Where Is Boriska Kipriyanovich Now After He Claimed To Be An Alien From Mars

Before the war started and all life on the planet was obliterated, Boriska Kipriyanovich says he resided on Mars. He believes that on Earth he was reborn. Due to his advanced learning abilities and comprehensive Mars tales, he has attracted attention from both alien conspiracists and physicians.

Boriska’s claim about being a Martian was taken with a pinch of salt, but he made some startling claims. Specifically, he mentioned the Martian’s deep relationship with Ancient Egypt and made mention of a mechanism behind the Great Sphinx of Giza’s ear that would unlock the monument and change life on Earth. Bizarrely, a deep sensory Sphinx scan showed something unusual behind the ear, ten years after his assertion.

Another claim was a prediction of a massive flood that would happen in Russia in 2012. The flood actually came in Southern Russia on the 8th of July, 2012 and claimed the lives of 171 people. Academics characterized him as an introverted young man with an intelligence which is above average. Boriska Kipriyanovich has baffled professionals around the world, including astronomers, with his impressive awareness of planetary systems.

Where is Boriska Kipriyanovich now?

Boriska Kipriyanovich is said to have disappeared along with his mother and several attempts by journalists to track him down have failed. One journalist had been informed by one of Russia’s associates that Boriska is now in a remote village under the protection of the Russian Government and any attempt to reach him would be futile.

Several psychics have claimed that they have been able to communicate with Boriska Kipriyanovich through their minds and that they have been replied by Boriska with a similar saying that he is in a remote place with his mother but he is doing okay and that the Russian Government has something to do with it.

Who Is the Man That Claims to Be an Alien?

Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in the town of Volzhsky in 1996 and lived in Volgograd. Boriska’s high intelligence and fixation with space was something even his mother could not explain. While other kids were fixated on toys or their parent’s undying devotion, Boriska was homing in on Mars, figuratively of course. His mother, a doctor, publicly claimed that Boriska was an intellectual kid, arguing that he could raise his head without assistance within two weeks of birth, and he could draw, read, and write even faster than other kids.

Throughout his early childhood, Boriska Kipriyanovich’s father was unavailable. However, it didn’t really matter to the precocious young child. He was already discovering and learning Earth and all its unique customs and traditions. It’s unclear how much of space science he studied in his childhood. It was quick to see how talented he was. As Boris clocked two, he began to draw images, which at first seemed abstract. These were mixtures of blue and purple colors. As researchers looked at the sketches, they decided that the child was likely trying to draw the auras of people he could see around.

Gennady Belimov, a university professor in the Volgograd region of Russia, reportedly saw Boris, who was only seven years old at the time, captivate an older crowd on a camping trip. In 2008, because he was the subject of the movie Boriska: Indigo Boy from Mars, he attracted the attention of mainstream conspiracy theorists and New Age adherents. He was just 11 years old at the time.

Boriska claimed that Mars was nearly destroyed by a nuclear war, but that civilization remains on the red planet. The ‘war’ purportedly took place at the same time that ‘Lemurian’ civilization was on Earth. Lemuria is supposedly a sunken continent civilization in the Indian Ocean. Boriska Kipriyanovich has overtime given different descriptions of the construction of spaceships and propulsion systems. He also says that there is a strong connection between ancient Egyptian and the Martian civilization.

Did He Make Another Claim?

Boriska Kipriyanovich claims that he isn’t the only kid on Earth from outer space, stating that others like him have been sent here on a specific task to save mankind from nuclear Armageddon. He says that they are all incarnations and that they are called “Indigo Children.” Boriska mentions that the Indigo Children have superhuman abilities and survived the Martian nuclear wars. He also claimed that people on Mars were more than two meters in height, ceased aging at 35 and could breathe carbon dioxide.

People who have met, studied, and worked with Indigo Children say that these individuals differ much from average children and some scientists maintain that these remarkable children have a special mission to change our planet.

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