Who Are Travis Fimmel’s Wife and Kids or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Travis Fimmel has never been married, and he does not have kids. He also does not have any girlfriend presently, to the best of public knowledge.

Travis Fimmel is a popular model and actor known for his work in Vikings, Warcraft, and Raised by Wolves. He has garnered many fans over the years, and these fans naturally want to know about his personal life, particularly whether he is married or has a wife in real life. Fimmel has, however, managed to successfully keep these details locked up and lead a private life which is no small feat for a celebrity.

Is Travis Fimmel Married, and Does He Have a Wife in Real Life?

As of now, there is no confirmed information regarding Travis Fimmel’s wife or marital status. It is not known whether Fimmel is married or has a wife. He has kept his personal life out of the public eye and has not mentioned anything about his current relationship status.

While some fans continue to speculate about his personal life, others appreciate Fimmel‘s dedication to keeping his private life separate from his public persona. As an actor, he has built his reputation based on the quality of his work rather than his personal life, and that’s something worth admiring.

It’s also worth noting that regardless of his relationship status, Fimmel has an active and busy career with several upcoming projects. So while we may not know for sure who Travis Fimmel’s wife is or whether or not he is married or even gay, at the end of the day, what really matters is his talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Another thing that is important to note is that Fimmel has never been married, and all that he has had in terms of romantic experience has been relationships he had with different women who also work in the entertainment industry with him, and this has happened over the years.

Is Travis Fimmel Gay?

Travis Fimmel is not gay. There have, however, been rumors about Fimmel’s sexuality, and they only began after he played a gay character, John Clayton, in the TV series Tarzan. In Tarzan, Fimmel played the lead role, and this was his first major acting performance.

As a result of this, he was pretty new to the acting scene, and many fans of the show were surprised by how convincingly he played the character and began to speculate about his personal life. The steamy same-sex scenes in the series only fueled the rumors.

Regardless of the rumors, Fimmel has not confirmed nor denied whether he is gay. He has continued to keep details of his personal life private and has not responded to any of the questions about his sexuality. Fimmel’s response, or lack thereof, to the speculation about his sexuality is admirable as it allows him to maintain his privacy and focus on his career.

He has mentioned in interviews that he ignores the gossip and rumors that circulate about him and remains focused on his acting work.

At the end of the day, regardless of his sexual orientation, Fimmel is a talented actor who has made strides in his career, both in modeling and acting. His ability to play a character so convincingly and even early in his career speaks to his skill as an actor and lends credence to his talent as an actor.

Who Is Travis Fimmel Dating?

It is not clear if Travis Fimmel is currently in a relationship. He has not confirmed if he is currently dating anyone. However, in the past, Fimmel has been involved in several relationships with actresses and models alike. There have been reports that he is dating Spanish actor Ursula Corbero, but these claims have not been substantiated or confirmed by any credible source.

Despite this, Fimmel remains one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, and his legion of fans are eager to see who he might end up with. While speculation and rumors surround his dating life, Fimmel has not given any credence to these stories as he has always been private about his personal life.

Who has Travis Fimmel Dated in the Past?

Over the years, Fimmel has been involved in several high-profile relationships. One of his earliest romances was with American actress Joy Bryant. The couple dated in 2004 and were reportedly quite serious about each other, but they eventually decided to go their separate ways. There have also been reports that Fimmel dated Australian actress Merrin Dungey in the early 2000s. But like a lot of the information in his life, the validity of this is hard to prove.

Later, Fimmel was in a relationship with model Ceara-Lynch from 2017 to 2018. In the one-year duration of their relationship, they kept things private and avoided being in the spotlight.

Apart from these relationships, Fimmel is also rumored to have dated Australian actress Rachael Taylor, but none of them ever confirmed their relationship. Besides, after his super successful modeling career, he has been linked with several models and actors from the industry.

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Does Travis Fimmel have any Children?

Travis Fimmel has had his share of relationships and has been with many beautiful women, but as far as the world is concerned, Fimmel has no kids. There is also the possibility that because of the way Fimmel keeps the details of his life under wraps, it is possible that he has a kid and is merely keeping the child’s identity hidden from the public. He does love children and is a proud uncle and Godfather, with lots of adorable pictures as proof.

Fimmel’s dating history is private, and it is difficult to ascertain the details of his romantic life. The complexity of his schedule and the high media attention that comes with his job may likely be the reason why he chooses to keep his private life personal.



At the same time, willingly or otherwise, his privacy has fueled rumors that have gone unconfirmed. Regardless, Fimmel remains one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, especially for actors from Australia, and he continues to draw massive support for his illustrious career.


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