Who Are Bobrisky’s Parents and Does He Have Siblings?

Bobrisky’s parents are Alhaji Musibau Okuneye (father) and Alhaja Bollington (mother). The number of siblings she has is unknown but it is believed that she has an older sister who is a businesswoman.

Bobrisky is one famous, controversial online celebrity who is always unfazed about what people have to say about her. As a cross-dresser and social media influencer, the Snapchat idol loves surprising her fans with her ever-changing lifestyle. She has grown to become known as the Nigerian male Barbie, achieving the feat of the most searched online personality in Nigeria. As a result, there is also a constant search about who Bobrisky’s parents are and we have all the details you need to know right here.

Bobrisky Was Born Into The Polygamous Family Of Alhaji Musibau Okuneye

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The popular internet big shot whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju was born on September 1, 1992, in Ebute-Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria, as a male child. Nevertheless, she is a native of Ogun State. It was gathered that Bobrisky was raised along with her siblings in a polygamous family, as her father, Alhaji Musibau Okuneye, is said to have married three wives, with Bobrisky being the youngest child.

It is possible that Bobrisky may have had quite a rough childhood and relationship with her parents, perhaps due to the neglect often associated with large families, as it was revealed that she started struggling to carter for herself at the tender age of 16.

In pursuit of her secondary school education, Bobrisky attended Kings’ College in Lagos State, where she obtained her O’level certificate, after which she went to the University of Lagos (UNILAG) for a degree in Accounting.

As earlier stated, Bobrisky started hustling from a young age, and while in the university, she was into buying and selling clothes and beauty products, as inspired by her sense of fashion. He was also a choreography coach, tutoring people on the latest dance steps, and earns lots of money from doing that.

Truths About Bobrisky’s Mother

More controversial facts erupted about the online personality when it was discovered that his mother is alive and well. This is contrary to what she said earlier about her. Bobrisky’s mother, identified as Alhaja Bollington, was said to have died a long time ago but recent information revealed it’s all a lie orchestrated by the social media star. The reason for this lie is not really known but it appears to be one of her stunts to get attention.

Bobrisky’s mother is a known face in Magodo, Ikeja, Lagos, where she runs a big provision store. The shop is located at No 47, Abdulquadri Street, opposite MRA office, Magodo, Shangisha, Lagos. The older woman was disappointed to hear about her son’s denial of her existence but no tangible reason can be deduced from the action yet.

Bobrisky's parents

Bobrisky Was Severely Reprimanded From Childhood For Her Feminine Behavior

In her early days with her family, Bobrisky always dressed as a female and loved to be perceived as feminine. This attracted the wrath of her parents several times, resulting in their strictness and severe punishment directed at her. Additionally, as a child, her mother often beat her due to her exhibition of female attributes, to an extent that she even contracted street urchins to attack and warn Bobrisky to desist from such behaviors.

But Idris never for once relented; although she tried so many times to behave and dress like a boy. This may have been why the family of the crossdresser eventually allowed her to be, although they were strongly against it. This is also the reason why Bobrisky and her father are not on good terms, as reported by many sources.

Since Coming Out, She Has Courted Several Controversies

No doubt that Bobrisky whose name is synonymous with controversy is such a contentious personality as she often set the agenda on discussing issues of transgender rights and promotion of gay marriage on her social media pages, which certainly does not often go well with the Nigerian society and authorities alike. First, in 2017 she was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command at Lekki following the announcement that she is gay. In this regard, she constantly bragged about a mysterious person as her sponsor who she had always referred to as her bae. Though it was her mysterious “bae” who worked out her bail after the arrest, the crossdresser insisted that her arrest was not orchestrated by her prior gay announcement.

With this scenario, she became a trending topic on Snapchat that he would pull nothing less than 22,000 views or more each passing day. Her fans and admirers remained always online and eager to know the latest about her and or her unseen “bae.” Later, Bobrisky revealed that her mysterious bae is said to be the fourth richest man in Africa, who reportedly acquired a Mercedez Benz SUV for Bobrisky, in addition to spoiling her with ₦7 million cash.

In 2019, as a result of her open declaration of being gay, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General of Nigeria’s National Council for Arts and Culture, without mincing words, said Bobrisky is “a national disgrace,” stressing that he would be “dealt with ruthlessly” if caught on the streets.

Recently, Bobrisky was once again propelled to the spotlight when rumors of her death stormed social media on January 13, 2020, which created panic among her huge fans. According to the rumors, the Snapchat superstar was involved in a fatal car accident and gave up the ghost on arrival at the hospital as a result of excessive loss of blood. Yet, the rumors were quickly dismissed after establishing that the information was fake news posted by a fake account using the Africa Independent Television logo. Bobrisky also took to her Instagram account, countering the claims, as she reiterated that it is obvious her enemies are craving for her waterloo, but that they would not succeed.

Why Bobrisky Dressed Like a Man For Her Father’s Birthday

Despite her strange ideologies and lack of respect for people’s opinions, the controversial star still holds her father in high esteem, as she respects his admonitions a great deal. It is on this premise that Bobriski decided to man up, appearing as a man so as to attend her father’s birthday which was held at his residence in Ejigbo Lagos state where he has been living since 1995.

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Bobrisky had to appear as a man before her father because her father is not in tune with her feminine inclination and had been cautioning her against doing so. Notwithstanding, her father already has the knowledge that his son Idris Okuneye has been transformed, yet Bobrisky insists that her feminine appearance on social media is just a costume and a business strategy, claiming that he is still the proud son of his father, but everyone knows she is only pulling the wool out of her father’s eye as regards her true identity.

Meanwhile, the photos of Bobrisky appearing as a man at her father’s birthday have since gone viral, generating yet another heated controversy among fans, as well as critics.

Be that as it may, Bobrisky has admitted that her father is still not comfortable with her identity on social media because he has been accused by many people of supporting his son’s unaccepted norms, which was not the case. Rather, the father has always dissuaded Bobrisky from some of her obnoxious ideologies. But Bobrisky just wouldn’t heed her father’s advice and has continued with her controversial lifestyle.

Bobrisky’s Sister Is a Businesswoman

Her name is not known, but sources have repeatedly confirmed that the crossdresser has an older sister who deals in fabrics. The said sister is a lace merchant in Lagos and has her own shop which she runs on a large scale. It is also not known if she is married or has kids. Not much is known about Bobrisky’s other siblings as the male barbie is always discreet when it comes to them. However, sources say that Bobrisky has other siblings.


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