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Working as the US Press Secretary, Sean Spicer shook the world with plenty of his public statements in 2017. Some were regarded as controversial while others were majorly tagged as false. Eventually, he took a bow from his office sometime that same year.

Few weeks passed by with nothing about Sean Spicer until the month of September 2017 when he made an appearance during the Emmy Awards. The following week, he graced an interview with the New York Times revealing his experiences as a worker of the White House. And of course, his interview yet caused another controversy and propelled an interest to investigation on Robert Muller. Shortly after that, he released his first written book based on his political experience.

Then, despite his path as a press secretary, the president of the United States, Donald Trump nominated Spencer as a part of the US Naval Academy. He has also moved towards the entertainment industry. With all of these, many have been asking questions like Where is Sean Spicer?

Well, before we go on about his whereabouts, follow us as we give you a run-down about one time American US Press Secretary.

Sean Spicer’s Background

He was born Sean Michael Spicer on September 23, 1971, in Rhode Island, USA. Educationally, Spicer has decked himself with certificates from different institutions ranging from high school to college where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in government; to the Naval War College in Rhode Island where he obtained a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies.

At different levels of his life, since he was a young boy, Sean Spicer always had a flair for politics and became involved in the school’s governmental affairs. As a high school student, he availed himself to local political campaigns and even when in college, he served as a student senator.

Before He Became US Secretary

Sean Spicer had always enjoyed working in line with politics and even after college in 1993, he worked on several political campaigns. However, he did not limit himself to only politics but explored other aspects of the United States Navy Reserve among others.

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In the United States’ Government, Sean Spicer from 2000 to 2001 became the communications director on the House Government Reform Committee. His services also extended to the National Republican Congressional Committee NRCC where he was a director (2001-2002). In the House Budget Committee (2003-2005) Sean Spicer befitted the post of Communications director and spokesman.

Subsequently, he held different positions at the Republican Conference of the US House of Representatives (2006), Office of the United States Trade Representative under the George Bush administration (2006-2009) and Republican National Committee (2011-2015).

Spicer as US Press Secretary

US President Donald Trump in 2016 made Sean Spicer one of his key appointees with the post of the White House Press Secretary.

Although he had his good sides that were appreciated by many, Sean Spicer made a good number of controversies as the US Press Secretary which include: his first statement to the press on Trump’s inaugural ceremony, claiming the inauguration had the biggest crowd to ever witness an inauguration and blamed the press for tempering with the images of the gathering in the course of the event among others.

Even as the United States Press Secretary, Sean Spicer also served a role as communications director following the resignation of former communications boss Michael Dubke.

Barely 6 months after his appointment, Sean Spicer on July 21, 2017, publicized his intention to step down as the US Press Secretary after the US president appointed Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director. Sources, however, reported that inasmuch as Trump wanted Spicer to stay back, the Commander was ready to vacate his responsibilities as the Press Secretary.

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Where is Sean Spicer After Being US Secretary?

Although he left his duty as the US secretary, his association with Donald Trump was still said to be cordial and after months of being away from media’s attention, Sean Spicer made availed himself to the Emmy Award after which he was interviewed by The New York Times.

In 2018, Sean Spicer released a book titled The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President.

In early 2019, Spicer dazed the world by making an appearance on TV as not a guest but as a special D.C. correspondent on ExtraTV.

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The show he appeared on has its center on giving the public a completely different perception of what they see daily as regards to the regular faces seen on News and more serious interviews.

In July 2019, however, US President Trump reappointed Sean Spicer, but this time around as a board member at the Annapolis-based US Naval Academy which will possibly last till 2021.

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