Who Is Biodun Okeowo? Everything to Know About the Nollywood Actress

Biodun Okeowo (born December 26) is a Nigerian Yoruba actress who rose to prominence for having a very curvy figure. Over the years, she has risen from practically nothing to become one of the most admired Nigerian screen divas, loved and followed by millions of fans on social media.

The actress’s specific age is unknown as she has never disclosed her year of birth. She is also well known to the media for having a very colorful love life. Many thought she was married at first, but she would later clear the air stating that she had never been married. Biodub Okeowo is also a mother of two. Here’s everything about her.

Profile Summary Of Biodun Okeowo

  • Full Name: Abiodun Sofuyi Okeowo
  • Nickname: Omoborty
  • Birthday: December 26 (Year not certain)
  • Place of Birth: Fadeyi, Lagos State
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Biodun Okeowo’s Husband: N/A
  • Biodun Okeowo’s Children: 2
  • Profession: Actress, businesswoman
  • Education: Lagos State University (LASU)
  • Instagram: @officialomoborty
  • Twitter: @OmoButty1

Biodun Okeowo Was Born In Lagos State

Biodun Okeowo was born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, specifically in the Fadeyi area of the state. It was also there that she was raised by her parents. The actress comes from a polygamous family, however, it is not clear how many wives her father had. On her mother’s side, the actress revealed that is not an only child; she has siblings with whom she grew up in Lagos. As a matter of fact, she is the last of five children born by her mother. She also revealed that is actually the only female child in the family.

Apparently, her brothers were very protective of her and took turns jealously shielding her from trouble. She recalls that her parents were also very protective of her and were careful about the kind of things she saw and did as a child.

Her Age Has Been Highly Disputed

We know that Biodun Okeowo celebrates her birthday on 26th December every year. However, the actual year of her birth has remained uncertain. This is mainly because different sources have given different accounts of when she was born. Some sources claim she was born in the year 1971 while many others claim she was born in 1979. And yet, some others swear she was born in 1983. This leaves everyone in clear doubt about what her real age is at the moment.

The actress herself has not made things easy because she has refused to reveal her year of birth to put the speculations to rest. In an interview she granted The Broadway TV in 2019, Biodun completely rubbished the reports that she was born in 1971 or 1979. According to her, she still wonders why people made up those claims about her age. She then made it clear that she was not even up to 40 years at the time of the interview in 2019, but that she was in her late 30s. However, the actress refused to specifically reveal the exact year of her birth, leaving everyone guessing once again.

Biodun Okeowo

She Is A Trained Journalist

Growing up, Biodun Okeowo attended the Onoyade Primary school in Fadeyi, where she grew up with her family. When she was done with primary school, she proceeded to have her high school education at the Jibowu High school also in Lagos. When she finished, she proceeded to attend Lagos State University.

Okeowo is a trained communicator. She studied Communication Arts at a prestigious Nigerian university with hopes of getting into the entertainment industry after graduating from school. While in school, she did her Industrial Training (IT) at Lagos Television also known as LTV8. It was while at the television station that her love for acting was rekindled because actors were always coming around the station on Sundays and she loved meeting with them.

Her Father Was An Actor

Interestingly, Biodun Okeowo is not the only one in her family who loves acting. As a matter of fact, her father Mr. Okeowo used to be an actor himself. According to her, the man acted in stage plays and also appeared in some movies with other popular actors such as Jide Kosoko. She explained that he was part of the Awarara Theatre Group. So, she grew up watching him act and this may have been the main reason she got inspired to go into acting herself.

Apparently, the actress took after her father and when she eventually told the family she wanted to become an actress, her father did not object since he understood what was involved. However, her mother was not in support of the move at all as many people had told her that if her daughter became an actress she would have to go diabolical to make it in the industry. So, her mother was afraid and advised her not to go into acting. Eventually, the zeal and passion took over and Biodun Okeowo became who we know her to be today.

Okeowo has also revealed that after her father stopped acting, he became a prophet. For this reason, her home is quite a religious one and she grew up becoming a religious person as well. Today, the actress is heavily involved in church activities as much as she goes about her acting.

How Biodun Okeowo Began Her Journey Into The Movie Industry

When Okeowo got her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts, her mother refused to let her go into acting so she began searching for jobs to do. However, jobs were not forthcoming even though she searched everywhere in different companies. Eventually, she got so bored at home that she realized she had no choice but to follow her heart and find her way into the movie industry.

At this point, she remembered that her boss at Lagos Television while she was doing her industrial training knew a thing or two about the movie industry and knew some of the actors. So, she approached him, explained that she wanted to be an actress, and asked him to link her up with one of the actors so she can be connected to the industry. However, the man completely discouraged her, explaining that she should do something else instead of acting.

