Whatsapp updates its messaging platform quite a lot. Still, users will swear by the messaging app and how it enables easy and cheap communication.

With the end-to-end encryption that the service introduced this year, you can also be sure that your messages stay only between you and the recipient that it was intended for.

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The Facebook-owned Whatsapp is however still evolving and is currently testing out a beta version with two new features.

Whatsapp is evolving into a feature-filled messaging service and as such, the latest additions in terms of functionality which are being rolled out in the beta version include a brand new voicemail feature and the ability to use monospace text formatting.


The new voicemail feature and call-back support will allow anyone who uses Whatsapp to call, to quickly call back or record and send a voice message, on the off chance that the recipient misses the call or declines it.

The ability to send voice messages is of course not a new-fangled one, but by integrating it with the apps calling interface, WhatsApp is bringing the app closer to the way a conventional phone call works.

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As mentioned above, Whatsapp will also be adding a new text formatting option- monospace text. The trick to activate it will be to add three accent symbols (`) before the text.

This will mean that the monospace text option will join; bold, italic, and strikethrough in the brief array of formatting options offered by WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp beta program is being hosted in the Play Store, and you can join it from here. Whether or not you are excited by these new features, one thing is for sure; you should be ready for another Whatsapp update soon enough.