Whatsapp In Zimbabwe Has Been Shut Down

Whatsapp in Zimbabwe has been blocked.

Zimbabweans have blamed it on the government while the Zimbabwean government in turn blamed it on the Whatsapp service.

Whatsapp in Zimbabwe got temporarily shut down in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

By 7 am on Wednesday morning, only Zimbabweans using a WiFi connection could send and receive messages on Whatsapp. Even Saud people were not exempt from the total Whatsapp blockade a few hours later.

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Zimbabweans blamed the government for shutting down Whatsapp due to the government having blamed the service for inciting protests. However, the Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira denied such allegations.

The Minister stated that the Zimbabwean government had no reason whatsoever to shut down the service. He stated that the Zimbabwean government was actually resisting demands to ban media services such as Whatsapp.

“I as minister and on behalf of the government have resisted these demands because we see their value to Zimbabweans. So there is no basis that I as minister or government will work up to ban them when we are on the forefront of denying the request by operators,” he said.

The Minister also added that the government cannot ban the services to punish a few who abuse the app’s services.

“We know there are elements, very few of them, who abuse the platform but they must not be allowed to spoil its very good use by the majority of citizens,” he said.

Zimbabweans have resorted to using tiger social media platforms to voice their complaints.

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The temporary ban on Whatsapp in Zimbabwe comes ahead of a plan to shut down Zimbabwe by protesters who are affected by the mismanagement of the Zimbabwean government.

Some of these include the inability if the Zimbabwean government to pay government workers their salaries, corrupt road blocks by the Zim police, economic failure, ban on favoured imports among others.