What To Know About StarTimes Ghana Live TV Guide and Other Things You Can Do On The App

Every major satellite TV Service has drifted or is gradually drifting from just being on TV to including streaming services in its menu. It is in a bid to join this that StarTimes introduced what is now known as the StarTimes Ghana Live TV for its streaming purpose. Thanks to this, there are a lot of things that one can easily do including watching live programs, streaming shows, and managing other things.

As the competition is now tough with others like GOTV trying to get a space, StarTimes believes this service will give them an edge. It can be accessed through the satellite’s app, StarTimes ON app which is available for various devices on app stores for free downloads.

What is StarTimes Ghana Live TV?

As stated, the StarTimes Ghana Live TV is a streaming service that is available to subscribers of StarTimes Ghana and also non-subscribers to enable them access live programs such as sports, as well as interesting shows, news, and various other things.

You can access this service through the StarTimes ON App which is available for free download on your devices which could be either on Google Play Store for Android users or on Apple Store for iPhone users.

StarTimes Ghana Live TV

One important thing to know about the app is that with StarTimes available in different other parts of Africa, you can only download a general app that is created to also be used by different countries. Nonetheless, in the Installation process, you may have to select your country so that you can access the programs tailored to your needs.

How To Download And Install The StarTimes ON App

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Before you can get to enjoy the StarTimes Ghana Live TV services, you will need to have the app with which you can have all your necessary programs to be accessed on your handheld devices which could be mobile phones or even tablets. Here are the processes to follow in downloading the app:

  • Depending on the Operating system of the device you are using; Android or iPhone, head to your respective stores- Apple Store or Google Play Store respectively.
  • Search for the StarTimes On App
  • Tap on the Download/Install button.
  • Once this is done, you can go ahead and configure it to meet the things you require.
  • You will also need to put in your details.


Just as it is with streaming video content on any other platform, it is important to know that for this to function properly, you will need to have enough available internet data and also good connectivity. More so, the network configurations of your device will determine how smooth your streaming will be. A 4G connection is sure to give better connectivity than a 3G connection.

There Are Other Things You Can Do With The StarTimes Ghana App

It will not be out of place to say that the app is designed for StarTimes Ghana Live TV streaming, but it will only be limiting its functionalities. Although it is now becoming much harder, you do not need to be a StarTime subscriber or have the decoder before you can make use of the service.

Beyond streaming and accessing Video on Demand content, here are other important things that you can do with the StarTimes On App:

1. Subscribe And Manage Your Account

Probably one of the most important functions of the StarTimes ON App is that you can use it to make subscriptions as well as to manage your account in the comfort of your home without having to visit any store.

The payment options available are made to be convenient as one can decide to pay either monthly or weekly. For those who want to only pay when they have things to watch, there is also the daily option of payment. According to StarTimes Ghana, the streaming service will reduce the cost of data consumption by up to 40 percent.

2. You Can Use It As A Guide

What has come to also join among the most important functions of the app for a lot of people is that it can be used to follow different program schedules on your Satellite. With it, you can check to know what programs are airing at what time and on what channel.

3. Change your Bouquet

Using the self-service option of the app, one can easily change one’s plan either to take it to a higher bouquet or to a lower one. With that said, this might not be as smooth as it ought to be, but it still works just fine. Judging by the reviews of users of the app on Google Play Store, the self-service option might probably be one of the few things that are a little problematic some times. The good point of the self-service function is that it is important whether you are using the decoder or only the app as it is designed for multiple uses.

In addition to this, it is easy using the app to also check your balance and keep up with payment schedule and other such things.

4. Access Free Shows via the StarTimes Ghana Live TV

Yes, when you are signed to the app, you will be able to access a number of programs to watch for free on the StarTimes Ghana Live TV. In total, there are up to 150 available on the streaming service, and of these, 140 are limited free. There are also some interesting football matches that you can access.

The shows you are able to access all depend on the type of subscription you have. There are more options for someone who is on the VIP plan. They get more channels including some sports channels that others might not have. Note, however, that to be on the VIP plan, you will have to pay a little higher, which has become a big problem for a lot of people since the best programs have been reserved for this plan.

5. You can also download programs to watch

If because of tight schedule or other things you may not be available to watch certain shows, or you prefer to watch them in your free time, you can download such using the app. Note, however, that these programs which are saved on the downloads of the app only remain there for a while before they are deleted.

How To Get Support For Issues With StarTimes Ghana

With the app, there are no known general problems as different individuals seem to have their unique problems. When you experience issues such as failure of the app to respond or slow processes, the most probable cause is that the app is out of date. What you might need to do is to update it by going to the app store and simply tap on the update button.

For other issues faced which might be as regards payment, upgrading issues, or anything similar, here are ways that you can get support:

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