What is VodaBucks, How Does It Work and Did It Replace Vodacom Talking Points?

VodaBucks is the latest reward program from Vodacom in South Africa and from what is obvious, it has some similarities with the Vodacom Talking Points. However, VodaBucks seems to have taken the reward system a notch higher as users not only get points for spending on the network, they also get a pat on the back for achieving some non-spend goals.

According to the Vodacom network, VodaBucks was introduced as a replacement for the Vodacom Talking Points which has run for over 13 years. The network henceforth is advising users to move over to the VodaBucks Rewarding System to start earning, banking, and spending fresh Bucks.

The Meaning of VodaBucks and How it Operates

We cannot explain the meaning of VodaBucks without first talking about its predecessor, Vodacom Talking points, which was Vodacom’s initial reward program. Talking Points was a way of encouraging prepaid users of the network to stay loyal and continue using their services. Users earn one point for every R10 they spend on Vodacom. These points can be utilized in buying reward items such as airtime, tech gadgets, data bundles, and the likes.

VodaBucks is similar to Talking Points in the sense that it is also part of Vodacom’s Reward System. Here, users stand to earn VodaBucks by purchasing Vodacom airtime and data bundles, and by paying bills through the network. The Vodacom app also allows users to set personal goals and such people stand to earn VodaBucks whenever those goals are achieved.

The difference between Talking Points and VodaBucks is that users only get rewarded for spending in Talking Points, but with VodaBucks, the rewards roll in for a good number of reasons, including achieving non spend goals (making use of any Vodacom services – the app is a good example). This is exactly why the VodaBucks Reward Program is considered to be more worthwhile than Vodacom Talking Points.

How Do Users Earn VodaBucks?

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These are the different ways users can earn VodaBucks. They include:

  1. Whenever they achieve their set personal goals
  2. Purchase airtime
  3. Purchase data bundles
  4. Pay bills
  5. Make use of My Vodacom App as many times as possible
  6. Leave SIM in a phone
  7. Watch a video

All these activities unlock more VodaBucks.

When Did VodaBucks Replace Vodacom Talking Points?

Vodacom ran Vodacom Talking Points successfully for 13 years and on the 31st of July 2020, the telecom company decommissioned the program only to replace it with VodaBucks. Those who were enjoying the reward program are advised to join the new VodaBucks reward program.

How to Redeem and Bank Your VodaBucks

Since VodaBucks wipes out every Friday night, users must ensure to redeem what they have accumulated during the week to keep it safe for later spending. The only option is to bank your VodaBucks and Vodacom has introduced two straightforward ways of doing so.

  1. You can instantly bank your VodaBucks by tapping “Bank” on your Vodacom App. This is a simple process that doesn’t even call for the use of data.
  2. Users can also use the USSD Code. In this case, all they need to do is dial *131# and then follow the ensuing prompts.

Conversely, Vodacom Talking Points had more ways of redeeming and banking. They include

  • Via USSD Code *135*7#
  • Via Vodacom mobile app
  • Visiting My Vodacom
  • Via SMS: Sending ‘TP’ to 30150.
  • Using your Vodacom number to call 082135
  • Walk into any Vodacom participating outlet

However, with the advent of VodaBucks, all these methods are no longer in use. Redeeming your points can only be done via the two approved methods listed above.

What Happens to Unbanked VodaBucks?

Things were really different with Vodacom Talking Points when users had a grace period of 18 months to accumulate a lot of points. The ones that you failed to redeem after the expiration of 18 months will then be forfeited. However, VodaBuck’s own grace period spans just one week; from Saturday till 11.59 on Friday night. Once the clock strikes midnight on Friday, all unbanked Bucks will be wiped out. Users wake up to a clean slate every Saturday morning to start accumulation fresh Bucks.

Important to note that users do not need to wait for the Friday night cut-off before banking their VodaBucks as the Bucks can be banked any day, anytime. Never allow your bucks balance to reset to zero to avoid regret, especially if you are targeting to make a purchase from the VodaBucks store.

What If I Forget To Bank My VodaBucks?

Your chances of forgetting to bank your Bucks are very slim as Vodacom always sends out SMS notifications to users. This message comes two times a week – Wednesdays and Friday mornings reminding users to bank their Bucks. So, those who still forget to do the needful after two reminders have no one to blame. Just ensure that you take the notifications seriously when they come as you continue to earn, bank, and spend more VodaBucks.


1. What Is VodaBucks?

VodaBucks is Vodacom’s latest reward system.

2. Will Vodacom Talking Points exist alongside VodaBucks?

No. The Talking Points reward system has been decommissioned and replaced with VodaBucks.

3. What is the Clean-Up Cycle for VodaBucks?

Unlike Talking Points that allowed users to keep their points for 18 months before banking, VodaBucks cleans up weekly, every Friday night.

4. What Happens to my Unbanked Bucks after Clean-Up?

Any unbanked Bucks after Midnight on Friday will be wiped out but the banked VodaBucks will be stored in the user’s Vodacom wallet, ready for spending at the person’s discretion.

5. What Options do I have to Redeem and Bank my VodaBucks?

The VodaBucks reward system only has two options for redeeming and banking

  • By tapping “Bank” on your Vodacom app
  • By dialing *131#

6. What is the Validity Period for VodaBucks after Banking?

After banking, VodaBucks remain valid for the ensuing 12 months and it is up to the owner to spend them on any reward of their choice.

7. What if the Bucks I have in my VodaBucks Wallet is not enough to pay for the item I want?

In case your VodaBucks wallet cannot pay for what you wish to buy from the VodaBucks Store, you have the option of combining the content of your wallet with what you have on your credit card. In the case of data bundle purchases, users can also leverage their airtime balance to complete payment.

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