Alejandro Salomon
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Alejandro Salomon is an entrepreneur who has defied all odds to get to the top. Popularly, he is known as the founder of Salomon Investment Partners, manager of his own tech company, real estate company as well as other companies. He is also a lover of automobiles and has since turned this passion to his gain as he is the creator of the YouTube channel Salomondrin, a channel which boasts of over 1.3 million subscribers.

Who Is Alejandro Salomon?

Alejandro Salomondrin was born in Mexico City on the 7th of December, 1984 to Ari Sanders and Alejandro Salomon. He has a mixed ethnicity of Hispanic and Latino Mexican. After graduating from high school, began seeking admission in a handful of tertiary institutions and finally got accepted into Anderson National College.

He graduated from college in 2008 and then decided to gain more knowledge in business and trade; this prompted him to get enrolled at the “Forum for International Trade Training.” His quest for knowledge also made him enroll into the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation in 2012, all in a bid gain a better understanding of cars and the transportation system. Himself and his friend came to the United States when he was just 19 years old. The motive for his move to Los Angeles was to chase an acting career in Hollywood.

Career Journey And Youtube Channel

Salomon became part of a motion picture production development company called Helios Productions while he was in Los Angeles. He quickly became a producer who was in charge of pioneering contents, hitting all individual elements of a films life cycle and employing strategic relationships in the financial sector to make successful films.

Later in his career after working with different production companies, Alejandro Salomon discovered that he wasn’t satisfied with his job. Though it paid the bills, he wasn’t happy and that was when he thought about switching over to what he loved and this was his passion for cars. Hence his Youtube channel named Salmondrin came to life. On the channel, he talks nothing but cars and this move proved to be one of his best career decisions as it gave him more popularity and fame.

Now he has over 1.3 million subscribers on his channel with over 200 million video views. He also has more followers who are car enthusiasts like himself and practically makes most of his fortune from the virtual world. In fact, he has been nicknamed the “Donald Trump” of the car community.

Net Worth And House Alejandro Salomon

During the advent of the internet people never thought of the possibility of earning any sort of income online let alone through Vlogging. Now, however, it is an open secret that the very best of Vloggers especially those who are YouTube-based, make a lot of money and even become millionaires.

This narrative happens to be the case with Salomon as not only does he make a lot of money from Vlogging, he also has a wide range of investments that support his lifestyle. He manages a real estate firm, aq dairy industry, he is into movie production and he has investments in tech and other not so publicized businesses. With all these, his total net worth is now estimated to be around a whopping $12 million, a mouthwatering figure which has also afforded him the ability to own a magnificent house located in Hidden Hills, California.

More so, as a car enthusiast, it is expected that Alejandro Salomon has a good number of cool cars in his collection and rightly so. His exquisite range of cars, therefore, include; Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mercedes 4×4 Squared, Porsche Carrera GT, and Porsche 911 R

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Family – Wife And Kids

Alejandro Salomon

Alejandro Saloman has left the dating game and is most certainly married to his heartthrob, Belen Maria Salomon. Bella is a professional fashion designer who is originally from Southern Spain. They became close before Salomon’s fortune grew to massive success and that is probably why their love is strong. The pair tied the knot on the 20th of May 2015 and can be spotted together on most of Alejandro’s outing. As a couple, they do not have any child yet we will definitely keep our eyes open as we await the announcement of a baby.

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