Not discouraged, Biodun Okeowo then went behind the man’s back and met someone else whom she called Mr. Afolabi and explained her plight. It was Mr. Afolabi who told her what to do to become an actress. He told her where to go to meet other actors. However, Okeowo later realized that the whole process was not a walk in the park. She found out that she had to join a movie group to learn the ropes first just like every aspiring Yoruba actor was doing at the time. It was like a caucus and everyone had to belong to one.

In 2006, Biodun Okeowo joined the popular Ray Eyiwunmi movie group to learn the ropes. She was with the group for one full year before she left to become a star in her own right. In an interview she had with Gbajumo TV, the actress explained that she found favor when she joined the group. According to her, from the first day she took part in a scene with the group, they saw prospects in her and were amazed at her acting skills. Because of this, the director took interest in her and provided her with all the necessary guidance to grow quickly in the industry.

She Began Her Movie Adventure With ‘Oro Oka’

In 2006, the same year she joined the Ray Eyiwunmi movie group, she appeared in her first film titled Oro Oka. The movie was produced by Lasun Ray. She went on to do other movies with the group, quickly making a statement with her acting skills and proving she has a lot to offer. The same year, she also starred in the Yoruba movie, Eniyemi.

Interestingly, in 2007, shortly after leaving the Ray Eyiwunmi group, she built enough courage and resources to actually produce her own movie. The movie was called Tolani Osenyin. The project shot her to the limelight and introduced her to many fans who absolutely adored her acting talent. In fact, the actress has revealed that many fans still refer to her by the name of the movie till today.

In 2008, the actress starred in the drama movie, Okanjua. She also got a lot of praise for her role interpretation in the movie. The same year, she starred in another drama movie, Boseyemi. Other movies she starred in include, Ìpèsè in 2009, Funmilayo Baby in 2009, Igbeyawo Arugbo in 2010, Èbúté in 2010, and many others. She has produced many movies as well, establishing herself as a multi-talented and versatile thespian.

In 2014, Biodun Okeowo produced and starred in the movie called Omo Butty. The movie became super successful, throwing even more limelight her way. As a matter of fact, a majority of her fans call her by the name of the movie today. The actress herself has adopted it as her nickname. In 2019, she starred in the drama film, Ore. She has continued to star in movies and also produces her own as well.

Today, she has garnered millions of fans because of her creativity and knack for superior role interpretation. She is widely considered to be one of the most successful Yoruba movie actresses in contemporary times. The actress revealed that even though her mother didn’t want her to become an actress at first, she was eventually able to convince the older woman to see the good side of the acting business. Thereafter her mother prayed for her to succeed and, according to the actress, these prayers have kept her going in the industry.

She Has Rejected Movie Scripts Many Times

As the case is with many established thespians, Biodun Okeowo has revealed that she has had to reject many scripts that were brought to her. She also maintained that will continue to reject more if they do not meet her taste. According to her, the main reason for her rejection was the fact that they were sub-standard.

Okeowo explained that she has worked really hard to build a brand that many people now love all over Nigeria and it will be completely foolish to destroy all that by starring in movies with half-baked storylines. According to her, she would not want to soil her integrity or disappoint her fans, thus, she has had to be very careful about the kind of movies she stars in. This is one reason why she works really hard to produce her own movies and tell her own stories.

Okeowo Has Been Recognized For Her Work

As expected, Biodun Okeowo has received some accolades for her work in the Yoruba movie industry. Some of the awards that she has won include the following:

  • In 2010, she won the Movie Personality of the Year at the Global Excellency Awards
  • In 2013, she won the Most Outstanding Yoruba Actress At Exclusive Impact Awards

Biodun Okeowo Is Also A Businesswoman

Everyone knows Biodun Okeowo as an actress who has made her mark in the movie industry. However, this is not the only thing she does with her life. Like many other contemporary actresses, Biodun Okeowo is also a businesswoman who makes money from different channels by investing in businesses.

At the moment, the actress manages her own cosmetic and spa brand called Victoria Beauty. The brand provides Spa, Skincare, Massages, and Training Services. The brand has become quite popular, especially because of how she has promoted it on social media and it now caters to the needs of many celebrities and other Nigerians.

The actress has also served as a brand ambassador for different companies. Some of these outfits include:

  • Unique Motors
  • Asiwaju Herbs
  • Rhiks Herbs
  • Lucianoclothier Jewelry, and others

How Much Is She Worth?

At the moment, the exact figure of Biodun Okeowo’s net worth is not very clear. However, different sources have estimated her net worth to be about $300,000. This figure is very justifiable, considering what she has done over the years. She has recorded appearances in dozens of movies and also produced movies by herself as well.

