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While he may not be as popular as his wife who has worked in the capacity of White House Press Secretary under President Trump, Bryan Chatfield Sanders, has pulled his weight in the political circles. The American has served mostly behind the scenes in various capacities as a political consultant and adviser to the big shots of the Republican party. As a campaign manager, he efficiently worked in securing several electioneering victories, while playing vital roles as political analyst and advisor to various Republican juggernauts.

The Kansas City native is the husband to Sarah H. Sanders, the accomplished 29th former White House Secretary, and the 3rd woman to be in that position. Bryan and Sarah do not just share a political interest, they are also business partners and parents. Let’s find out more about this political guru.

Who Is Bryan Chatfield Sanders?

Born in Kansas City, USA, on the 10th day of December 1983, Bryan Chatfield Sanders had his formative years at Johnson County City, Mission Woods. Although much is not known about his parents or the events surrounding his childhood, it’s certain he had a reputable upbringing that ensured he had a sound education.

He enrolled in Shawnee Mission East High School, located in Kansas where he finished from in 2002 and proceeded to Colby College located in Waterville, Maine. He finished in 2006 with a degree in Campaign Media. After graduation, he kicked off his political journey and went on to become one of the most sought after Media and Political consultants in America today. Bryan Chatfield Sanders ventured in the political terrain when was hired by Samuel Dale Brownback, who was the 46th Governor of Kansas.

His diligence in the work earned him a promotion to the position of Press Assistant to the Governor. He worked in that capacity until 2008, when his boss declared his intention to vie for the US top job. He was then, made the campaign manager but due to reasons best known to him, Samuel Dale decided to pull out from the Presidential race, and this left Bryan Chatfield Sanders with no choice than to start working for Mike Huckabee, who was also in the race. He was appointed the National Political Director of Mike’s Presidential Campaign Organization. It was during this stretch he met his wife, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who happened to be the daughter of Mike Huckabee.

By 2009, Bryan Chatfield Sanders joined the Wickers Group – a formidable media company. In that same year, he joined the campaign train of Robert J. Bentley. His efforts were crowned with success as Robert got victory in the Alabama gubernatorial election. With his vast knowledge and tactical approach, he has been employed by various politicians as their campaign manager, and he has also delivered.

He was very instrumental in the emergence of Ted Yoho, in the Third Congressional election of District of Florida. During the campaign, he created what was described by Washington Post, as one of the best political advertisements of that year. He termed it ‘The Pig’, and it was very instrumental in securing the victory. Other political big weights  Bryan Chatfield Sanders had worked with include Dan Patrick (Texas Governor), Congressman French Hill (Arkansas), Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt the list goes on.

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His excellence and delivery got him dubbed by notable magazines and press as ‘The Rising Star of American Politics’.

Married Life: Wife (Sarah Sanders)

Bryan Chatfield Sanders
Bryan Chatfield Sanders with his wife Sarah H Sanders image source

Bryan Chatfield Sanders met Sarah Huckabee Sanders when he was working for her father. Although they started on a formal note, it subsequently developed into a love affair. In 2009, they got engaged and by the following year, they were married.

Their wedding was on 25th day of May 2010 in the Virgin Islands. The couple has been blessed with three kids so far – a daughter, Scarlett, and two sons, William and George. So far so good, the family is having a very happy home devoid of rumors.

Here Are Facts You Need To Know

Net Worth

The consultant has surely made some tangible money from his clients and from his own business. Bryan Chatfield Sanders net worth has been pegged by various credible sources at about $ 5.7 million.

Bryan Chatfield Sanders’ Jointly Runs A Business Firm With Wife

The Rising Star of American politics has a consulting firm known as Second Street Strategies. This firm that he jointly runs with his wife, is saddled with campaign strategy developments, campaign advertisements, mass development and ensuring a great poll result or outcomes for its clients.

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Limited Online Presence

The avid political consulting personnel may not be on every social media platform but he sure has a functional Twitter (7.1k) and Facebook account. Although he occasionally posts or tweets there. He uses the medium to express his political views and supports.


This handsome achiever has an athletic body and slender build. He stands a head taller than his wife Sarah, who has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Perhaps, Bryan would have a height 5 ft 10 inches or more.

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