Chris Robinson Has a Net Worth of $9 Million – Here’s How It Accrued and All About His Marriages

Christopher Mark Robinson is the lead singer of the rock band, The Black Crowes, which he co-founded in 1984 with his younger brother, Rich Robinson. His works as a musician are not limited to the work he has done with The Black Crowes. He is also a member of Chris Robinson Brotherhood, a band where he is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

This musician has a net worth of $9 million, earned primarily from the successful career he has had as a musician. But Robinson has a trick up his sleeve – another means of making money outside of his work with The Black Crowes and Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

The Black Crowes Was His First Attempt at Building Wealth

Along with his younger brother, Chris Robinson created Mr. Crowe’s Garden in 1984, and they played at clubs in the Atlanta area, where he was born and raised. When 1989 came around, they changed the band’s name to The Black Crowes, and in that same year, the band got signed to Def American.

Shake Your Money Maker, their debut album was a huge success, and in the tradition of rock bands, The Black Crowes went on tour to further promote their album. On one of the tour shows, The Black Crowes was to open for ZZ Top. On that same day, Robinson spoke about how he hated corporate sponsorship. It led to a backlash from the public and caused ZZ Top to fire them from the tour.

Throughout the band’s existence, the only people who have been constant band members are Chris Robinson and his brother. Still, through all their changes, the band has managed to create six albums, all of which have been successes, commercially and critically. The band has sold more than 30 million albums and are at number 92 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock

His Attempt at a Solo Career Opened Up a Fresh Source of Income

The band’s first break in 2002 led to the start of Chris’s solo career. His career as a solo musician kicked off with the release of The Red Road, a song that featured on the soundtrack of the 2002 film, The Banger Sisters. In October of that year, Robinson released New Earth Mud, an album that featured musicians who had been part of The Black Crowes.

The success of the album created avenues for Chris Robinson to headline his own tour. He did it with the musicians he had worked with, and shortly after, they became a band called New Earth Mud. The group was only together for a year while they toured and his last performance as a member of New Earth Mud was in December of 2004. It was not until 2005 that Chris Robinson would do another public performance, at a private event.

He Made Additional Money with Chris Robinson Brotherhood and As the Crow Flies

The Black Crowes reunited in 2005 with former band members, made music, and went on tours. Chris Robinson started a new band in 2010, five years before the final breakup of The Black Crowes. He named it Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and they released two albums, Big Moon Ritual and The Magic Door, in 2012.

In 2018, Robinson created another band, As the Crow Flies. The main goal of this band was to perform covers of his first band, The Black Crowes. Marcus King, Andy Hess, Tony Leon, Audley Freed, and Adam MacDougall are all members of this band. The latter two were former members of The Black Crowes.

He Also Earns from Producing Other Artists

The net worth that Chris Robinson has is one that comes from a long career of steadfastly and consistently making music. But that has not been the only way he has built his net worth. Chris Robinson used to produce people’s music but was not committed to it until the late 2000s when he became a full-time producer.

Some of the albums he has produced are Gary Louis’ Vagabonds, The Hypnotics’ Very Crystal Speed Machine, and Mark Olson & Gary Louris’ Ready for the Flood. The albums he has produced have mostly been a critical success, and some have been commercially successful.

Chris Robinson’s career in entertainment does not stop with music. He has had cameo appearances in The Kids in the Hall, a Canadian sketch show. Robinson was in a 1994 episode where he played an angel.

He was also a part of the highly publicized 2007 Wavy Gravy birthday party. In the 2009 documentary, The People Speak, Robinson was one of the performers.

Chris Robinson’s Has Been Married Four Times

Chris Robinson
Chris and Lala: image source

Chris Robinson has been married many times. His first foray into the marriage institution happened with Lala Sloatman, who he married on September 6, 1996. They got married after they began dating in 1995, and their marriage lasted one year. Their marriage ended in 1998 and was a quiet event.

Sloatman is an actress known for the work she did in Watchers, Prayer of the Rollerboys, and Somewhere. Her familial ties to Frank Zappa is also something that comes up with her name.

He Had a Peaceful Divorce Proceedings With Kate Hudson

Chris Robinson
image source

She is arguably the most popular woman he has married. Chris Robinson met actress Kate Hudson in 2000 at a New York party. They moved in together days after, and by December of that year, they were married. In 2002, Chris Robin penned the song, Katie Dear, it was about her.

Four years later, on January 7, 2004, the couple seemingly solidified their relationship with the arrival of their son, Ryder Robinson. Sadly, the happiness did not last, and they separated on August 14, 2006. By November 2006, Robinson filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

Without fanfare, having signed a prenup before their wedding, the couple completed their divorce on October 25, 2007. They also agreed to joint custody of their son, which has remained to date.

Chris Robinson’s Third Wife Is a Yoga Instructor 

Chris Robinson
image source

In the same year he finalized his divorce from Hudson, Chris Robinson met Allison Bridges, a yoga instructor. They dated for two years and got married in 2009. Before their marriage, Robinson had announced that Bridges was pregnant, and in December of 2009, Cheyenne Genevive Robinson was born. After eleven years together, Chris Robinson and Allison Bridges got divorced in 2018.

He Is Currently Married to Camille Johnson

Like his third wife, his fourth and current wife, Camille Johnson, is not a very popular person. There are no details on how they met, but they got married in January of 2020. He credits his relationship with her as one of the contributors to the zen state of mind he enjoys.

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