The brands that she represents in different ambassadorial roles also fetch her lots of money. It is expected that, with time, this figure would change as she makes more exploits in the movie industry and in her business ventures.

Inside Biodun Okeowo’s Interesting Love Life

As expected, one of the most discussed things about Biodun Okeowo is her love life. This is common for many popular personalities as fans try to find out who they are with and what their romantic interests are. In Biodun Okeowo’s case, many people have become very interested in her love because, over the years, many things have been written about the actress, including the speculation that she had been married before but the marriage crashed.

She has also been said to have had affairs with different men. However, the actress has come out to debunk many of these speculations.

She Was Never A Legally Married Woman

For a long time, many people believed that Biodun Okeowo used to be a married woman before her marriage crashed. In fact, some newspapers claimed the actress got married as a virgin. However, she has completely debunked all these rumors.

In the interview that she granted The Broadway TV, Okeowo stated that the man many people thought she was married to, was never her husband because he never paid her bride price. They were only just in love at the time but things packed up and they went their separate ways. This was long before she found fame as an actress.

She Is The Mother Of Two Children

Biodun Okeowo
Biodun Okeowo and her kids

Biodun Okeowo is the mother of two children at the moment and she had them with the man said to be her husband. In fact, one reason why many people thought she was married to the man is because of the two children she had with him. The actress has never revealed the man’s name before but she has explained that she actually met him while she was an undergraduate and they fell in love. She was so in love with him that she ended up getting pregnant. Against the advice of her parents, she got pregnant again and had her two kids.

Her first child, a boy named Ayomide was born on 14th March 2000, while her second child, a girl called Ifeoluwa, was born on 11th July 2001. The actress has hailed her mother as the one who helped her to raise her kids. This was because she was still in school at the time so her mother helped bring them up until she was done before she turned her full attention to them. Biodun Okeowo and the father of her kids didn’t end up together because, according to her, the man was not quite read at the time.

However, Biodun Okeowo has revealed that she still has a cordial relationship with the man as he usually calls to speak with his kids. Despite this, rumors have been flying around that the relationship between the actress and the father of her kids fell apart when the man found out that she was cheating. Other rumors claimed it was the actress who left when she found out the man was married to another woman. These are all rumors of course and they have never been confirmed.

Biodun Okeowo Has Been Linked To Different Men In The Past

Over the years, the actress has been romantically linked to different men, all of them popular personalities. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Kunle Adegbite

Kunle Adegbite, a popular Nigerian movie star is one man who has been romantically linked to Biodun Okeowo. For quite some time, the two were alleged to be in love, even though Adegbite was already a married man. The rumors became stronger in 2016 when both actors were recognized and honored at the Celestial Church of Christ, Ijesha Parish, Surulere for their selfless and devoted service to the work of God. Many people saw this as a sign that Okeowo and Adegbite were more than just platonic friends.

As the rumors persisted, Okeowo came out to debunk them. According to her, Adegbite is just a friend and a colleague with whom she shares a working relationship and nothing more. On his own part, Adegbite has never bothered to react to the gossip. With time, the rumors died away.


Pasuma, a popular Nigerian film actor, Fuji musician, songwriter, and philanthropist, has also been linked to Biodun Okeowo. According to the rumors, the actress and the singer had been going out and were really in love. However, the actress also debunked this rumor.

In an interview that she granted Vanguard, Biodun emphasized that she was not dating Pasuma. She explained that they were just friends and wondered why people could not see that. She also described the singer as a brother and dismissed the rumor mongers as people who do not have work to do.

Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye, a Nigerian politician and former senator is yet another popular person that has been linked to the actress. The rumors began to fly around in 2017 when she posted a photo of herself and the former senator on her Instagram page. The photo was taken at a wedding event they both attended. Fans saw this as a sign that the actress and the politician had something to do together romantically. The rumors began to spread even more after a voice note allegedly made by her colleague went viral on social media, saying she was dating Dino Melaye.

Dino Melaye and Biodun Okeowo

However, the actress granted another interview to debunk the rumors. In the interview which she granted Vanguard, she expressed shock at the rumors and claimed that people have ganged up against her for no reason, presumably over the issue. She categorically stated that she had nothing to do with Dino Melaye romantically as he is just someone she knew and admired and nothing more. The rumors died away soon after that.

Is Biodun Okeowo Dating Anyone At The Moment?

Biodun Okeowo has revealed that she is not a single woman as she is actually in a relationship. She stated this during the interview she granted TheBroadway TV in 2019. She refused to reveal the name of the man in her life but she explained that she was in love and it was a serious relationship.

Apparently, with time, we shall get to know exactly who the man is but that might be when the relationship leads to marriage.


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