process
  • You can now begin your appraisal process!

It should be noted that the account opening process has become easier with the new TSC TPAD system. Account openers used to encounter difficulties due to the SMS verification process and the strict security checks in place before. The new TPAD, however, scrapped those processes and made it easier for accounts to be opened.


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