Who are the KARD Members? Have They Disbanded or Are They Still Together?

KARD is a four-member music group based in South Korea. DSP Media formed the band in 2017, and the quartet debuted on July 19 of same year with an extended play titled Hola Hola. KARD has since grown to become a popular K-pop group with massive fanbase. In addition to K-pop, they also do Hip pop, EDM and and Dancehall. The group have through their exceptional releases and performances, won many hearts which would bleed, should they ever stop existing. Meanwhile, apart from the collective love of the band, KARD members have on individual bases also earned the love of many fans. But who exactly are they?

Who are the KARD Members?


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J.Seph is the main rapper, lead dancer and vocalist of the KARD music group. He was born Kim TaeHyung on 21st June 1992, making him the oldest member of the band. J.Seph was with DSP Media as a trainee for five years before he was selected to form a part of KARD. He has a good sense of humor, and often keeps the group in a lighter mood with his funny nature and jokes. He also has plans of extending his career to acting.


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B.M (Big Matthew) is KARD’s main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist. He was born as on 20th October 1992; making him the second oldest member of the group. He is as well the tallest among his band mates, standing at 6’1″.

Born in Los Angeles, California, B.M is the only KARD member who is American. He is also the only member who is fluent in English. He came to Korea in 2011 and now goes by the Korean names Kim JinSeok and Kim WooJin. B.M trained with DSP media for four years and a half before he debuted with KARD in 2017. Super Junior and Day6 are his K-pop favorites while he also loves listening to Monsta X.

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Somin is a South Korean singer who works on KARD as main vocalist and visual. She was born as Jeon SoMin on 22nd August 1996. Prior to debuting with her current band in 2017, Somin was one of DSP Media’s Purrety, a Japanese-girl group which the agency founded in 2012. The group, however, disbanded in 2014, after which Somin later joined April, another DSP Media girl group. She debuted with the group on 24th August 2015, serving as their lead until November of the same year when she left voluntarily. In addition to singing, she can play several instruments including violin, ocarina, and piano.


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Jiwoo serves as lead vocalist, main dancer, rapper. She was born as Jeon JiWoo on 4th October 1996; making her KARD’s youngest member (the maknae). Jiwoo moved to DSP Media in 2016 after training with FNC Entertainment for two years. She also trained in clarinet for six years. Two months after joining DSP, the agency picked her to form a part of KARD. She is the band’s last selection and most flexible. Together with Somin, she featured in Super Junior‘s special remake of their Replay album lead single, “Lo Siento”.

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Have the KARD Members Disbanded or Are They Still Together?

KARD is apparently in its heydays and at the moment, holds no suspicions or tendencies of disbandment. The group is waxing stronger by the day, working really hard to meet up with the highly competitive music industry both in South Korea and the world at large.

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Prior to their official debut, the group released several project singles including “Oh NaNa”, “Don’t Recall” and “Rumor”. After releasing their debut EP, Hola Hola in July 2017, they followed it with a second EP titled, You & Me in November of the same year. KARD subsequently emerged the only K-pop band to make it to FUSE TV’s “Year Expectation Team” of 2018. In July of the same year, they came up with their third extended play titled Ride On the Wind, making their debut performance of the EP on Mnet’s M Countdown.

KARd has also embarked on international tours covering several countries including Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and Hong Kong. Among the group’s latest releases are “Bomb Bomb” (their first digital single), and “Dumb Litty”. They also have a number of other charted songs to their credit such as “I Can’t Stop” and “Living Good”.

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