What To Know About Sarah Langa’s Marriage and Divorce From Husband Jehan Mackay

Marriage can be a beautiful thing and for a couple of years, it was beauty shared between Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay. Sarah, a renowned South African model and social media influencer was married to Jehan Mackay, a multimillionaire based in Johannesburg, for about three years.

Their marriage came to an unceremonious end in early 2020 – an occurrence which was met by a feeling of disappointment from many fans. Regardless, both parties have found an amicable end to their love story, which began through a close friend’s serendipitous action.

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay Met via a Close Family Friend

If you ask Sarah for her ideal man, qualities like outgoing and significantly older will not make the list. Yet, an introduction by a close family friend forced her to reevaluate her preferences. The exact circumstance remains undetermined, but according to Sarah Langa, she met the CEO of one of South Africa’s largest tech companies through a friend. Jehan is the CEO of EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd, a leading IT service management company based in South Africa.

It was an unbelievable meet. Sarah always presumed someone of Mackay’s stature would end up with a woman with a similar profile, but fate had other plans. Whatever differences their age presented, the two of them were able to forge an understanding, and consequently, a relationship because Jehan was ‘quite young at heart.’

Jehan was also the quiet and reserved man she would generally go for. So, it helped blend whatever generational difference between them. As described by Sarah, behind his reserved nature was an attractive personality she fell for.

They Got Married in an Elaborate Multicultural Ceremony in December 2016

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay
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Once the couple got into their groove, things accelerated. In February 2016, Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay announced their engagement to joy and celebration of fans. With a ring on her finger, the couple swooped into wedding mode, resulting in an elegant ceremony in December 2016.

The couple had a multicultural wedding ceremony that incorporated their respective upbringing. Sarah had a Swati Zulu and Christian upbringing, while Mackay is from Kimberly and grew up in the Muslim faith. True to their relationship’s foundations, they ironed out the differences and had a Nikah (Islamic) and Lobola ceremony.

Neither ceremonies were devoid of the luxury and wealth associated with the couple. The model/social media influencer wore several designer gowns in each event. Tuelo Nguyuza made her Swati attire. She also wore two couture dresses and a white wedding gown, designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee.

The wedding ceremony itself happened at the uber-stylish Munro Hotel, overlooking the world’s largest urban forest and the Johannesburg skyline. The Marble-themed event has several custom-made design elements, including decorative pieces at the cocktail bar, customized lampshades, personalized napkins, and a photo booth. Unfortunately, the joy and wealth that defined their wedding day were not enough to get them all the way.

Jehan Mackay Separated from Sarah Langa Over Her Social Media Career

In public, it appeared things were looking great for the couple before and after the wedding. Sarah notably shared several posts declaring her affection for Jehan on Instagram. From the outside, everything seemed to be going well. Sadly, that proved to be an illusion.

Social media influencing is a prominent part of her professional life. Sadly, it turned out to be incompatible with the vision Jehan had for his family life. As part of her job, sharing events and ongoings in her life are necessities, and Jehan was not comfortable with the fact.

Jehan called a family meeting to reconcile this difference, hoping influential members would find a peaceful resolution. Unfortunately, it proved ineffective. Following their wedding in December 2016, Jehan Mackay separated from the model in September 2019 and moved out of their marital home in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Three months later, in December 2019, Sarah Langa also moved out, ensuring there was no way back for the couple. In January 2020, the couple took their impending breakup to court and began finalizing their divorce. Throughout the process, however, the couple, especially Sarah, remained silent on the issue.

Sarah Received 2.8 Million Rands As Divorce Settlement

Based on the reported reason for the divorce, one might have expected an ugly affair. Surprisingly, that has not been the case, as Sarah and Jehan have kept things as amicable as possible. Possibly because they share no children, and Sarah reportedly walked away with 2.8 million rands.

According to local reports, Jehan Mackay and Sarah Langa settled their marriage with the massive sum as part of efforts to keep their divorce as quick and painless as possible. Sarah was reportedly expected to walk away with 3 million rands but only received 2.8 million due to the duration of the union.

The Social Media Influencer May Have Found Love Again with DJ Black Coffee

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay
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With her marriage to Jehan Mackay over, both parties have been free to return to their preferred lifestyle. Sarah has continued her career as a social media influencer, with thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter while Jehan has gone back to maintaining his privacy.

But that is not the only thing that has changed post-divorce. Sarah may also have found another chance at love with international South Africa-born entertainer, DJ Black Coffee. Like Langa, the award-winning DJ is also a divorcee. He recently ended his marriage to actress Mbali Mlotshwa.

Neither Sarah nor Black Coffee has confirmed the rumored relationship so far. However, they have been spotted being intimate in Cape Town, and a source close to Black Coffee admitted they hooked up earlier in the year. However, as the rumor intensified in November 2020, Sarah denied the affair. She claimed while they know each other because they work in the same industry, their relationship is not romantic.

She Dated Redaric Williams Briefly

Before she and Black Coffee became embroiled in the rumors, Sarah had a brief affair with Young and Restless actor Redaric Williams. Their relationship began shortly after Sarah Langa’s divorce from Jehan Mackay hit the airwaves in March 2020.

Unlike her rumored affair with the DJ, Sarah alluded, if not confirm, their relationship. She posted a photo of Redaric on Instagram shortly after the divorce announcement. The actor replied to the post ‘Love you to the moon and back’ A sentiment the model equally returned.

Since that public exchange, there has been little insight into the current state of their relationship. Thus, it is currently unknown if the social media influencer is in a relationship or single.

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