White South Africans Rally To Raise Funds For Victor; Apologizing For The Coffin Incident

#WhitesDoCare – In disapproval of coffin incident, white South Africans are rallying round, raising funds for the dehumanized black man, Victor Rathabile Mlotshwa, that was forced into the coffin.

They apologized to Victor, saying that the actions of the 2 white men – Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson – did not represent them.

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The group was represented by Elizabeth Allen.

“We – a group of white South Africans – have raised [R10 950] for Victor Rathabile Mlotshwa as a way of expressing our contrition over what happened to him during the coffin incident,”

“We do not agree with what those men did to him and we want to make amends and insist we are not lumped with them. We condemn racism and cruelty towards our fellow black citizens and any attempts to make them feel inferior or demeaned in any way.”

“We hope to make 2017 a better year for Victor Rathabile by means of this token.”

“The poor man is so disadvantaged that he apparently does not even own a phone, however we have sent word to him of our fund raising attempts via journalists, the Middelburg Magistrates’ Court, and his ANC spokesperson.”

“We will be handing over the money to him on Old Year’s Day to wish him good luck into the new year on behalf of right-thinking white South Africans who care.”

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The #WhitesDoCare fund has a set target of raising R20 000 by the end of the year. With 36 funders at the moment, about R10 950 has been raised.

With the legal intervention in the coffin incident it was discovered that 27-year old Delton Sithole had suffered the same fate in the hands of those 2 particular individuals.

With their court case postponed till January 25, Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson have been detained without bail.