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Since April 2010, History Channel has kept viewers wanting for more with their documentary-style series, Ancient Aliens. If you’ve ever watched the Ancient Aliens, then you must have somehow come across Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He is one of the major personalities behind the driving subject of the TV series – the pseudo-scientific proposition that ancient alien astronauts actually came in contact with early humans. Interestingly, Tsoukalos didn’t just pluck his hypotheses from the blue, he says he has actually had an encounter with some extraterrestrial beings, on August 8, 2014, to be precise! More intriguingly, the ancient aliens enthusiast believes that aliens actually interfere with most human activities on earth, including United States elections. According to him, aliens (rather than Russians) were the ones who manipulated the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump!

Meanwhile, in addition to History Channels’ Ancient Aliens, Giorgio has also made appearances on other television channels including Sci-Fi, Travel, and National Geographic. Moreover, if there’s nothing else that is striking about Giorgio, it is his “crazy” hairstyle which cannot go unnoticed!

Who Is Ancient Aliens Giorgio A. Tsoukalos?

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is an ancient astronaut theorist, television personality/producer, and writer/publisher. He was born on 14th March 1978. Born in Lucerne, Switzerland, Tsoukalos is Swiss by nationality. He is, however, of mixed ethnicity comprising Greek and Austrian origins; while his dad is from Greece, his mum is from Austria. He is also multilingual, speaking fluent English, Italian, Greek, French, and German. Giorgio is apparently an atheist.

Tsoukalos left Switzerland for the United States in the early 1990s. He later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Information and Communication from the Ithaca College, New York in 1998. On completing his education, Giorgio started working as a sports promoter, mainly bodybuilding. He also volunteered as a publicist for IFBB authorized bodybuilding competitions such as Mr. Olympia. From 2001 to 2005, he worked as the producer and director of San Francisco’s annual biking contest Pro Grand Prix.

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Ancient Aliens

After spending some years working as a sports promoter and producer, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos came across the theory on ancient aliens and ancient astronauts. The issue caught his fancy and he desired to know more. He, therefore, subjected himself to the tutelage of Swiss Ancient Alien Astronaut theorist and writer, Erich von Däniken.

Having acquired substantial knowledge on the subject, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos co-founded now-defunct magazine, The Legendary Times in 2008. The journal which has now gone online covers topics on ancient astronauts and other related matters, mostly lending credence to ideas of other astronauts-alien proponents including von Däniken, Hatcher Childress, Robert Bauval, among others. Giorgio also became the director of Daniken’s Center for Ancient Astronaut Research. He as well started making appearances on several television series on related subjects including Mysterious Journeys (2007), UFO Hunters (2009), and Race To Witch Mountain (2009).

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos however, only came to widespread public notice after he started appearing on Ancient Aliens in 2010. Giorgio has been both an actor and consulting producer on the documentary series. While Ancient Aliens was still airing, Giorgio hosted the short-lived 2014 H2 television series, In Search of Aliens. In August 2016, he appeared in the History Con Events at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in the Philippines.

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Tsoukalous has traveled widely in the course of his alien research and exploration career. He has so far visited up to 40 countries of the world in search of historical spots and items that lend credence to his alien beliefs. As of July 26, 2019, Ancient Aliens is in its 14th (and probably last) season, with Giorgio having contributed to the production of twenty-three episodes of the series.

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Is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Married – Who Is His Wife?

Tsoukalos with wife, Kris Beeble image source

Considering his weird theories and teachings, one might be thinking that Tsoukalos would also have a bizarre personal life. But no, the Ancient Aliens dude is actually a normally married man.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos married Krix Beeble on March 10, 2013. Giorgio’s wife, Kris is a glass artist and jewelry designer. She is the CEO of Krix Beeble Creations, an art studio which she established in 2006 where she creates, displays and sells her artifacts. Her creations include necklaces, bracelets, pendants, talisman, finger, and earrings. She mostly makes the ornaments and accessories from glass, metal, and leather.

Among Beeble’s biggest patrons is her husband, Tsuokalos who often flaunts her prestigious designs. The couple lives in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Krix Beeble however, prefers to keep a low profile, living her life away from the cameras.

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