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The world of showbiz has always been seen as a veritable stage where talented personalities showcase their artistic prowess through various means of musical and movie productions. It is always very exciting to talk about those celebs like American actor, musician and model Michael Pitt who has dedicated his life to entertainment. Although his TV debut was accomplished on the set of Dellaventura in 1997, he earned his big break in Hedwig and the Angry Inch portraying the partner of a transgender rock star.

Michael Pitt is also recognized for his roles in several movies like the 2002 Murder by Numbers, The Dreamers in 2003, The Village in 2004, 2005’s Last Days and Funny Games which was a 2007 release. His TV series credits include Dawson’s Creek – a teen drama where he breathed life into the character of Henry Parker, he was part of the cast of Boardwalk Empire – an HBO series which cast him as Jimmy Darmody and appeared as Mason Verger in Hannibal – the popular NBC series. His other TV credits include Bully in 2001, Silk in 2007, 2012’s Seven Psychopaths, Origins (2014) as well as Ghost in the Shell (2017). His stint as a musician includes playing the guitar in the musical band known as Pagoda. He has functioned as a model for several designer campaigns.

Who Exactly is Michael Pitt?

The multitalented artist upon his birth on the 10th of April 1981, was given the name Michael Carmen Pitt. He was born in West Orange, New Jersey United States. Michael Pitt has his origin rooted in Italy on his maternal grandfather’s side; he is also of Irish and English ancestry.

The famed actor was born as the last child of Gilbert Pitt – an interior decorator who took workmanship classes and his wife, a medical caretaker named Eleanor C. Pitt spent his formative years alongside three siblings – an older brother Brain Pitt and couple of sisters Stacy and Allison.

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Michael Pitt
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While he was in his mid-teens, he left the comfort of his home to New York with barely any money. To worsen the issue, he had no place to lay his head. The young talent started by working as a bike messenger and after a while, he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was relentless in his bid to make a living for himself and luck shined on him when he was spotted by the casting director Lori Eastside. His journey in the world of entertainment took off from there and Pitt has never stopped.

In addition to acting, he is also a competent model with Prada and Rag & Bone. Pitt handled the guitar for a band called Pagoda and gave a performance for The Dreamers’ soundtrack as Hey Joe.

In addition Michael Pitt also functions as a director. His ability to perfect his roles endeared him to many renowned producers as well as movie studios. Pitt has been commended for his charming, humble and likable personality behind the curtains. The actor has earned several awards including a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Is Michael Pitt Related To Brad Pitt?

Fans have been speculating on the noticeable resemblance between Michael Pitt and the renowned actor Brad Pitt. The belief is that they could be related and the fact that they bear the same last name raises a legitimate question. But the truth is that they are not in any way related. Michael Pitt has only one brother whose name is Brain Pitt.

Personal Life

According to available reports, Michael Pitt is the husband of the famed model Jamie Bocher but the actual date of their nuptial continues to elude the media. However, Pitt himself revealed in a 2005 interview that he was officially engaged to Jamie after they had been dating for quite a long while. He publicly referred to her as his other half.

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It would interest you to know that Jamie has not been Pitt’s only love interest; he was in a longterm relationship with Alexis Dziena. Their dalliance which started in 2000 came to an end in 2004. Pitt has also been linked to Asia Argento in the past.

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Body Stats

Michael Pitt is a tall guy with an athletic build, standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches and a body weight of 79 kg. He has blue eyes and light brown hair.

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