Who Is Joe Biden’s Wife – Jill Biden And What Does She Do For A Living?

Serving as America’s second lady for two consecutive terms did not make Jill Biden give up her career path as an educationist. She is best known as the spouse of Joe Biden who emerged as the 47th Vice President of the United States alongside the former President of the country, Barack Obama. Jill has always been passionate about teaching, serving at community colleges. By the time her husband assumed the seat of the VP in 2009, she was already a staff of Delaware Technical & Community College where she taught English and Writing. Her husband’s position brought Jill into the White House and she did her best in supporting the US military families. Also, she was involved in several other causes that earned her the admiration of the public.

Who Is Jill Biden?

It’s on record that Jill Biden was born on the 3rd of June 1951; she was named Jill Tracy Jacobs after she was birthed in Hammonton, New Jersey to Donald C. Jacobs and his wife Bonny Jean Jacobs. She hails from a family that’s quite large, comprised of five sisters with her being the oldest.

With a better part of her formative years spent at Willow Grove located in Pennsylvania, Jill became part of the Presbyterian Church in spite of the fact that her family is not religious. Young Jill was very independent as she engaged herself with various mundane jobs like serving tables from age 15.

She finished from Moreland High School located in Montgomery County in 1969 but failed to find satisfaction at a junior college in Pennsylvania where she went for a fashion merchandising course. Her dissatisfaction later landed her at the University of Delaware where she majored in English. Though she had to defer her course for one year in a bid to work with a Wilmington local agency as a fashion model, Jill Biden still made a comeback, graduating in 1975 with a BA.

What Does She Do For A Living?

Jill Biden took off as an English teacher during the later part of 1970, teaching at the high school level. She also put in five months at her spouse’s Senate office but returned to teaching and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in education from West Chester University where she specialized in Reading; this was in 1981.

The wife of Joe Biden taught emotionally disturbed students, she was at the Rockford Center psychiatric hospital during the 1980s for five years teaching under its adolescent program. Jill joined Villanova University to earn her next Master’s degree in English. By 1988, she had already put in 13 years as an educationist in public schools.

For the next 15 years that followed, Jill Biden was at Delaware Technical & Community College of Stanton/Wilmington campus, teaching Remedial Writing and English Composition. Soon, the Biden Breast Health Initiative came into existence through her personal effort, providing the Delaware community with instructive breast health consciousness programs.

Jill returned to the University of Delaware to finish her Ph.D., publishing her dissertation in 2006. She eventually bagged a Doctor of Education degree, majoring in educational leadership.

Jill Biden As The US Second Lady

Jill Biden
Jill Biden and her husband Joe Biden: image source

Jill took an active part in her spouse’s campaigns after he was picked as the running mate for Barack Obama, assuming office as the second lady of the US following their victory in 2009. Even with her exalted position as the wife of the Vice president, Jill continued with her teaching job at colleges around Washington. By January 2009, Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria campus) appointed her an adjunct professor.

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Jill Biden had eight staff working with her as the US Second Lady. She used the position to create awareness regarding the value of community colleges. She also raised awareness on matters related to military families when she made an appearance in a single episode of Lifetime’s Army Wives. Alongside the then-first lady Michelle Obama, Jill co-founded Joining Forces, a national initiative meant to showcase the needs of military families. By 2011, Jill had earned a full-time job at Northern Virginia Community College.

She retained her position after Obama and her spouse won their second bid. Jill was steadfast in her support of military personnel and she never gave up her position at NOVA as a full-time teacher. From what is obvious, Jill loves her profession a great deal.


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