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Following the sexual assault allegations leveled against him, many accused Russell Simons of trying to run away from facing the consequences of his actions, Simmons responded that he was only on an extended sabbatical in Indonesia where he went to seek spiritual enlightenment. However, one of the ladies who brought accusations of sexual assault on him believes that the ex-spouse of Kimora Lee deliberately chose a country without any extradition treaty with the United States of America as his hideout to in a bid to avoid prosecution.

An informative document obtained by a media outfit named The Blast said that Jane Doe has an ongoing legal battle with Russell Simmons after she leveled accusations of rape on him, which she claimed happened in 1988. On his part, the entertainment mogul has been making every effort to have the case thrown out as a result of unsubstantiated allegations. Besides, he also maintains that the lawsuit was only filed after the expiration of the statute of limitations. On the other hand, Doe is of the belief that her case is a legitimate one, reiterating the fact that Simmons’ choice of Indonesia as his hideout is an overt attempt to protect himself from what awaits him from the lawsuit. Simmons who is in his sixties is one of the top entertainment moguls of our time and is best known as the co-founder of Def Jam Records.

Where is Russell Simmons Now?

In the midst of allegations of rape and sexual misconduct, the Def Jam Records boss has been spending extended time in Bali, a province devoid of any extradition treaty with the US, The Hollywood Reporter said.

In addition, Russell Simmons is in the process of selling off his New York and Los Angeles real estate holdings, as well as closed down his West Hollywood yoga studio, THR said. One of the hip-hop mogul’s representatives told THR that Simmons is still visibly based in the United States, but is simply indulging in more travels recently. However, it was only during the recent past years that the boss of Def Jam Records divested himself of several of his active United States business interests, in a bid to have more time to focus on things like spiritual practice as well as serving his community. Part of his journey includes extensive travels to several spiritual destinations worldwide, though he has continued to maintain some level of active family presence and dwelling in the United States.

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In December of 2017, after numerous allegations were made against the entertainment mogul, the police department in New York commenced a criminal investigation. A couple of ladies including Sherri Hines, an ex-member of the hip hop group known as Mercedes Ladies later filed police reports pointing accusing fingers at Simmons for rape. Additional reports still came, revealing that more than 10 women are currently accusing him of the same offense.

In his statement released in January 2018, Russell Simmons was quick to deny all the allegations, according to him; he was shocked to his core by such accusations, and thus vehemently repudiated each one of them. The entertainment boss went on to state that he is a blessed man to have enjoyed some extraordinary relationships with several great ladies through both love and work. Russell included that he has a great reverence for the global women’s movement and their struggles for dignity, respect, power as well as equality.

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After spending a protracted time in Bali following the allegations of sexual misconduct and rape in 2017, The Def Jam Records boss was spotted in Hamptons. According to reports, he was seen at Brooklyn Chop House of the Capri Hotel located in Southampton, where the entertainment boss was enjoying a vegan meal with some friends. Russell Simmons also took to Instagram to claim that he was at a party held by Lyor Cohen – his former Def Jam partner. He stated that while at the bash, he was able to see a good number of people whom he contributed to their success in one way or the other.

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Though he fled to the Indonesian isle since February 2018, Russell Simons has visited the United States at least six times. In addition, the Def Jam record co-founder was set to attend his child’s graduation in 2019.

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