Where is Morocco

Where is Morocco? Is it an African or an Arab country? Such are the questions that have probably crossed your mind.

Morocco is a northern African country which takes its name from its location. Situated in the Maghreb region, Morocco in the Arabic language is called ‘Al Maghrib’ which means ‘Land of Sunset’.

Officially, it is called the Kingdom of Morocco (Al Mamlaka al-Maghrebiya). Morocco is one of the 2 African countries that run a Monarchical government. Swaziland operates suit.

The Moroccan Constitution provides for a monarchy with a Parliament and an independent judiciary.

Mohammed VI of Morocco became monarch in 1999 after the death of his father the King Hassan II.

where is morocco

Morocco shares land borders with Spain, Algeria and Mauritania.

According to geographical records, Morocco’s internationally recognized borders lie between latitudes 27° and 36°N, and longitudes 1° and 14°W.

For a country as resplendently beautiful as Morocco, Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Morocco’s economy. In 2013, Morocco attracted more than 10 million tourists. The government wants to hit a 20 million  mark by 2020.

Morocco is prominent for her economy. It is the fifth largest economy in Africa.

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Where Is Morocco

Best described as a multi-cultural haven, Morocco is a tourist adventure.

The rich cultural heritage is courtesy of their ancient contacts with Berber, Arab, African and European cultures. This multi-cultural contacts till date reflects in the largely liberal atmosphere of the country.

The Language in Morocco is known as Darija. The dialect is strongly influenced by Berber, French, and Spanish languages.

Moroccans have a conspicuous Arabic/Berber heritage; likewise they have a blend of the Roman and Islamic heritage.

Visitors have described the natural and human endowments of the African country as impressive and interesting. Despite the rise of Islamic extremism, it remains one of the most stable and peaceful countries in Africa.

As an officially recognized Islamic nation, the biggest event on the Moroccan calendar is the month of Ramadan. However, other religions like Christianity and Judaism are existent in the country.

Where Is Morocco

The country’s climatic conditions depends on a particular location.

Morocco’s Mediterranean zones are usually hot and dry during summer; while winters are generally mild and wet.

The annual precipitation of Morocco’s Sub-Mediterranean regions like  Rabat, Casablanca, Kénitra, Salé and Essaouira varies from 400 to 700 mm.

According to Wikipedia, the northwestern parts of the country receive between 500 mm and 1200 mm, while the northeastern parts receive between 350 and 600 mm. North Central Morocco receives between 700 mm and up to 3500 mm.

Morocco is strategically positioned on two oceans- the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

In the colonial era, the feat made it one of the most sought-after protectorates. Morocco in the 19th century, expanded by population as it became a major supplier of wool to the booming British textile industry. The shipping traffic was increased as well.

Where Is Morocco

The North-west African country boasts of incredible eclectic culture, landscapes, beaches, architectural patterns and designs. The beaches and fun desert activities serve as attractions for Europeans.

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Where is Morocco

Tourists who patronize Morocco are mostly from Europe and Spain. The Moroccan population contains about 500,000 Europeans from both countries. Morocco is about 9 miles from Spain.

Stepping up to latest technology, Morocco has activated the world’s largest solar power plant in the Sahara desert, near the city of Ouarzazate.

According to Climate Investment Funds (CIF), the plant is capable of powering over one million homes by 2018 and will also reduce carbon emissions by 760,000 tons per year.

Morocco’s city capital is Rabat- located on the Atlantic Ocean near river Bou Regreg. Rabat was included in CNN’s 2013 Top Travel Destinations with the Medina of Rabat listed as a World Heritage Site.

Rabat houses Morocco’s finest archaeological collections.

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest and most vibrant commercial city. Casablanca’s port played a significant role during World War II.

Agriculture, Industries and services form the bedrock of Morocco’s stable economy. While Agriculture employs about 40% of the population; the industrial sector rakes in about 31% of the nation’s GDP.

Where Is Morocco

Services often from tourism contributes an impressive 51.4% to the GDP. Moroccan tourism brings over 10 million tourists each year. Tourists top attractions are monumental structures like the Royal Palace, Mohamed V University, Moroccan arts, Museums amongst others.